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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Well this morning I got my first shiny since getting the shiny charm. I was hunting in my friend's Flying type safari for a Tropius, one of my favorite pokemon of all time. I had my Mew in front with a Timid Sync to hopefully get a timid Tropius. I hunted about an hour and a half last night before I was too sleepy to continue... (accidentally left the safari like 3 times when I started to nod off and pressed the d-pad down lol) This morning I pop it open and after about 20 encounters a beautiful shiny Tropius appears! The sync didn't work, as He's Modest, but there are so many others that could have been worse, so I don't mind... He'll just be a special attacker instead.

Stat screen

Next up, I plan on Chain Fishing for something in Route 12. I can't decide if I want to try and get a Clamperl with the Good Rod or use the Super and go for a Corsola. I really want both, but I think I'm leaning towards Clamperl first. I know I'll end up fishing up like 3 Remoraid first, but that beautiful purple clam is calling my name.

Phantump continues to elude me, but I've only hatched another 20 eggs or so since I got the shiny charm... I just hope I get it before I hit 1000 eggs.

I'm also putting in a little time on my SS Badge Quest... still resetting for that starter! I have all 3 shiny already but I traded for them all, so I don't mind putting in some work to get one I can nickname. :D

Congrats to all the shinies guys, keep up the good work! I can tell this thread is gonna get super busy now that bank is out in more places.


Pokemon breeder
So earlier today I got my shiny charm after days of trading/evolving/breeding Ect. I decided I would go back to my shiny charmander hunt since I put it on hold for a few weeks.

Second egg and I get a shiny charmander :D he timid with max hp/def/spec att/spec def/ he's missing speed but o well he's gonna be an awesome mega charizard y soon.

Edit: so I decided I was gonna mm a shiny beldum I already have one but my boyfriend wants one aswell so I'm gonna be getting one for him, anyways the 3iv ditto I have has 0 speed so I decided I would go catch more and see if I can get some better ones. The 3rd ditto I run into was a shiny one :D so now I have a little blue blob nothing too special about it max att and def with normal ability :p.
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Shiny Hunter
i think it does i got 3 shiny today in safari after i got shiny charm
p.s how do i upload picture here? ^^

That's not really too uncommon though. There's been numerous people, including myself, that have gotten multiple shinies there in a day without the Shiny Charm.

For pictures, I just upload them through photobucket and post the link here.


Palace Maven Spenser
Shiny charm acquired and after some initial struggling to hit the bank server last night, it seems to be operating smoothly today. This also means I've cleared some box space and can now get to work in earnest on Torchic before MMing a community hunt candidate..


[Size=+2]Pokemon X[/Size]

Roaming around the Friend Safari, and it just so happens that I run into my 7th shiny, a Shiny Helioptile.
This is definitely one of my favorite shiny Pokemon from the Kalos Region, I just love the red on this electric lizard.
This Pokemon makes a great addition for my shiny collection.

Congratulations to everyone on there recent shinies,
And good luck to those in there future shiny hunt. :D
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I Pink Elephant

Shiny Hunter
Congratulations to all the new shiny Pokemon!

Yes, the Friend Safari has an increased rate. According to the first page, the odds of finding a shiny there is 1/512. So if you want easy shinies then that's the place to go.

Thanks for the answer! Somehow I missed most of the information on the front page...

With that in mind, I decided to hunt for a female Snorunt in the FS, so I could evolve it into Froslass, and after a few hours I did find one! :)

Unfortunately... its a male. Eh well. I suppose I was lucky enough to get a shiny anyway, so I can't really complain. Going to continue the hunt though, I really want a Froslass to add to my shiny Ghost team...

Good luck to us all! :)


This person is dead.


So with myself recently completing the National Pokedex I thought it was about time I grabbed the shiny charm and began hunting again. I chose Buneary since she'd recently become available via Pokémon Bank and the Masuda method seemed to be the best choice due to the recent changes to the odds and the ability to pass on IVs, egg moves and nature. Currently I've hatched 420 eggs over the course of a couple of days, and will continue to put in some decent time until I get the pink bunny!


Well-Known Member
I just found my first Shiny ever! Shiny Wingull! In a Horde Battle! It was quite the rush of energy!

It is Female, has a Careful Nature, and the ability Keen Eye. It could have been better natured, but oh well. Maybe I'll trade her, or keep her for novelty. But WOW that was unexpected!


