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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Half a centaur
So after accidentally running from the shiny Scyther yesterday, I felt really down and wasn't ever expecting a shiny ever again on my game. Boy, was I wrong! Today, I found a shiny Ditto! I just got a Ditto Friend Safari earlier, so I was mass catching Dittos in hopes of finding a 4 or 5 IV one. The shiny Ditto caught me off guard since it was the 7th Ditto I encountered.

It has max IVs in Sp. Def and Speed, and does NOT have its Imposter ability, which is a slight bummer, but a shiny Ditto is amazing to own, so I'm super happy.


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Oh my God you guys, I'm shaking a little bit right now because of how excited I am. I achieved something I thought I was never going to master: chaining a shiny Pokemon through the Pokeradar. Up until now I had only got up to 21 yesterday before accidentally breaking my chain by not paying attention to how much one grass patch was shaking. Something told me I HAD to try again tonight and so I did.

I finally have the hang of it. I had just fought Skiddo #39 on the chain and was about to fight a 40th one before resetting the Pokeradar over and over until a shiny patch appeared, but I didn't even have to do that. Skiddo #40 WAS the shiny patch! I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. But sure enough, it was a shiny Skiddo and I caught it with ease :D So, obvious moral of the story here...never give up! Took me a whole lot of practice but my Skiddo is proof that it pays off. Now, just have to think of a nickname for my new, very lovely golden goat.

EDIT: Just gained a shiny Braixen from a friend that wanted to give him a good home! :)
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Hunting Sparkles
Congrats on all the new shinies guys! I haven't been around due to real life stress: I missed out on getting straight into Uni by 13 points. I've sent a porfolio to uni and applied for TAFE so I'm praying I get in somewhere. I haven't been hunting much, I'm only on 922 Articuno SR's so far. I've mostly been reading or playing emerald. On emerald I'm working on getting all the Gold Symbols in the Battle Frontier: right now I have all the Silver Symbols and a Gold from the Battle Dome! ^_^. Anyway I'm working on some more Articuno SR's now. A little late but here's my year in review:
Chikorita-SoulSilver-SR-1st Jan-
Mareep-White 2-RE-27th January
Virizion-Black 2-SR-8th February
Totodile-Heartgold-SR-13th February
Pidgeotto-Rumble-RE-18 February
Litwick-Black 2-MM-7th March
Eevee-White 2-RE-3rd June
Yamask-White 2-RE-28th June(my b-day!)
Mincinno-White 2-RE-3rd July
Boldore-White 2-RE-4th July
Charmander-FR-SR-19th July
Spearow #1-FR-RE-20th July
Spearow #2-FR-RE-27th July
Spearow #3-FR-RE-27th July(yes the same fricking day).
Pidgey-FR-RE-7th August
Nidoran M-FR-RE-27th August
Weedle-FR-RE-5th September
Eevee-FR-SR-14th September
Growlithe-Black 2-MM-21st September
Poliwag-Y-CF-26th October
Tepig-White-SR-27th October
Blitzle-White-RE-28th October
Pichu-Y-MM-30th October
Gastly-FR-RE-2nd November
Litwick-White 2-RE-17th November
Cobalion-White 2-SR-21st November
Latias-White 2-SR-28th November
Clefairy-FR-SR-9th December
Moltres-FR-SR-24th December
2013 was my first year as a Shiny Hunter and I've done pretty damn well getting all these lovely shinies ^_^. Good luck guys!


pain in the ***
I'm up to 1,110 eggs hatched for purrloin and it just does not want to shine. Currently I'm about halfway through egg collection for the next round. Hopefully there'll be a dark blue kitten in this batch *crosses fingers*

My White 2 RE hunt at Virbank Complex is up to just under 7,900 encounters. Hopefully something will shine soon.
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This person is dead.
Uhg. Shiny MALE Clamperl JUST graced my screen. I could not sleep, so I began hunting. I know, The evolutions are not gender restricted (are they?), But I really want the shiny Gorbyss to be female. So...I'll be evolving this one into Huntail...if I catch it.

Not complaining. Shiny is a Shiny after all.


So...After I learned that I posted that...in the wrong THREAD! Here it is, once again...in the RIGHT Thread. (Stupid phone is stupid!!)

