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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Not even 25 random encounters in a safari after getting my Shiny Charm, a shiny Quilladin appeared! It's the one I wanted the least out of the three. Guess it's my luck who's playing tricks with me yet again.
I was hunting a shiny Tangela with a Sassy synchronizer and it worked. I got a Sassy Quilladin! I just checked its IVs and it looks like Special Attack and Speed are its perfect IVs. I'm laughing quite loud right now because these IVs are the ones I probably just wouldn't wanted to have. The whole spread is 12-14/24-27/17-19/31/4-7/31. Attack is pretty sharp! Nonetheless, this guy has Bulletproof, which is awesome! But Quilladin isn't even near my awesome Hasty shiny female Delphox. :p
EDIT: Just noticed it was my first shiny of the 2014 year! Kyogre kept me unable to get shinies before, so yeah...
Congratulations on the latest shinies and good luck!
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My current mm hunt is for a shiny beldum for my boyfriend since he won't take the one I already have since he says its special since it was from my first ever mm hunt back on black 2.

Atm I have a more than a full box of shinies mostly from friend safari and hordes also have a few that I've MM and have trained up to 100. I also have a few shinies from past gen events such as raikou/entei/suicune and dialga/palkia/giratina. I think I would have 2 boxes of shinies if I put them all I'm a box and didn't give my duplicates to my boyfriend lol.

Once I have this shiny for my boyfriend I'm not sure if I wanna continue in the hopes that I get a 5iv shiny beldum for myself since the one I have is 1iv or if I wanna go for a shiny speed boost scolipede since I love the colours and it looks so deadly lol or maybe ill go for both. :)


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hi all congrats on all new shinies! I found a shiny nosepass in a horde lol. Took a break from hatching Koffing and decided to do some horde hunting on route 10 for Yanma and got this instead. Funny thing is it is female so I will get a female probopass with a tache lol.

I wish you good luck shiny hunters!


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I'm still working on my Pearl BQ.
24 hours in, which puts me around 2800ish encounters.
I've grown tired of always seeing the same two pokemon, so I moved up a bit to a new route :p
Not sure which I'm hoping for, though I'm relatively certain I don't want another Kricketot >.<
Kecleon is the worst shiny ever.

That said I have one.

False. Male Combee is the worst shiny ever. Lol I don't have one fortunately, but I was worried I would accidentally find one while looking for a shiny Heracross.


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Castform is also bad as a shiny - it's literally only shiny when in default form. In any of its other form, it's basically the same thing as the non-shiny version.

Maybe there will be another Jirachi event if they ever do a Hoenn remake ?

And hopefully it will be a shiny event.

By the way, Shine, you said you have one. You really hunted this little one by yourself with the double check ? Incredible!

.....actually, I got one via a trade :p

There are some clones of it floating around.

No one would hunt for it by standard SR-ing, it's just way too impossible. Besides, I don't have Colloseum :p


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Wow, Wonder Trade has been generous and awesome for me tonight! I got not 1, but 2 shinies over WT tonight! And they both have perfect IV's! The 1st one that I received is a lvl 58 male Zorua- so cool in it's shiny form with blue! 2nd one I received was a Lvl 42 male Shiny Boldore, which evolved into a gangsta looking blue and purple shiny Gigalith!


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Congrats to Cyberra on Eevee, Supremacy on Bunnelby, AmazingChi on Noibat, Peace Heavy mk II on Snivy, MultiDarkShadow777 on Ralts, and everyone else on your shinies!


On another note, am I the only one who doesn't like using traded shinies?

Nope. I have no interest in using traded shinies either. In fact, I have no interest in even having traded shinies, or even traded pokemon in general. Another deterrent for me for MMing is that I’d have to use someone else’s pokemon…

o_O What? Magikarp’s a great shiny! I plan on hunting one for my HeartGold BQ to evolve into Gyarados, and I’ll probably end up hunting another at some point in the future to leave as a Magikarp :x


Well, I didn’t do as much hunting as I’d originally planned. Only 200 SRs and 300 REs.
While at work this morning, I was contemplating whether or not I’d pick up any shifts this week (seriously, do you see how freakin predictable these people are that I even do that?), especially since the manager’s kid is back on the schedule, despite ‘no longer working here’ shortly before New Year’s…I figure I need the hours, especially after the mere 26 I put in last week.

Anyways, sure enough he didn’t want to work his shift tonight (his mom said he’d been working since 3 am at his other job and they needed him longer…I have such a hard time believing he actually works that much now). But I’d already decided that I’d like the shift tonight, since it’s a Monday (and sure enough, it was pretty slow all day and night) and I wouldn’t have to close, plus I have the next two days off which makes working a double today not nearly as bad. So I actually went up and asked her if she needed someone to work tonight and then *gasp* volunteered myself.

But yeah, I was still home by 8:30 and had time to do at least a little hunting, and I’ll have most of the next two days to hunt as well (might pick up shifts though…‘might’.). So Giratina has now hit 10,000 SRs, phase 14 for Growlithe is at 12,200 REs, and Ratata/Oddish/Paras is at 3,100 REs.

I’m greedily hoping my next two days off once again reward me with some more amazing shinies like last week :3

Good luck, everyone!


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Congrats on anyone who has received a shiny lately and good luck to those still hunting!

I have to go to the dentist to get teeth pulled tomorrow, so to make myself feel better about that, I did some shiny hunting, on Saturday, I caught a shiny Sandile after a little hunting, and since Pokemon Bank came out, I decided to port some of my old pokemon, including a Tangela whom i put in the daycare, after about just 15-20 eggs, A SHINY ONE HATCHED, this was my 2nd quick MM hunt, the 1st being Deino back in White ( 15 eggs ), as if that wasn't great enough, someone I talk to on a IRC traded me their shiny Chinchou for one of my 5 shiny Remoraids, it's something I obviously failed to get for a while so I'm really happy! ^^


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I went into my only grass safari to try and get a shiny Petilil and got a shiny Oddish on the second encounter. :c I'm about to start a shiny Cottonee hunt now because I want a shiny Whimsicott :D
But anyone and their mum can get a shiny Gyarados from HG/SS.
But there is also a fixed Haxorus in Black and White 2, as well as a fixed Gible/Dratini depending on which version you get. They're still useful, and can carry their weight in a party. Male Combees are absolutely worthless (hopefully Nintendo will realize this and give them an evolution at some point).


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Good Arceus, why?

Because, hunting for one is more satisfying than having one handed to you.

But at least shiny Combees are rare, which is the entire point of shinies.

Well if that's the case, there must be a lot of horrible shinies now. Thanks to Friend Safari, Chain Fishing, hordes, and the shiny charm, shinies aren't really that rare anymore, unfortunately.


Well my shiny Bunnelby is now a fully EV'd Diggersby and it looks so much cooler than I thought it would. I have already started on Swirlix and am only 20 eggs in so far. I'm putting most of my focus on Fennekin though, I don't track my SRs so I'm not sure how many I've done but I can't wait to get this Badge Quest rolling. :]

Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone!


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kk so I decided instead of get 5 eggs, use o-power, hatch them, reset, I'm just going to get 180 eggs and hatch them. I really hope the:

4 Egg Moves Timid Gastly in a luxury ball that is bred with a jap 6IV ditto and a regular 6IV gastly will shine soon... I'm hoping that it won't get the attack IV though.