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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Boy Skylark
Congrats everyone and good luck to those still hunting. I forgot my computer at home today so I'll be in trouble for half my classes, I'm posting this on my phone. >~<

Anyways, I reached 1500 eggs for furfrou last night, nothing yet, whew...


<----Newest Shiny
Nothing to report on my FS hunting. I might take a break for awhile before I consider what to hunt for next.


Shiny Breeder
Ok, so 300 Riolus eggs and nothing, and I already filled like 2 boxes with 5IV Riolus to trade xD, is Riolu considered a fox thingy xD? because I have really bad luck with them, with many failed attempts on fox pokemon, like Vulpix,Fennekin,Zorua, have done like 30 boxes of each and nothing ><, now that I have the shiny charm and a really suspicious shiny 6IV Jpn Ditto I got in a trade, I will try to break this curse!(hopefully), also gratz on all the recent shinies :D


Shiny Hunter
Okay so after this morning's disappointing capture of a shiny Bibarel in the Safari when I was hunting Frogadier, I didn't expect anything else to happen today. I resumed my MM hunt for Phantump for a while, hatched about a box worth of eggs to get my total up above 700. Then I realized what tomorrow was and decided I was going to try to chain fish for a Luvdisc in honor of Valentine's Day. I'd never been able to hang onto a chain long enough to yield anything before but I figured I'd give it a shot, and since Luvdisc is the only pokemon available for its rod in Cyllage, where I was fishing, I figured I couldn't possibly be disappointed by the wrong pokemon. I cast out once and got a bite, a regular luvdisc of course... then I remembered my Inkay was still conscious, so I cast with my good rod to get something strong enough to KO my Inkay so I didnt have to worry about suction cups.

Out pops a beautiful red Clauncher on a chain of TWO. I've seen low chains before but the lowest I've seen is like 4, so I was pretty shocked. I was going to name it Zoidberg until I noticed it was female.

So after I caught that, I decided to keep going for my actual hunt and hooked a Relicanth with the super rod that made quick work of my Inkay, and then I kept the chain going after switching back to my Old Rod and on chain 28, I get my target!

Named her "Be Mine" because she reminded me of a candy heart, lol

I was just so happy because 1. a hunt went the way I wanted it to for once. 2. it was my third shiny today. and 3. it was a pretty low number chain, so it only took me maybe 10 minutes after the Clauncher. Two shinies within ten minutes is exciting, even if I do have the charm and everything. Clearly the charm doesn't guarantee anything quickly because it took 14 hours of play to get that Bibarel alone. XD

So that's it for me today, taking some time to go read a book and rest up for work tomorrow.

Congrats to all these shinies guys, really jealous of all those Frogadiers and that Mienfoo!


Fell off a boat
Found a shiny aipom in a safari I was using to level up a Murkrow to get foul play for my eventual Vullaby.
He's pink and it's technically Valentine's Day here so I named him Valentino (so original).


Playing since 1998
Just finished hatching my 3rd batch of Cherubi today, putting my total up to 290. Not a lot really so I'm not about to give up yet. I'm considering taking a break to get the shiny charm before I keep at it though. I might do a 4th batch before I settle into the swing of filling my Pokedex.

Gratz to everyone on the recent shinies and good luck to everyone still hunting~!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to tonyg44x on Mienfoo, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the info, rovert :)


Only 300 SRs and 400 REs today. Hopefully I can get a Valentine’s Day shiny!

I also just ordered the NDS Adapter Plus…Still sort of unsure about it, since the thought of an unapproved, 3rd party object messing around with my precious games makes me quite a bit nervous…I’ll certainly be testing it out on my White Version first :p But if everything goes well, then I hopefully have a very good way of protecting my shinies from file corruption :)

Good luck, everyone!


Pokemon Breeder
Alright. Somehow or another my save file had been deleted, so after moping and putting it off, I started a new game. Initially I didn't like the name I'd given my character and decided to change it. Upon looking at it and my Id ( I like certain numbers) I thought it looked good. Then went to pick up my piplup and out comes a shiny starly! Never in my life have I found a shiny before officially getting my starter. I also had backed up my shiny pokes on pokecheck before the little incident. So overall it's been a interesting few days.


Trainer since 1997
I'm gave up on the gastly hunt and I'm going to try and breed every breedable pokémon to 6IV's with the right nature and egg moves. I'm using my jap 6IV ditto so I hope something will randomly shine.


Well-Known Member
Congratulations to shinymisty, samus_aran, esotericheart, cyberra, dangertrout, clipowl, joshrjv77, maldoror, shinyclauncher1234, iwanuq, heliotrope, pokeami, searinglightdragon, mrpuffalos, varanus, pman11, slushie, emeraldphoenix and callmyname on your shiny successes over the last couple of days!

I decided to take a break from Zelda ALBW (as ive got to the part where there is a mingame to run across the whole of hyrule in 65 seconds to win a piece of heart and I.Just.Cant.DO.IT!)

So I picked up my three hunts again and two out of the three gave results WOOP!!