I managed to catch my...male...Clamperl. I haven't a clue what to name him, and right now I am trying to get a DeepSeaTooth.
Encounter | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie

He is Gentle with the Ability Shell Armor. His Characteristics is that he is Alert to sounds.
He came...around 64 encounters. [does the guy's count change each time...or when the number goes higher?]
I am glad it was the Pokemon I wanted, and not a Remaraid, but...gosh. I was so happy to see the golden ball in the middle...and then...male. -_-
But, like I said, I should not complain. A Shiny is a shiny. And I will have both of them, now. :3 So that is good, right?
Evolution | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie
The Unamed Huntail is fully evolved now, which means COMMUNITY HUNT COMPLETE x2! I guess...I shouldn't complain to much. I mean, he is adorable...in a Derpish kind of way. I feel a little more complete now that I will be having both. I still don't really understand WHY I want Gorebyss so much, though. I mean, once I heard about the chain fishing and that Clamperl was catchable through fishing, I really wanted to get one for myself. I mean, it is GOLDEN!
His IV spread looks like this: 25 / 20 - 23 / 10 - 17 / 13, 15 / 23, 25 / 31...well...uhm...Lovely, eh? A Defensive...Huntail? I don't know.

Now round two of Route 12. This time, I have a Cute Charmer in front. (I hadn't a clue that was a a thing until just now. Would have been helpful) However, if I give even one "Nothing seems to bite" It is back to Suction Cups.

That can only mean one thing. My shiny Gorebyss came through. I am really happy it didn't take forever, like I was fearing [I was worried I would get, like, three males or something]

I got pictures all ready to be shown, too.
Encounter | Evolution | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie
She came...in about 50...to an hour worth of fishing, give or take. The fisher man says my chain was 95.
She is Impish and Thoroughly cunning [has the ability Swift Swim...]
Her IVs look horrible: 13 / 8 - 11 / 14 - 17 / 27 / 10, 12 / 8 - 11 but...I don't really care.
I think I might have found out why I wanted to get these two...now that I have them both.

I haven't a clue what to go after next. I really am happy with the sparkles and the great feeling you get when BAM Shiny, and that anticipation before it comes, so I don't really want to stop hunting. However...when ever a shiny does appear...my sister gets all butt hurt about it and makes me feel really down and bad about it.
I really want your guys opinions on this. What...should I do? Continue hunting, and just avoid telling her about any of my shinies? Or...what?

You see...I suffer from a huge thing of Anxiety, which could be caused by what we (My doctor and mother and I) think is Asbergers...so...it actually is very painful to chose what I think is right.
I really want to keep hunting, because it makes me feel REALLY good about myself...but...the fact that my sister brings me down (and not only of Shinies, but of EVERYTHING that makes me happy, my girlfriend included)...it isn't very easy.

So, without farther ado: Congratulations to everyone who got a shiny since the last time I posted, and good luck to all who are hunting! NEVER GIVE UP!
I hope you all have a fantastic day~

On my 795th tynamo egg, a shiny appeared. I wasn't paying attention that well because I was watching the football game and....I released it. :((((((
Oh gosh...that hurts. ...and this is why I save before hatching...?
Hope he comes back soon.
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Sigh... there's nothing worse than reading this thread when your forced to do uni assignments and are banned from picking up your consoles (I find this is the best way of motivating myself to get them done as I really want to shiny hunt!)

Congrats to all the recent successes, Im so jealous X)

Before I stopped hunting, I was at 600eggs for Rattata, countless REs in route 20 and nearly 2000REs in Floccessy ranch, so Im hoping that when I get back to (this weekend if I work hard enough) a shiny will come soon after as a reward.

Good luck to all hunters :) Please save some of your luck for me

Jonah White

Shiny Hunter/Trainer

I'm at 302 eggs so far and still.......no shiny chramander.

I get that this isn't much but its soooooooo damn irritating to hear

of people getting their MM shinies on like the 70th or 150th egg.....sob, sob. ;-;

Still, I'm NOT gonna give up yet as I really want to actually succeed in an MM hunt.

Hopefully, when I do get my shiny chamander, I'll move on to reclaiming my shiny ninetales

I used to have. Gonna breed to hatch perfect vulpixes with Drought! :)

Anyway, CG and GL to all!


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Found a shiny Diggersby in FS last night while looking for Trapinch, so Community Hunt Complete again. I am trying to get all the non-legendary dragons as shinies. I just need Altaria, Garchomp, Hydregon, Tyrantrum, and Flygon.

EDIT: Just found another Diggersby, so Community Hunt Complete again. Still going for Trapinch.
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True Love Never Dies
Congratulations to everyone on their shiny success, and best of luck to everyone hunting.

