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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Hunter Zolomon

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Well it's official. I just hatched egg #100 and still no shiny Eevee. If I can get a shiny egg in under 200 eggs i'll be thrilled! Knowing my crappy shiny luck though this hunt will go on for months...I always have good luck chain fishing, but I have terrible luck in the Friend Safari, and most of my MM hunts have gone on forever besides my shiny Bulbasaur in Soul Silver. He only took 90 hatches.
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The King of Ho-oh's

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Well I was trying to Masuda Vulpix for a while, but the shockingly low amount that were born with Drought made me nervous so
that set I aside a few perfect ones for battling and switched back to the first Pokemon I've ever tried to Masuda: Bulbasaur.

About 50 eggs a gorgeous shiny Bulbasaur hatched out. He's in a luxury ball with the egg move Giga Drain. Calm with max IV's in HP and Sp Def so he's definitely going on my stall team with Vaporeon. Chlorophyll unfortunately didn't pass down but I can't be upset. Look at how smexy this is:

View attachment 11839

Now with my original X and Y target completed and pokebank out, no more shiny hunting for me until I have my Shiny Charm.

I'd like to congratulate all the recent shinys (almost too many to count) and I'd like to send some extra special luck ShinyMisty's way.
Sorry for the rough day, but you'll avenge him. :)

I myself never encountered a shiny pokemon, how do you find them? Is it the same for legendaries?

The simplest way to explain it is just continously run into pokemon. The friend safari has a MASSIVE increase in shiny rates (from 1/8000
to about 1/500). Then there's the shiny charm (you get for completeing the WHOLE dex in gen 5-6) which doubles your rates. Masuda
method (breeding pokemon from two separate countries) puts it at about 1/1000. Some legendaries. It depends on the legendary
and it depends on the game. For example: Zekrom is shiny locked. Ho-oh isn't. Mew isn't, however the only way to get a shiny one
is to reset in front of the event one from Emerald.
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Congrats to Rakurai on Deino, imaGe on Scyther, dark1raven3 on Charmander, PKMN Trainer Gray on Froakie, wobbanut on Snorunt, Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon on Haunter, The King of Ho-oh’s on Bulbasaur, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, jrmftw and Supremacy :)


@ Cpchris - Maybe you should've wished on that shooting star for growlithe to stop playing hard-to-get lol

Haha yeah, not that I’m at all unsatisfied with what happened, but I guess next time I’ll see if I can be more specific :p


i think it work(in my opinion) cause i got 3 shiny in FS today :X before it took me 2 week to see 1 in FS ^^

Well it also wasn’t too uncommon to see people get 3 shinies in the FS before the charm was out, too =\ You may have had some bad luck in there, but your case didn’t seem to be the norm.


I did 500 SRs and 600 REs today. So Giratina has now passed the odds at 8,400 SRs, but given my recent shiny luck, I’m not really bothered. And this hunt’s gone surprisingly fast – much faster than I thought it would. Black 2 is at 10,100 REs, and HeartGold is at a measely 1,000 :x

Hunting was a little more annoying tonight, because I cut my left middle finger at work today, and that’s the finger I use to move Black 2’s circle pad with, so I was trying to either not use it or just be gentle with it so it wouldn’t break open or something =\ Don’t know why someone decided to put the longest, sharpest knife in the silverware bin filled with murky water since the knives aren’t normally put in it anyways…And because of the length, it was wedged against the sides of the tub, so unlike when other knives are in there, it didn’t just push out of the way when I ran my hand through…*rolls eyes*…Oh well, I’ll just be happy that these are my biggest problems right now, rather than more extreme things others might be dealing with :p

Good luck, everyone :)
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Excuse any errors in my post since I'm on my iPod and I suck at typing on it!

Today my friend came over today to play Pokemon and test out his new team. I was working on a flawless Ralts since he gave me two 4iv ralts so I can start breeding. First put egg moves in and go a good parent for egg moves to start breeding. Only took up to 30 eggs or so it started breeding in everything for a modest ralts besides HP for now (that wAs last step!) I did ten eggs, started the circle for hatching and went to the bathroom - came back to my friend saying he got a shiny, I knew he was lying because he would have had a better reaction. He confessed he lied, I made a bowl of cereal and two eggs later he shouted "omfg Kim look!!!"
Shiny ralts
From two American parents.
I was too excited xD I checked her IV and she has outstanding potentional. 21/20/31/31/30/31 modest nature :) couldn't be more happy! (Except if it was the eevee I've been trying for over 1000 eggs now lol)


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I don't like doing community hunts anymore because the names aren't being added.. But Community Hunt Completed x2

With a Shiny Eevee & Lillipup.

It's my 3rd eevee, gotta get 5 more till I'm done. Probs be getting more Lillipup's too.

★Shiny Sylveon★

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I just finished my National Dex!
Received Shiny and Oval Charm! :D
Now Breeding for a 5/6IV Shiny Glameow w/ Egg Moves!

Wish me luck, and Good Luck to you Shiny Hunters and Shiny MMérs! :D :D :D


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to imaGe on Scyther, dark1raven3 on Charmander, PKMN Trainer Gray on Froakie, wobbanut on Snorunt, Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon on Haunter, The King of Ho-oh’s on Bulbasaur, ohjeezitskim on Ralts, and everyone else!