First came a shiny male mareep in a horde, then another shiny mareep, this time female who Ive evolved into a flaaffy :)

I was just getting to the end of my evening, quite happy with my haul when, after 3309 encounters since sunkern, another sewaddle shined for me in black2! So now I have a lovely grumpy swadloon that I immediately transferred to my X


Still no skiddo tho, hopefully I can get it before I hit 1000eggs but with my many ~100egg hunts recently, I feel the game kinda owes me a long one......

Good luck hunters!


Hunting Sparkles
Congrats on all the shinies! I've paused my Sandile hunt at 165 eggs. I've started a hunt I've wanted to do for a while now, a reclaim hunt for Tangela on HG! I'm hunting on the outside of Mt.Silver where I found one randomly back in 2010. Long story short, a crit killed it =(. Tangela is tied with Ponyta as the most common thing here, so hopefully I can get it sooner rather than later. However I would love a Shiny Ponyta and Donphan as well! Good luck all!
EDIT: I'm fickle today XD. I'm hunting Lapras for my SS Shiny team now ^_^. Only at 120 SR's so far.
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Well-Known Member
Congrats on all the shinies :3

Regarding that 6IV Japanese Ditto that I got the other day, I have finally started to use it. So right now, it's Ralts-hatching time.

However, due to the lack of space in my PC as well as the fact that I'm reluctant to use the Pokebank until I found a method to pay for the annual fee, I'm trying to limit myself to only 30 eggs a day. The leftover babies will be transfered to my Pokemon X where space is still available.

Mainly the only reason I'm doing this is because I intended to give it as a gift. There's this user that has been helping me evolve my Pokemon as well as giving me event-Pokemon dex entries, and I felt rather bad for it, so I wanted to surprise him with a shiny male Ralts, as Gallade is his favorite Pokemon. However, I think I need to find an Adamant Pokemon first, and hope to hatch a male one...

Good luck to all shiny hunters out there. Here's hoping for some luck as well~


pain in the ***
¬¬ In some ways luck was with me, in other ways not...

At 2,617 hordes/13,085 pokemon seen, and a good thousand hordes since my starly fail, I get more sparkles. But not what I wanted...


Shiny nidoran female. But I wanted the male >.< I do not like the color the female turns when it evolves. I'm gonna stay on route 11 for a bit and see if I can find a male.

Community hunt complete x7, btw

My first hatch for solrock came up empty, as expected. Back to route 3 for more eggs. Here's hoping solrock will be more cooperative than ekans was (though I said that about ekans, too, and see how long that hunt took)
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Sadly, after about a month of hunting, Murkrow still remains elusive. I'm considering taking Lyric out of the Daycare to work on my next hunt, a shiny Speed Boost Torchic for my friend, but I digress. I'm not willing to give up so easily.


Artistic Flair
Recently caught a shiny Spoink while I was wandering around on Route 8, looks like luck is with me today.


Strange Creature
Do someone remember me? 8D
I took a veeeeery loooong break from shiny hunting. I haven't even looked at this thread in a long time, so I'm reading posts right now... anyway congrats to everyone on your new shinies c:

As I said, I haven't really hunted that much... just a couple of Pokémon in the Safari. A Golurk and a Floette (yellow flower).
Golurk has a neutral nature (...well, that's ok), it got 3 perfect IVs (great!), one of them being Sp.Atk (ok, that's not great...) and it got 0 IVs in Atk (...wait WHAT!?)
Floette is jolly, she got good IVs... but I don't want to evolve her, she's so cute ;n;

Then Pokébank came out. I had to delete my Nintendo ID and create a new one with a residence in the US because Nintendo hates South America. I reunited with many of my beloved Pokémon including many shinies. I EV-trained some of my shinies from past gens, like my shiny Shedinja, and my shiny Linoone. Aaaand I got to pet my beloved shiny Cinccino, my very first succesful shiny hunt (not counting Pokéradar) :')

So... after so much time without hunting, I decided to start a new MM hunt. I decided to MM a shiny Cottonee... I don't have many parents with good IVs so I'll just resort to pure luck, after all it's the shiny what I am after, the nature and IVs are just extras c:
Currently at 0 eggs... I haven't even started. Let's hope it doesn't get to about 3000 eggs like my Espurr hunt did last year >.>

Good luck to everyone on your hunts! c:

The Exalt

So this morning, I decided to try Chain Fishing since it's the only way I haven't gotten a shiny not including hordes.
Anyway, at chain #7 I managed to catch my self a beautiful shiny Corsola. She was the pokemon I was after too! So it's great. She has an impish nature (meh :/) and is flawless in defense and speed. Here she is. I'll probably name her Misty to haha.



Well-Known Member
currently mm for a shiny gible, at 102 eggs and no luck so far :|. No shiny charm sucks

Shiny charm wouldn't necessarily get you a shiny in less than 100 eggs. The odds are something like 1/300ish for MM with charm, so yeah.

I'm working on Fletchling MM in X atm, just over 100 eggs with the charm. Hopefully this is a short hunt.
Also worked a bit on my Pearl BQ, but it's going slowly. Trying to get 100 encounters in every day so it can keep progressing at least.