Casual Shiny Hunter
Shiny Charm doin WORK! Just found a shiny Hoppip in a horde battle trying to reclaim my shiny Golduck I lost when I lost my first White, He has an impish nature with Leaf Guard, caught in a dive ball (soak FTW), and I still dont know what to name him. I also decided on a name for my Victreebel: Nepenthes. Nepenthes is a type of pitcher plant which is what Victreebel is based off of. Its also a cool sounding name and my Sweet scenter.


they call me Varanus
Shiny Charm doin WORK! Just found a shiny Hoppip in a horde battle trying to reclaim my shiny Golduck I lost when I lost my first White, He has an impish nature with Leaf Guard, caught in a dive ball (soak FTW), and I still dont know what to name him. I also decided on a name for my Victreebel: Nepenthes. Nepenthes is a type of pitcher plant which is what Victreebel is based off of. Its also a cool sounding name and my Sweet scenter.

Congrats on Hoppip! I had a Nepenthes pitcher plant once. It died because they need a really humid habitat and I couldn't provide that...I do have several Sarracenia that are doing splendidly, though. I'm glad someone else shares my affinity for plant taxonomy :p


Well-Known Member
Hello everyone. Ok so I took a little break from my friend safari quest. I have just flying type safari left and then I would have gotten at least one shiny from all 18 safari types. Well I have gotten my shiny charm thanks to pokemon bank and have shiny news! I was horde hunting in connection cave not looking for anything in particular when in a horde a shiny Whismur appeared! This is my first shiny since getting the shiny charm in X version. And i have gathered up 15 boxes of eggs with Fennekin/Froakie in them and i think i will either begin hatching them soon or try to get my flying friend safari shiny.

Congratulations to all new shinies and good luck shiny hunting everyone!


Congrats on everyone and there shinies and acquiring the shiny charm, that's what I've been trying to do since poke bank came out, I've been trying to MM a piplup but I put that on hold for transferring pokes over with poke bank, I've been on a really shiny drought lately I haven't got one since last month lets hope I get this shiny charm soon, once again congrats everyone :)

Shiny drought is now over I caught a shiny charmeleon in FS :)
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The name's Riley
Finally just got my Oval Charm. I'll work on getting the Shiny Charm at a later date. :p

Now, I'm going to continue my MM hunt for Shuppet. :)

Edit: Yeah, that Oval Charm is definitely working lol. Getting eggs like crazy. :)
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Well-Known Member
THis morning while in fighting safari again!!!! i got myself a shiny meditite within 50 encounter sync didnt work it serious nature with 3 max ivs in HP/Spatk/spdef T_T it atk only like 18 should i come back to the fighting safari looking for anther 1 or train this 1? IF i train this 1 how should i train it since it atk only 18 :X ?


This person is dead.
...*sigh* Shiny Encounter...

Shiny Encounter | What happened to him.

So, here is the story:
I am running around a grass safari, hoping for a Shiny. Lo and Behold, I encounter one. Slight problem, however, it is a grass type and Spore does not effect it. So, I just Super Fang him and hope for the best. However, he had Take Down. I started growing panicy and kept chucking balls...but he wasn't catching. My lead fainted, so I send out my Talonflame...and he gets burned.

I had recorded my shiny fainting. ;-; my first fainted Shiny. It feels horrible!
I will continue to hunt there until I get him back! THIS I SWEAR!

Rest in Peace, Shiny Ivysaur. I will get you again.
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Team Awesome
Well, about dang time.

After SEVEN months of MM'ing on and off for a shiny snorunt, ever since July's community hunt, I finally achieved success! I've got a male snorunt, mild nature, likes to thrash about. It would have fulfilled July's CH twice over, since it was for Ash pokemon, and ironically I see snorunt is also on this month's CH. How about that. Community hunt complete.

I don't know if I'm going to try MM'ing torchic or buneary next or just wait until I finally get the shiny charm in White2 (I just need to get regigigas, landorus, thundurus, and a few non-legendaries). I just need a break.
Hey all, grats on all the shinies!

Been quite a while since I've logged on. Just haven't had much time to shiny hunt. However, since the Pokebank was finally released, I've been transferring like crazy trying to get the shiny charm. Unfortunately, while transferring I found out that the shiny Arcanine I got from a friend was fake, so it wouldn't let me trade it. I will eventually hunt for another one. On a happier note, I managed to find a random shiny today! I was leveling up some Pokemon in Victory Road so I could fill up the Pokedex some more and ran into a shiny Haunter! Luckily I caught him without much trouble, as I didn't have any Pokemon that was the appropriate level to find him. Now to just think of a nickname :). Good luck with all your hunts!