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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Pokemon breeder
So I'm currently MM for a shiny charizard to go with my black and red shiny collection now the problem is is that I don't know what nature I want to go for I have a timid 5 iv Italian male deino missing attack I also have a 5 iv female charmander missing attack so I'm thinking of maybe going for a timid one for a mega charizard y.

The other thing is I have 3 egg moves that could be useful to charizard x so maybe ill go for 2 shiny charizards one for each mega idk.

My boyfriend said if I MM anything other than charmander it's his so I might just stick to getting 2 charmanders lol :)

Well if I have any luck on my hunt ill let you all know.


No new shines for me. I did however trade my beautiful shiny Absol for a shiny Charmander. Charmander is my favorite pokemon, so I could not resist!


Shiny Hunter

very blue
much eggs
so amaze


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Does anyone know if there is a way in X & Y to check & see if you've encountered any shinies so far? I know in Platinum's Pokedex you were able to see which forms of Pokemon you've seen & which Shinies you've encountered. I'm curious! :)


Everything stays.
So, after a long training of my Heart Gold team, I finally put all my team members to level 80 (I seriously started this morning and they were like level 60, 6 words; gym leaders rematch and Lucky Egg). I went all the way to the top of Mt. Silver and defeated (pretty easily) Red. And soon after, I received what I've been looking for all along... the Blue Orb!
Now I'll finally be able to try to reclaim this shiny Kyogre I accidently forgot when I deleted my White 2 game (along with my precious shiny Tangela). I'm working on getting a Timid synchronizer, as well as a good Pokémon to help me catch it. Unfortunately, I don't have a Master Ball, which would have been great, since the color fits so perfectly with the ball... Oh well. I'll go with Timer Balls and Net Balls, I guess.
I'm aiming on getting it to tag along with Pokémon Bank. I really hope it doesn't take too long. It would be so magical if it took 2 soft resests, like the last time, eheh. :D
Anyway, good luck everyone and congratulations on the latest shinies!

EDIT: Took a Modest synchronizer instead (couldn't find a Timid) and I have myself a Parasect with Spore and False Swipe. I finally can start my shiny Kyogre reclaim hunt. Wish me luck!
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Does anyone know if there is a way in X & Y to check & see if you've encountered any shinies so far? I know in Platinum's Pokedex you were able to see which forms of Pokemon you've seen & which Shinies you've encountered. I'm curious! :)

Yep! In the fifth and sixth gen games, shinies are included in the Pokédex alongside differences between males and females, mega evolutions and any form differences. The forms will show up if you've seen the shiny, regardless of whether or not you've caught it.


I am back! Probably.
Congratulations on the recent shinies, especially Supremacy on Houndour!

I decided to give up on MM and shift my efforts to Friend Safari REs... And my efforts were rewarded with a shiny Diggersby, exactly what I was looking for!
Going to aim for Drifblim now, but I'd be happy if I happen to find a Pumpkaboo or Lampent along the way.


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Small update: So, backing up a little bit so I don't confuse anyone, I mentioned that I obtained a second shiny Clauncher through chain fishing a few days ago, but I was holding onto it for a friend. Today I got to trade it to him for a shiny Skrelp :) so, I basically got to trade one version-exclusive shiny for another. lol

Now back onto my regular hunts! I am still hoping to obtain
-a female Espurr to go with my male
-Aron or Houndour (either of them for a friend)
-Staryu (also for a friend)
-may try chaining again for Skiddo or Bunnelby. I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.
-and a few others I'd have to think of.


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YES!!!!! BEFORE BANK DROPS I HAVE ALL THE EEVEELUTIONS SHINY INCLUDING EEVEE!!!! :D I hope everyones hunts go well!! Hope you get when you want guys!



Prof. Gengarchomp
so, yesterday I was continuing my MM for shiny Eevee's, 180 eggs in and I managed to get this..

and 11 eggs after that...

another one =] everything the same only its other ability =]

hen da man

The man...
Never found a shiny before but I have started MMing for a shiny Larvesta as I want to work for my first shiny rather than just trade for one or do consecutive fishing since that is rather simple, as well as being limited in it's options. 270 eggs in and no luck so far though.. I understand it may take a while longer still though :p


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Ampharos_Spark on Regigas (almost didn’t see you got it back! Nice reclaim :)), Excitable Boy on Finneon, Cutty on Oddish, Meowth City on Bidoof, Crimson Penguin on Ralts, Supremacy on Pumpkaboo, Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon on Cresselia, Keovix on Kyogre, JohnNiles on Scyther and Growlithe, darthmalice777 on Fennekin, SuperNapalm on Chikorita, Bluemiracle on Aron, darthmalice777 on Goomy, The Red Thunder on Pumpkaboo, Supremacy on Houndour, CryHavoc91 on Eevee, and everyone else on their shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Crimson Penguin :) And thanks for the good luck wish, Supremacy!


very blue
much eggs
so amaze

Idk why, and I feel stupid for feeling this way, but I really like this meme ;_;


I did the most REs I’ve done in a long time today…A whopping 600! So 9,400 REs on Platinum, 1,300 REs on Black 2, and 3,300 REs on HeartGold. 2 days left of December, hoping something new shines before January =\

Good luck, everyone!


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So I hear that in the friend safari it is way easier to find shiny pokemon. Any tips to finding shiny pokemon on friend safari?


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Got myself a Shiny Clauncher chain fishing. Good enough.


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Walk Around, use Encounter O Power or a Pokemon with Illuminate like Staryu.

Or get the Shiny Charm

Thanks Wish me luck I have only encountered a fish shiny in the game so I really want to find me a cool shiny pokemon!


Shiny Hunter
I came over to my dads house for christmas today to find a surprise. My dads boss being the nicest lady in the world got me a 3ds XL for christmas, I will soon get pokemon Y and continue my gligar hunt there when I can. On Egg 825 right now. I want to breed a poison heal gligar so I can have a poison heal gliscor. I discontinued Latias but will re-continue it soon hopefully before the trial of pokebank is over.


Green Dragon Trainer
I am still currently hunting for Druddigon in victory road, but have been spending more time completing the Pokedex instead of really hunting so I am not that fussed about it.
I haven't encountered any shines since a horde spinda on the 22nd, so I don't have much news.

I do have a question though, as I am close to complete ting the national dex, does the shiny charm work in MM or the friend Safari? or is it just normal random encounters? To be honest, I probably won't collect it if it also increases the friend safari and MM rate.


pain in the ***
After 1,804 eggs, beldum shines!


It has a timid nature, dunno if that's good or not, but since I'm not a competitive battler it doesn't really matter lol Still need another one, as I promised one to a friend of mine (she can't MM) so the hunt continues. Let's see how long it takes silver leg #2 to pop up.