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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Well, I finally got my shiny charm. I'm going to pick a safari to hunt in, I think. I have yet to find a shiny in the friend safari, despite well over 2000 REs, so hopefully the charm will be enough to change my luck in there.


Well-Known Member
Rufflet for President's Day, eh? Well, it's already part of this month's CH, so I don't see why not. When IS President's Day? We can have an unofficial mini-hunt :p


Shiny Breeder
xD, just got my shiny Riolu!!! on the 672ish egg!, its 6IV with egg moves Blaze Kick, Crunch, Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick, with the ability Inner Focus, will post picture later, the funny thing is that this Riolu appeared on the first group of eggs I hatched today, and I made 8 boxes... so hopefully there is another shiny :p


Trainer in training
I finnaly got a shiny Furfrou yesterday. Timid (whished that nature since I got terrible luck to have decent timid ones), 4 IV, named Renoir trimmed with the dandy cut (there's not enough manly cut by the way). Now I'm retempting my chance for a Shiny male Frogadier with protean since the one I have is female with torent. Now day 3 for this hunt. Do anyone knows if tipping people really influence the shiny rate or I'm just waisting money?


Face Oblivion
Well, no luck with Giratina still - which now stands at 25,590 SRs unfortunately...however, I did start REing in crashandcortex's friend safari a couple of days ago, after finding out he had Vivillon inside. He insisted his safari was bad, but today after 151 REs, my main target from his Friend Safari decided to shine!

Yup, Vivillon decided to shine for me after a ridiculously short amount of REs. I believe it is the fourth time in all of my time shiny hunting that a shiny has appeared at or around 150 REs too...

So, congrats to the recent shinies, and good luck to the rest of you :)


< Most recent shiny
Congradulations to all those who've found shinies, and good luck to those currently hunting. ^^

About 5 minutes after a massive food fight at my lunch during school yesterday, I found a shiny Aipom. ^^ A pink shiny for Valentines day. Serious nature, 31/31/X/X/X/X IV's.

Going to begin hunting for Eevee in the same friend safari today. ^^


Smart Cookie
I don't believe this.

I've been chaining for Swirlix. However, today I decided I wanted to get a shiny Furfrou instead.

On a chain of one, I've found my first Gen 6 shiny! Pad Tie the shiny Furfrou. :D She is Bold (part good, part bad) and has 'relatively superior' potential, with her best stat being Defence. Not bad!

Speaking of, I should transfer some of my older shinies eventually...

Anyway, good luck and congrats to everyone!


Well-Known Member
Hmmm I was training some pokemon to try to complete my national dex again. And I found a shiny Foongus in a horde! I managed to get my false swiper out and carefully took down the others, and got him down to 1hp to capture him. So now that makes 3 shinies that I've found via RE's in Y, and my 3rd seen through horde battles. (I've seen 4 shinies in my game, but the third was a geodude that the rest of the horde killed with magnitude)


Face Oblivion
Shiny Corsola after 119 REs in another Friend Safari.

Female, Regenerator and holding a Hard Stone...with a Gentle Nature.

So I seem to be rather lucky this afternoon. This shiny came from the friend safari of a friend from elsewhere, and Corsola makes it 2 in 1 day for the first time ever for me!

Take some of this luck everybody...unless you'd like me to keep it for Giratina!


Competitive Battler
Shiny Magic Guard Modest 5 IV Abra after 2 eggs :D Guess what IV it's missing?? SPECIAL ATTACK. >.<


Shiny Hunter
Shiny Dedenne!

Yess, a RE hunt where I get what I wanted the most on the first try! Lol, kinda rare for me. Nature is Bashful and she has Pick Up ability. I didn't really track my REs on this hunt, but I started this hunt only 2 days ago, so this is a pretty quick hunt. I'm now one step closer to completing my Kalos quest; my next hunt will be in Route 22 for Litleo, hopefully this hunt goes smoothly like Dedenne. Also, this is my first time finding a shiny while triple hunting. Its just like you said, Cpchris, its starting to feel more natural now. I just wish Fennekin would shine next, these SRs are not nice on the hands >.<.

Gratz on the recent shinies, especially Shine on that female Tyrunt, nice! Good luck everyone. :]


Active Member
I'm jealous of all the shiny stories. I have the shiny charm and use the Masuda method. I've hatched hundreds of eggs and haven't hatched a single shiny. I have, however, encountered a shiny Swanna in the Friend Safari.


Well-Known Member
I was really surprised recently. In 5th gen I got a lv.100 modest shiny porygon-Z in a GTS-N trade. I thought for sure it was hacked, but it passed the hack check to transfer to pokebank. I was VERY happy. Unfortunately my shiny latias did happen to be hacked.


Strange Creature
Well... that was fast...
So I started my Cottonee Masuda hunt, I put my japanese Cottonee from White 2 with one of my Dittos hoping to get a good nature and decent enough IVs to replace the Ditto with one of the offspring (incest ftw)
As I didn't have an Everstone I planned to fill some boxes with eggs then select the best Cottonee to continue the hunt.
Well... I filled 4 boxes, started to hatch and this appeared...
Even though I haven't even started using the Everstone, and I didn't even bred Encore into them I couldn't be happier with this.
This is my shortest Masuda hunt ever... it feels really refreshing after my last hunt got to 3000 eggs :')
My Cottonee is female, she got Prankster (YAY!), Naive nature aaand her IVs are 2/31/20/31/20/22. The HP sucks... and I wish those offensive IVs went into defenses instead... but oh well, I got the shiny :')
I don't know what to hunt next, but I may take a little break to EV train this beauty. Also, she needs a name c:

Looking at the first post I guess this means CH complete c:

Anyway, congrats on your new shinies, and good luck to those still hunting!
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Shiny Hunter!
Finally got my first MM shiny in Pokemon X!! I hatched a shiny Tyrunt last night after 1,028 eggs, just before Valentine's Day ended! I started this hunt back in December, but I see that it's part of the CH this month, so... Community Hunt Complete! His IVs are somewhere around 22|31|28|6|29|31, which is really great! And the best part is I had just barely received a Tyrunt from Wonder Trade with four egg moves, so my new shiny has all the elemental fangs as well.


Congrats on the shinies and good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Omggg! Shiny Murkrow in the Safari Zone!

This is my 2nd time encountering a shiny Murkrow here; the first one fled, but did this one flee too..?

Yup.. :[
Safari Zone: 3
Me: 0

Still not giving up! I'll catch something here eventually lol.


Face Oblivion

The weekly "spot the lucky hunter" contest is here! I think I'll scoop this weeks award, because I just got a random shiny Cacturne in a new Friend Safari I just added. I added it and the very first encounter was the Shiny Cacturne!

He was quickly nicknamed Harley for obvious reasons, and I checked to discover he had Sand Veil, an Impish nature and a Max Attack IV!

So yeah, I hold the good luck for now. Steal it if you wish!

Sorry on the loss of Murkrow, Supremacy! It sucks to lose a shiny in the Safari Zone, I hope for a swift reclaim!

The Scientist

Well-Known Member
Anyone else having bad luck horde hunting? I have the shiny charm and have been sweet scenting hordes in Reflection Cave. I'm over 1000 hordes by now, or 5000 total Pokemon.


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I finished hatching 450 eggs and the squirtle still hasn't shined. Sucks but I'll take a quick break and EV train the shinies that I have already.