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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


so I just got the shiny charm. I'm curious if it ups your odds only for RE or also during breeding and MM...horde encounters...in safari, etc. .


Hunting Sparkles
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been here in awhile: last week was my first week of TAFE(collage) which was so tiring. Anyway I got bank and transporter and transferred all my B2/W2 shinies over ^_^. Pics can be seen here: http://s1063.photobucket.com/user/RaichuUploader/library/Shinies in Pokemon Amie?sort=3&page=1.I have to blanket congrats as I'm on my phone, so congrats to all! I'm back at my Oshawott hunt now: breeding a Japanese Ditto with my own Timid Male Oshawott with an Everstone and Air Slash. If anyone has a Japanese female Oshawott I'd love to have it! At 205 eggs atm. Good luck to all!


[Size=+2]Pokemon X[/Size]

After roaming around endlessly in the Friend Safari, it just so happens that I run into my 9th shiny, a Shiny Shuppet.
Has some interesting attributes that I am excited for, But most importantly I Love the blue coloring on this ghost.
Definitely a nice addition for my shiny collection.

Congratulations to everyone on there recent shinies,
And good luck to those in there future shiny hunt. :D


pain in the ***
>.< After 3,218 hordes/16,090 pokemon seen in seviper phase 4, something finally shone... a third bleeping shiny wingull. *bangs head on desk* I don't want another wingull, I want a seviper! Now into phase 5 of the hunt...

Community hunt complete x3


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Today I Deccide to goes back to MM pokemon, after 83 egg this guy hatch ^^View attachment 11857 modest 4 ivs in def/spatk/spdef/speed kinda sad since it didnt get hp :X. This make my second shortest MM eva beside feebas which took 8 egg by accident breeding for a female feebas


Gardevoir Fanboy
From the same Friend Safari as the previous two Shinies, a Shiny Gyarados appeared. :)

For once, however, this Shiny has its Hidden Ability. :)

Gonna continue the hunt for a Shiny Female Frogadier however.


And only a short time later another Shiny Gyarados appears, this one with it's normal ability.
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pain in the ***
Shiny freaking wingull #4 at 199 hordes. Primus slaggit >.< I want my seviper!

Community hunt complete #4, btw XP


Shiny Hunter
Round 6 of egg hatching ended in failure. That's now 1,800 eggs hatched.

Blahh. :/

Needs a Deoxys

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Not looking specifically for any shinies right now, but I did have a dream that I randomly encountered a shiny Boldore. In my dream I was pretty hyped and ended up recording it lol.


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Not looking specifically for any shinies right now, but I did have a dream that I randomly encountered a shiny Boldore. In my dream I was pretty hyped and ended up recording it lol.

Ahaha, I remembered ever having a dream where I encountered a Shiny Teddiursa. I was so confused that why out of all 493 (it was gen 4 at the time) that exists, it was a Teddiursa. It was so beautifully green. ;o;

Maybe someday I'll find one. :3

Regarding shiny news: I'm a bit busy irl so I haven't been hunting. The last hunt I was on was a shiny Ponyta hunt back at the Chinese New Year. No luck for me that day. Although, I'm expecting a shiny out of the Pokemon I'm breeding (for my living dex) with this Italian Ditto, but I shouldn't get my hopes too high. It's good to be optimistic, but I'll definitely laugh if another Shiny Grimer pops out, like that last time I was breeding for the living dex. xD

Congrats to all the shinies, and here's a sprinkle of shiny luck to all of you... even if I'm not finding any shinies haha

SUPER OMG EDIT: Managed to nab myself a 6IV Japanese Ditto after helping someone with at least 2 boxes of Pokedex entries. Competitive shinies, here I come! xD
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The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
Not looking specifically for any shinies right now, but I did have a dream that I randomly encountered a shiny Boldore. In my dream I was pretty hyped and ended up recording it lol.

Heh, I get those all the time. Not long ago I had a dream that I fished up a shiny Crawdaunt, for whatever reason. So I attempted to replicate it in real life, only to wind up with a shiny Gyarados instead. Ah well!

And then two-ish weeks ago I dreamt that I encountered a shiny Rayquaza...sooooo I suppose I had better attempt that sometime soon.

So aside from that, I've 'decided' on Shinx as my next MM, and I put the word decided in inverted commas for a reason;

I've been on a mission to own one of every Pokemon (excluding most event legendaries I don't have) in order in my PC. Whilst obtaining Pokemon for this a few days ago, I randomly got asked for trades as you do, and I decided to accept. He put up a shiny Shinx, and I decided to see if he was bluffing or not - much to my surprise, I put up a Garden Vivillon and he accepted.

So I now owned a shiny Shinx. The thing is, I view my shinies as some sort of conquest rather than the end result for the most part, which is why I don't chain fish all that much. It's about the journey, and I like my shinies having my own game as origin. I figured someone else would enjoy it more than myself, so I put it up on the GTS for a Yveltal, which I didn't have, and it was accepted.

I don't regret it one bit, because now I have a Yveltal, however it has now inspired me to obtain a shiny Shinx of my very own now that I've had the pleasure of owning one temporarily.

Once I'm done with that, whenever that might be, I'm going to hop on to the idea of RNGing my next load of potential shiny Pokemon choices. I think the way I will approach it is by randomly generating six Pokemon names (INCLUDING legendaries, but not impossible/events of course), and then my challenge is complete when I obtain four of my own choosing, allowing for some sort of margin of comfort but not by too much. Then I move onto another batch of six.


Clefairy Lover ^_^
I keep finding random encounter Tangela's in the friend safari -_-. It's the only thing I DON'T want from that safari either :(.


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Today I finally fished my first shiny. And it was my first shiny in gen 6, too.

A shiny Remoraid. I never cared for those but I must admit that the purple is pretty cute.

I kept fishing for about 15 minutes after that and caught TWO more purple fishes. Nice c:

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :)

My second shiny Riolu is now a Lucario so I'm going to be starting my next hunt soon but I'm not sure what to go for. I'm stuck choosing between Charmander, Mawile, Mudkip, Piplup, Deino, Scraggy, Yamask, Bunnelby and Zangoose. So many choices but I'm leaning towards Zangoose as I lost my one in Ruby (my first ever shiny) due to a save corruption.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts.


Trainer since 1997
Just traded away a shiny eevee so I should get 4 more.. trading away shinies for my living dex lol. almost done


Poison Moth
I got a Purple Vanillite while EV training! I was so glad, and it happened on a day where i bought pink ice cream :)

Named it Ube, bashful nature


Exploding Biscuits!!
Saying as I'm almost done beating Y (saying as I restarted once Bank came out), I should be able to get going with shiny hunting soon. Congrats to everyone who's gotten shinies lately


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Oh gosh...this is NOT looking good for me, then!!

PLEASE, ANYTHING but another Tangela. For the BOTH of us!

i know how u feel today i was in ghost safari looking for shuppet and got another Bleeping shiny pumpkaboo T_T it not even large size :X