Thanks for the answer! Somehow I missed most of the information on the front page...

With that in mind, I decided to hunt for a female Snorunt in the FS, so I could evolve it into Froslass, and after a few hours I did find one! :)

Unfortunately... its a male. Eh well. I suppose I was lucky enough to get a shiny anyway, so I can't really complain. Going to continue the hunt though, I really want a Froslass to add to my shiny Ghost team...

Good luck to us all! :)

Np! Btw, I don't know if you're aware, but you can use a male cute charmer as your lead for a better chance at a shiny female Snorunt. Good luck. :]


Well, I haven't resumed my hunt for Fletchling just yet. I decided to EV train Noibat and Meditite, and then I got distracted with the Battle Maison and other stuff. But I'll definitely start collecting eggs today!

Good luck everyone.


pain in the ***
Snake pokemon are still being evil to me. I'm up to 2,010 eggs hatched for ekans, not quite halfway through this hatch spree, hoping to find that elusive green one in this batch of eggs. My seviper horde hunt has reached 3,000 hordes/15,000 pokemon. I've decided to take a brief break from seviper to collect and hatch some eevee eggs, in hopes that eevee will be more cooperative.


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I just got a Shiny Azurill off of the Wonder Trade! It has a Bold Nature and the Ability Sap Sipper though. I think it could work as a Toxic/Protect/Aqua Ring/? moveset, or maybe I'll trade her for something. It was a pleasant suprise though! 2 Shinies in 2 days!


This person is dead.
Round two for Shiny Ivysaur...and I finally CAUGHT something.

It isn't a golden budded Ivysaur...but it is a Shiny.

Encounter | Status Screen | Pokemon-Amie

I like Tangrowth, do not get me wrong~ I was hoping to get one as well (all three Pokemon from the Safari I want)
It is just...after Ivysaur last night...I just really want to get him back.
So I'll continue to hunt in this safari until I reclaim Ivy.

Congrats and good luck to everyone, I hope you all have a fantastic day~


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It's been about a week since the last time I posted, thanks to a cold that feels like it's trying to shred my lungs. Dx I haven't been able to play for somewhere around 5 days because I simply couldn't see straight between the coughing, sneezing and fevers. I feels slightly less like curling up into an inanimate ball today though, so back to work!

Before I got so sick I had hatched 100 Cherubi eggs with no luck, though I managed in all of those to get a SINGLE male with the Weather Ball egg move its mother had. He wound up with 4x31 IVs as well (though I forget which), so I leveled him up past the point of learning any other moves over it and put him in the daycare to breed with the Japanese Cherubi I was using along with the destiny knot. Hopefully when it finally shines, my Cherubi will have some pretty decent stats!

Now that Bank/Transfer are out I'm looking at a lot of new shiny projects; namely a zen mode Darumaka. That may be my next step if all goes according to plan. I might take some time today to take pictures of all the shinies I've ported over, since I really have missed them so much.

Good luck to everyone and gratz to everybody whose success I was absent for!


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FINALLY! A successful chain, on route 8 in the small patch of yellow flowers, I now have a beautiful shiny absol! And sync worked so she is jolly! Can't wait to mega evolve it! Lol

I Pink Elephant

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Congratulations for all the new shiny Pokemon!

Np! Btw, I don't know if you're aware, but you can use a male cute charmer as your lead for a better chance at a shiny female Snorunt. Good luck. :]

Oh, I didn't even know that Ability existed! Thanks again! I am now trying another hunt for a female Snorunt shiny in the FS , no luck so far, but I have just found a shiny Bergmite, so not bad! :)
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Requiem Aeternam

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Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :)

Still no luck getting a second shiny Riolu. Up to 150 eggs now. Hope I get one with the IVs I want this time. Getting only 1 out of 4 shinies (not counting my Delphox (only 1 parent had the IV) or Shroomish (one of the parents had a Power Anklet)) with a flawless speed IV when BOTH parents had one is really frustrating, especially when the randomly generated speed is almost always awful and any useless randomly generated stats are near perfect (my shiny Adamant Sceptile has a 2 for speed and my Jolly Lopunny has a 28 for special attack). It's making me think that it's almost impossible for my game to generate shinies with flawless speed. If it fails again I'll trade both parents to my Y version and try on that. Maybe I'll have more luck hatching a japanese shiny. I'm not giving up till I have my perfect IV shiny Riolu.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts.

EDIT: I am over the moon right now. I just hatched my second shiny Riolu after 179 eggs. This one is a lot better than my first and has 31/31/31/31/X/31 IVs with Steadfast and a Jolly nature but the best part is that it's a female one! Couldn't have asked for a better one. Going to EV train her ASAP.
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After roaming around the Friend Safari, I stumble upon my 8th shiny, a Shiny Dedenne.
This cute little rodent has some interesting colors with yellow, brown, and white.
Definitely a nice shiny for my collection.

Congratulations to everyone on there recent shinies,
And good luck to those in there future shiny hunt. :D


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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another shiny hoppip... Another male with Leaf Guard, but with a gentle Nature this time. It's gonna stay as a hoppip and its name will be Gossy I think (credit to varanus for NN)


Requiescat en pace.
So after looking for a shiny Snorunt in the Ice FS, I end up coming across a shiny female Sneasel after about 20 - 30 encounters! Still on the hunt for a shiny Snorunt! :)