I was EV training a few Pokemon last night via hordes and had the volume down because I kept running into Scraggy hordes when I sought Gulpin. (I kept getting a bit frustrated)

Finally, the horde appears, and lo and behold, a shiny blue Gulpin. I'd read about other people accidentally knocking out their horde shiny, so I switched to one of the EV trainees and used it to pick off the second to last one just because I'm paranoid. Snagged it in a great ball. This makes my second poison type shiny, so I might raise this guy with the Ivysaur I caught in FS.


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So today I hatched a shiny fletchling on just the 34th egg! I was super excited because it was adamant and 2 IV, but then I saw it had big pecks. Is this still worth using in competitive? Anyway, I decided to continue the hunt for a shiny one with gale wings and I am currently at 110 eggs.
On my 795th tynamo egg, a shiny appeared. I wasn't paying attention that well because I was watching the football game and....I released it. :((((((

Ouch...I always check for a red star before releasing. Did you save after releasing? If not it should be an egg in the box if you saved after filling a box. If not I hope that you can reclaim it.

Edit: picture of the helioptile that I posted about on the page before this

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Prince of Justica
Shiny Togepi hatched after 129 eggs. Calm with X/31/31/31/31/X.
It's hard to see a change, but its slightly darker and the red/blue color pattern reversed. I kinda wish it had been a female and also it had perfect HP and speed over attack, but eh.


I'm gathering info for the shiny charm on Smogon, so I'll still hatch another 70 eggs to reach the 200 egg mark before I go to my next target, and if I'm lucky I'll get another one within that stretch! :)

EDIT: My list of shinies is becoming rather long...how do you make a shiny card? It'd prob be easier to keep track of than this...
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Having seen the community hunt, I've decided to pause my Y Cyndaquil hunt for a little bit and resume SRing for Tepig. I hardly ever count SR hunts, but I know it's been a few weeks all together. Hopefully it'll shine before February. I'd like to turn this into a Badge Quest, but I fear I may lose interest if Tepig takes too long!

Good luck and congrats to all!


Thought i would contribute to the thread with my experiences with shiny pokes in pokemon Y.

So far i have not been able to get a shiny through poke radar chaining, highest chain was 34 and busto. Managed to chain a couple of shinys back in Platinum but no success thus far.

As for the fish chaining , im quite suprised at how succesful this method is. My first shiny via fishing was a poliwhirl at a 4 chain. I hink im going to hunt for a shiny Dratini sometime soon as it is one of my favorite pokemon.

I have never had any success hatching a shiny via the MM but i am determined to get a Froakie with 3-4 IVS as Greninja looks freakin awesome.

Good luck with all the hunts, i am currently trying for a Shiny growlith in a Friend safari, so far ive managed 2 shiny Charmeleons. xD


Feraligatr Master
800 eggs in and STILL no Shiny Klefki.

I think this Shiny Charm has jynxed me because I haven't found a single one since I got it and my MM Hunts would usually end at 600 before I got
it >_>


Shiny Collector
Can you turn the shiny charm off and on like the exp share?


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MMed my first shiny.
Shiny froakie.
Male, timid, protean.


IV scores are 3/23/31/31/31/31

Now I've gotta go again -.-' got to make that HP 31 otherwise it is competative garbage.

Considering that it is the offspring of a 6 IV JAP ditto and a 5 IV female protean froakie, his IVs are a disgrace.
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MMed my first shiny.
Shiny froakie.
Male, timid, protean.


IV scores are x/x/31/31/31/31

Now I've gotta go again -.-' got to make that HP 31 otherwise it is competative garbage.
I use my shiny Greninja in wifi battles all the time, does okay and it's got nothing at 31, Bold natured, and with Torrent. I don't think those few HP IVs should really discourage you from using something you worked hard for :p Granted, I don't do ranking battles or anything. Good luck if you keep going though!

I'm at 120-150 eggs for my new hunt, Calm Rotom. So far I've got quite a few 5iv ones (Breeding a 5iv Rotom with a 3iv Japanese Ditto) so that's actually pretty nice, and a few of them are perfect for battling with (31/x/31/31/31/31). I'm not 100% clear on how Hidden Power works, but all my perfect ones are coming out with Dragon instead of Ice. I have a 31/31/31/31/31/x with Ice though, and it's defensive anyway so using HP isn't that big of a deal (or if I do, I can tank a hit anyway first).