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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to Greedy Chibi on Buneary, AquaRegisteel on Rattata, darthmalice777 on Scatterbug, Winter02 on Sigilyph, Heliotrope on Kyurem, Shine on Protean Froakie, Draknir on Honedge, GildedScizor on Torchic and Honedge, Keovix on Groudon, imaGe on Ralts, I, Pink Elephant on Honedge, darklover50 on Vulpix, varanus_komodoensis on Piplup, pokemaster13 on Eevee, Cpchris on Pidgey, and everyone else!

I just finished round 4 of egg hatching and still no shiny Fletchling, so that's now 1,200 eggs hatched. So much for wishing for a quick MM hunt lol. I'll start collecting eggs soon, hopefully a shiny will be in this batch.

Good luck everyone, especially AquaRegisteel on Giratina and Multidarkshadow777 on Shuppet! Hang in there! :]


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hehe finally pokebank is out in uk :D i now can tranfer my shiny rayquaza to my pokemon y ^^

;-; Not here in America.
Gosh, America SUCKS!

As for me...I am still REALLY drained from filling my pokedex...

however, my mother got another Shiny from the Friend Safari. My sister is giving off this "I hate you so much" vibe, though. (still looking for a Flebebe)
Wait, My mother got completed the CH! xD
It is another Shiny Spritzee in the same place. She also JUST got a shiny...uh...Dragalge while looking for a Dragon Scale to help me with my Pokedex...she didn't get the Dragon Scale.Lucky lucky, eh~
I just wish that the Haunter can be found in Friend Safaries. Ah well.
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Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :)

No shiny news from me but with the UK release of PokeBank I decided to find out whether Pokemon obtained from an English game played in a different language count as foreign Pokemon. I deposited one of the 5IV leftover English Zorua into PokeBank and withdrew it on my Y which I'm playing in Japanese and to my delight the Zorua displayed the little ENG tag on its status screen which means foreign Pokemon are determined by the language you play the game, not where you purchased it. This means that I can breed my own foreign parents to use for the MM instead of having to rely on the GTS.

I think my first hunt knowing this will be Weavile. I'll be starting this hunt as soon as I reach the Day-Care in Y so I can breed for the Japanese mother. Only started playing through it today so it might take awhile.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts.


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Congrats to all the recent shinies

I'm hoping that with this semester being a little lighter for me, I can spend more time shiny hunting. I'm at 558 eggs for chespin on Y, so I really hope it shines soon (and I couldn't imagine needing over 4,000 eggs for a shiny, HUGE congrats on that by the way). I was also hoping to finish training up Pokerfisk (my shiny stunfisk with name help from storm_dragoon) and Hope (my shiny unfeazant) so I can get hunting in the wild on White. I'm also going to be working my way through Kanto on HeartGold and make another attempt for a shiny badge quest on that once I do.

I'll try to make my update posts a little easier to follow before those hunts get started, because I even confuse myself when typing them all out xD


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Caught another shiny yesterday while tending to my Berry Fields, this time a Volbeat. This makes it my seventh Gen 6 shiny and twelfth shiny overall excluding Pokemon that are always shiny. (My shinies from previous Gens were a Spearow, Spheal, Joltik, Articuno and Patrat)


Ice Type Trainer

So... As well as the MM hunts and occasional Chain Fishing and Safari Hunting I've been doing over the past couple of months, there is another hunt that I've been progressing with slowly but surely... some of you may have seen me mention it.

The only legendary I had left to catch on Black was Kyurem, and as I already had a normal one on Black 2, I thought I would try for a shiny one on Black, soft resetting. So after giving up after like 100 SRs due to lack of patience earlier on last year, I decided in December (I think) I was definitely going to do it and started it again.

Anyway, the most I really did on any one day was 100 SRs, I mean I hadn't even gotten over 1000 yet, so while I was hopeful, I knew that I could have thousands of SRs still to go. So I did about 65 SRs earlier today before taking another break.

Then I found out that Bank had come out, so after downloading that I transferred my legendaries from Black 2 and thought that I may want to restart Black, or at least transfer my legendaries from there too, but obviously Kyurem is a ***** to get back to if you leave its cave and I didn't really want to have to come back, so Bank would have to wait until I finished this hunt... and that motivated me to do some more SRs tonight... and for some reason I just had a feeling that tonight would be the night (ew how cliché).

You all know where this is going.

Yep, after only 57 SRs tonight, bringing my total up to around 812 SRs in total, the legendary Ice Dragon shone for me! My God I was shaking, I basically flipped out to the friend I was talking to on Skype. xD

Caught it in a Master Ball - I wasn't taking any chances, plus it's the last legendary for me to catch on this game anyway so... :p

But ahhhhhh, my first SR Legendary Shiny, and it came pretty quick in terms of SRs compared to a lot of hunts I've seen on here and on YouTube, so yeah... Really really happy. :D


Congrats to everyone who has found new shinies since my last post and everyone who has been able to transfer old shinies over to Gen VI with the European release of Pokémon Bank! And good luck to everyone on your hunts! :)


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So I got 8 boxes of eggs and I have hatched 2 boxes so far. I hope this squirtle shines soon. If you guys want a modest squirtle with aura sphere and dragon pulse for free message me! :)

Good luck and congrats to other shiny hunters


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Well holy hell, Pokebank coming out today was unexpected. Needless to say I've spent the past hour sorting out all the administrative transportation and now I am the owner of a lovely shiny charm, which I intend on putting to good use!

By the way, it just occurred to me that some of these Pokemon I've transported over are all the way back from Hoenn. Meaning some of my Pokemon are older than my youngest siblings. What the actual heck.

Can't wit for bank to comeover here in America, I can't wait to see my old shinies in 3D. I might also have an easier time receiving a shiny charm in X than I am in White. Trading is so much more accessible now with more than just 7 options to refresh.


