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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Breeder
Today, I just got the Shiny Charm from completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Y!!, now I have a question, I got a 6IV shiny jpn Ditto from a trade, and I am wondering if it would work with MM, not sure, thats why I am asking just in case xD, also I found a shiny Roselia while looking for a Croagunk to fill my pokedex xD
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Well-Known Member
Today, I just got the Shiny Charm from completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Y!!, now I have a question, I got a 6IV shiny jpn Ditto from a trade, and I am wondering if it would work with MM, not sure, thats why I am asking just in case xD, also I found a shiny Roselia while looking for a Croagunk to fill my pokedex xD

assuming the pokemon you breed it with are not japanese, yes MM will work. The pokemon you use need to be different languages from each other.

Did another couple hours on Pearl, still no luck. I guess it's still early for this type of hunt, so I'm not too bothered.
While I was doing that I was also training up some pokemon for dex purposes in a normal friend safari and found a shiny chansey along the way.
I had no way to weaken it, since it knew take down and one false swipe would bring it to 1 HP, so I just pitched heal balls waiting for my timer balls to be effective.
One of them stuck, so my shiny chansey is in a heal ball ^_^

I am now one entry away from my shiny charm on X.
Once I get that I'll be messing around on X all night to see just how effective it is :p

edit - @Doobius, sorry I missed your offer. I checked the GTS after posting and got my missing Whimsicott :p
I'm now embarking on a chain fishing experiment with my shiny charm ^_^
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I am back! Probably.
Congratulations on your recent shinies, especially Dangertrout on your Chansey. Good luck on your Badge Quest!

As for myself, I hatched about 700+ eggs for Cranidos, and I finally got a red one!
This is actually my first successful MM in Y, discounting Noibat since I wasn't looking for it.

I don't know what I'll hunt next... Maybe I'll MM for Rattata, or perhaps I'll return to Rotom...
EDIT: Community Hunt Complete!
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Shiny Hunter
So over the past two-three days, I've been riding around in a friend safari that has Bibarel, Floatzel and Frogadier, praying that Arceus bless me with a shiny Frogadier that has Protean... and my Timid mew is up front hoping to get the sync on it as well. I've done about 8 solid hours of REs and no luck yet. Makes me really jealous of some of you who get shinies right away, lol. I know my Tropius from safari came in about an hour, so I can't be too mad but it's really starting to bug me. I've also caught two Protean Frogadiers in case I decide I want to try my luck at breeding one.

Congrats to all the recent shinies though, really. Also, If Lati@s are really green when they mega evolve shiny I will just die, I love that! Xygarde and Xerneas also look pretty neat there.


Well-Known Member
I'm not really feeling the Lati's but the rest of them are pretty awesome, especially Zygarde and Xerneas! I just hope one day we'll be able to hunt them. :[

Major gratz!! I'm also SRing for Fennekin, hopefully it doesn't take me four months though! Lol, but major kudos to you for sticking to it, you deserved it. :]

Edit: So, apparently the Masuda Method has decided it wants to be amazing for me.

72 eggs! No shiny charm. It even has Unburden! IVs are 31/x/31/31/31/31. Attack IV didn't pass down again which kinda sucks, but atleast it got perfect speed which was really important. Not sure what to MM next, but I'll think of something. I just wish all this luck would transfer over to Fennekin lol.

Good luck guys! :]

ahh jealous oveflow :D MY MM on slurpuff going nowhere hatching over 1.5k still no shiny yet :X.I did encounter a shiny ninetales yesterday in FS but didnt have Bleeping drought ability T_T it modest and max ivs in atk def and speed T_T


they call me Varanus
Congrats to dark1raven3 on Beldum, Puddingg on Tangela, RocketToTheMoon on Gothorita, RaichuArcanine on Oshawatt, The Prince of May on Quilladin, GrayFire503 on Dwebble, Samus_Aran on Bibarel and Frogadier, Mr. Shinx on Fenniken, imaGe on Moon Ball Eevee, and Supremacy on Swirlix! Those are all great shinies! And good luck to everyone else - don't give up!

So now that I've got my 6IV Japanese Ditto, I'm both IV-breeding and MM'ing for my competitive team. The first Pokemon I bred for it was ExtremeSpeed Dratini...and not more than 15 eggs in, I hatch a beautiful pink shiny female, Adamant, 3IV (Atk/SpAtk/SpDef), Marvel Scale Dratini with Dragon Rush/Dragon Dance/ExtremeSpeed/Dragon Pulse!!! I'm so excited!!! She's going to be perfect for my team! (Although not with 3 Dragon moves, of course :) ) I do wish that that SpAtk IV was in something else, but I'm still delighted with her!



Well-Known Member
I flipped out and uploaded the last dozen pokemon I needed for the shiny charm. I was tearing my hair out because I somehow missed a few... then I realized it was the loathesome Musketeer trio. Another upload later and I got my charm.

As for why I picked now to get it, I've hatched over 5000 eggs over a little less than 2 months, bringing my total to over 12000. I've switched targets frequently and nothing I do is working. Enough is enough. If the charm causes unwanted shinies to rain down, so be it. In the 2 months that I blew on this ridiculous dry spell, a lot of people have simply stopped playing the game, and I dread logging on.


This person is dead.
My mother collected a HUGE hall of shinies today.

a shiny Lilipup...some dragon, three Meditite, two Venamoth...something else.
She gave me a Meditite, being my favorite fighting types, naming it Turkey. Now...I normally do not count traded Pokemon as part of MY Shiny count...but this one is different.
This, like Swirlix, is because of something that made me really happy. Turkey was a Medicham I had in a SS Randomizer Nuzlocke, and I loved him to bits.
Pictures when I get the time.


pain in the ***
FINALLY! After 2,846 eggs, Ekans finally decides to shine!


Once I finish hatching the rest, I'm gonna go to the sports domes in Nimbasa and evolve her into a golden arbok. And then I can FINALLY switch targets. Up next: solrock


Well-Known Member
FINALLY! After 2,846 eggs, Ekans finally decides to shine!

Once I finish hatching the rest, I'm gonna go to the sports domes in Nimbasa and evolve her into a golden arbok. And then I can FINALLY switch targets. Up next: solrock

Congrats, are you going to transfer it to 6th gen? I hatched mine on X and it just looks much less majestic than on black/2......

Congrats also to dark1raven3, pudding, rockettothemoon, raichuarcanine, theprinceofmay, grayfire503, samus_aran, mr.shinx, imaGe, supremacy, dangertrout, ivoright and varanus_komodoensis on your shinies!

Just a quick update for me, no new shinies but the new Zelda game is AWESOME!!! Highly recommend it :)

But it means that 2 of my three hunts are on hold til its done. Im still hatching for Skiddo in spare moments but Ive also got more assignments coming up so theres just so much to do X(

But hopefully my Skiddo will come soon and motivate me to get stuff done faster.

Good luck hunters


This person is dead.
So...here is a story.

I have been feeling really heart broken lately...and tonight, it got really bad. (so bad...I don't want to really think about it)
So...I chose to try...ONCE more in the Safari.

My girl Friend...I don't know, but I think she knew I was upset, and sent me luck.

A Careful, female Ivysaur shines on my screen.
And this time...I caught her.

However...it seems as though I cannot upload anything from my phone right now, which really sucks.

I'll post photos of her later...I...I am just so happy...I love her so much.


Gardevoir Fanboy
Quite the haul over the past 24 hours, a Shiny Bibarel, a Shiny Gyarados, and 2 Shiny Frogadier.

And still none that suits me. Time to continue the hunt.


pain in the ***
o.o Holy crud

I was doing some horde hunting on route 11 (looking for male nidoran), and had just finished up for the night. I figured, what the heck, I'd do a couple non-horde REs before saving my game and shutting off my 3DS for the night. And on the very first encounter...


...shiny staravia. Holy crud


Well-Known Member
I'm experimenting with my shiny charm to see which methods are affected.
Last night I spent chain fishing, since it's supposed to have the highest chance at shinies and it's my least favorite method of hunting.
I've determined I really don't like fishing. I'm too easily distracted and I'm sick right now, so my reflexes are the pits.
Anyways, last night I caught 5 shinies (chains 18, 38, 42, 49 and 66) and had 2 missed reels (59 and 112).
I don't see much difference from what I was getting before, so I'm leaning towards the charm not really affecting fishing much, if at all.
I'll fish more later on as I'd prefer a larger sample size for this little project of mine, but not today.
Fishing bores me to tears, need to switch it up.
I think I'll check out the friend safaris today.

Shiny fishies with bad natures and IVs :p :
Clawitzer at chain 18
Relicanth at chain 42
Qwilfish at chain 66
Remoraid at chain 49
Remoraid at chain 38
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Shiny Hunter
Day 4 of my search for shiny Frogadier has brought my heartache and frustration. I've put approximately 10 hours into this hunt now to no avail.

Samus, tell me your secrets, lol.

Congrats on all these shinies guys, especially those of you who've had super long hunts that finally paid off! So happy for you all. :D


Ice Type Trainer
Whew, haven't posted in here for a while.

So, not much news for me. Round 4 of Honedge ended with 600 eggs hatched and no shiny, will start collecting for round 5 when I can be bothered. I did get a shiny Krookodile from my friend which was pretty sweet, and also gave him the spare Sinnoh dragon trio shinies I had from the events last year.

Also ready to restart SoulSilver now, thinking of attempting a legendary quest minus one of the beasts as they both get released at the same time and I really don't want to have to SR the Lance battle over and over just to rerelease the remaining beast, maybe I'll go for it if I ever get my hands on a copy of HeartGold (which would also allow me to try for Latias, Kyogre, and Rayquaza).

Congrats to everyone on all of your shinies and good luck to those hunting! :)


Fell off a boat
Mawile finally hatched after 2655 eggs!


She has a spread of 31/31/31/xx/xx/31 despite having parents with 6 and 5 IVs, which is a bit of a bummer, but at this point I'm just super happy she hatched and that the hunt is over.
Onto Vullaby as soon as I've bred a regular Heracross for competitive battling.

Congratulations to everyone who's found shinies, especially after a long hunt, and good luck to those still hunting!