Tamer of Gyarados
Just encountered my first shiny in a 3rd gen game!!

It was the zigzagoon chasing prof.birch at the beginning of emerald.....


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Double posting...but that is because...

after filling my box with 100 Gastly eggs, I begin to hatch. After 14 eggs, my girlfriend's Gastly hatches.

Hatching | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie

And, about ten minutes later, I got the Shiny Charm~

And not only THAT! But I was able to get the Shiny My sister always wanted. We found a Floette in the GTS for a Pokemon I had, and she final was able to own one for herself.
She is super happy.

So...I might hunt in the Friend Safari now, look at what what I can hunt for the Community Hunt.

...I just have to finish hatching Gastly.

I am going to hunt Ledyba, my favorite bug type Pokemon. I am a little ill of hatching eggs at the moment, as I have to hatch just under 100 eggs to hatch. So, after all the Gastly have been hatched, I will be heading into the Friend Safari to hunt my Golden Lady bug with my newly gotten Shiny Charm.

Congratulation to everyone who got Shinies~ and NEVER GIVE UP! You'll get your shiny soon enough!
I hope you all have a fantastic day~
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Abandoned Amaura for now. Decided to race my friend in shiny Bulba hunting. Already about 200 in.... and no sparkles yet. I feel like I am in a drought. My last shiny was january 20th and I have been hatching almost everyday since then...


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moBGHUfw-Ho HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS? Its an automated shiny pokemon finder that actually works. Just turn it on and it will get you a shiny. Its a really neat system this guy made. I mean it takes all of the fun out of it but what an intelligent guy to make this thing.

Yes I have seen that and I am suprised that he has not tried to make a profit off of it. I know I would have to seriously consider to buy one or not. Just for MMing. I understand the ethics of it. But at the same time I am in a very frustrated place right now lol


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Well I just got the shiny charm in my y version. I guess its back to the fs with pansear braixen and charmeleon. Im hoping for charmeleon to shine.


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Just found a shiny drowzee randomly in the friend safari. I always find shinies I don't really want, but a shiny is a shiny. Almost done with getting the shiny charm as well, so hopefully its worth it. Congrats to everyone else on their recent shinies as well!


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Congrats to pokemaster13 on Eevee, and everyone else on your shinies!


Well, my hunt for Pidgey has become my second-longest hunt, passing my previous second longest hunt of 20,378 (which sadly ended with a 5th Magby). Luckily, it only beats that hunt by 4 REs, as after 20,382 REs, I found a shiny Pidgey!


It appeared on my 182nd RE of the day…I’d actually been slowing down a bit and was distracted trying to decide what I’d hunt next after finding Pidgey, since, like Giratina, I’m going to need certain moves if I want to catch Ho-Oh in a pokeball, which means I need to find certain pokemon in my next 3 hunts. So I was clicking along looking at moves, and entered an encounter, and then I saw the lighter color when it first appeared on the screen and froze…But it also wouldn’t have been the first time I was shino’d by a Pidgey, so I just kept watching eagerly, getting more and more sure it was shiny as it continued across the screen, until it finally was revealed in full and I saw the lighter colors for sure, followed by some sparkles and I was just so happy :p

Better yet, which I checked immediately after knowing it was shiny, it’s female! I wouldn’t have cared if it was male, but I was hoping for a female. She’s got a Brave nature (+Atk, -Speed, so kinda good, kinda bad)and is A little quick tempered.

I’m so so so happy she finally shone :) And now I can go fight the 5th Gym and get Fly, which is why I wanted Pidgey so badly by this gym, as I wouldn’t have used Fly unless I had a shiny on my BQ team that could use it (so finding an Oddish would have been cool, but then I’d be stuck walking everywhere still).

Shadowkrow, I know we were both having bad luck on our 5th shinies for our HG BQs, so just stick with it since it’ll eventually shine :p And as long as I’m naming names this time (which I generally avoid so I don’t leave anyone out), good luck with Giratina, AquaRegisteel, that’s being quite the stubborn dragon! And of course, good luck to everyone else on your hunts :p

Oh, and one last thing since it looks like it counts for this months CH: Community Hunt Complete!

EDIT: Heh, I keep forgetting :3 Turns out I don't even need to worry about as many pokemon...I keep thinking Ho-Oh will know Safeguard (and as such, I'd need a paralyzer since sleep won't be practical when that's the only move it has left), but it actually doesn't :x So for now (until later hunts) I just need a sleeper and a pokemon to drain health...So I'll probably go for a Poliwag/Poliwhirl for Hypnosis, and a Ratata for Endeavor/Super Fang.

I am so jealous. I've been at my own hunt for a couple days, but can't seem to stay motivated to focus on it. I keep getting distracted by other hunts >.< How do you manage to stay with these BQs?


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...Triple Posting...but...

Ledyba chose to shine not even an HOUR after I hit the Friend Safari.
...I...uhm...believe in the fact that they give Shinies more quickly...now...

Well...uhm...I have to update my banner again - er - PHOTOES~

Encounter | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie

I was catching up with a friend when suddenly I heard the sparkles. I slowly look down to see it was Ledyba and not the other Pokemon in the Safari, and looked back up to FB and type "I just encounter a Shiny Ledyba."
The name Nuckelpiga comes from the Ledyba I had in my Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke. She was amazing, though I always saw her as a guy. The Ledyba I caught was a guy. xD

Evolution | Pokemon-Amie
He looks pretty cool as a Shiny. Gold works well with him.

Also COMMUNITY HUNT COMPLETED! as Ledyba is paired with Spinarak. :3

I am going to go back into the Friend Safari to see what I can get. :3 I LOVE this game!

Congrats and good luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a fantastic day!!