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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


This person is dead.
If I were to use a Cute Charmer while SR'ing for the Berry Field, it would still work right?

...ether Combee just is VERY rare normally, or no, it does not.
When I was doing a test run with Combee, 1/25 was a female. JUST ONE! So...I am not 100% sure about that. (than again, this is combee. Very Rare as a female...right?)


Hey guys! I actually have shiny news! :D A Shiny Cranidos was revived on the 524th fossil this morning! This was just meant to be a casual side hunt to keep myself motivated so I definitely wasn't expecting anything so soon. Feels really nice to get a shiny after so long and way under the odds. :) Since this is a new account I don't think I can post pictures quite yet... so I'll post pictures in bulk towards the end of the week.

ShinyKnightXY said:
If I were to use a Cute Charmer while SR'ing for the Berry Field, it would still work right?...ether Combee just is VERY rare normally, or no, it does not.
When I was doing a test run with Combee, 1/25 was a female. JUST ONE! So...I am not 100% sure about that. (than again, this is combee. Very Rare as a female...right?)

Combees have a 12.5% chance of being female. I'm pretty sure Cute Charm should still work on the Berry Field Pokemon. Just make sure that your Cute Charmer is Male and you'll have a greater chance of encountering female Combees.


Shiny Hunter
Hey guys! Gratz on all the recent shinies since I last posted! I see there's been some really good ones like Ho-oh and Mewtwo, major gratz! :]

I has shiny news also. Two days ago I hatched a shiny Bergmite.

She hatched after 482 eggs, so not bad at all. IVs turned out to be x/31/31/x/31/31 sadly HP missed out but hopefully it isn't too low. I really envy some of you that get MM shinies with perfect IV spreads, it rarely happens for me lol.

So now I only have one more shiny to get for my Kalos quest which is Flabebe! I thought for awhile about which color I should pick, but I decided to go with Blue Flabebe; the blue and purple looks really nice on Florges imo. I've already hatched 110 eggs so far, I wouldn't mind a long-ish hunt to end this quest with but we'll see.

As for the CH, it finally gave me the push to go for a shiny I've been wanting for ages now... Shiny Mothim! Seriously, shiny Mothim is gorgeous, that blue is everything. I just recently planted four berries, so now I just gotta wait until one starts shaking. In the meanwhile, I need to catch me a female cute charmer, which shouldn't be to difficult. This also means, that for the billonth time, I have put my Safari Zone hunt on hold lol. Shiny Mothim will be worth it though <3

Good luck everyone!


Beginning Trainer
So far, I've hatched 720 eggs while MMing for a shiny Zorua and not a single shiny yet. It's a little discouraging to be honest but I'm gonna get this even if I have to go up to 2000 eggs!


Well-Known Member
1,060 give or take 5, my shiny eevee hatched @_@
Finally! I'm so glad this hunt is over and I can move on to Charmander!

He hatched male with xx/31/31/31/31/31! So really happy that he hatched with his best stats (special Att and special Def)
Going to evolve him after I hatch about 70 more eggs, he was in box 4 of 6!
Also started SRing for that male burmy! I did 50 before I went and did my eggs, may do another dozen or two later on!

But I have a busy breeding and EV training schedule! Hope it'll shiny near the 1,000 mark! (but way before - more hope in that x3)

grown up into sylveon!
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Dancing Togekiss

Well-Known Member
Today someone traded me a perfect IV shiny honedge (Legit too!) for an ordinary elgyem. I don't understand why someone would do that but they did it willingly so who am I to complain :p

On a side note I completed the national dex so now I have the shiny charm! I am not sure what I will try breeding first but I guess I will just pick one and start breeding.
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moon upon a stick
Congrats to: TheMaster327 on Meditite, Shadowkrow on Skitty, maskofsanity1998 on Volbeat and Pupitar, ohjeezitskim on Eevee and Foongus, rovert on Totodile, Diego24 on Chespin, Zubat, Psyduck and Bunnelby x2, Kokuei on Scyther and Zigzagoon x2, Blastonite on Seedot x2, General_Ridley on Onix and Torchic, Tigurtz on Gourgeist, Cyberra on Totodile, Cyndaquil and Espurr, master of murkrow on Greninja, Volbeat, Venusaur, Rotom, Croagunk, Scyther, Oddish, Inkay, Solosis, Squirtle, Larvesta and Abra, Paraqua on Dratini, Storm_Dragoon on Shuckle and Plusle, Dragonheart7 on Mareep, Tangeh on Noibat, Stickit2themon on Sewaddle, Mays on Eevee, Kelv on Charmander and Froakie, Nerdboyjamon Mime Jr. (8?? wow ;o;), Clipowl on Chespin, Glameow x2, Mime Jr. x2, Stunky and Karrablast, Crimson Penguin on Ekans and Nidoran, Serris on Beautifly x2, pieman556 on Spheal, Pluski on Magnemite, Mincinno and Deerling, ShinyMisty on Volbeat, Keovix on Ho-oh, kirkeastment on Stunky, Missingno. Master on Klefki, ChaoticInverse on Ralts and Gulpin (also, I'm wishing you the best of luck when you decide to return to Torchic!), Britt on Eevee, Machoke and Cyndaquil, Keyblade_cub on Taillow and Heracross, mellowrush on Abra, Nakashima on Burmy, maldoror on Abra, Shy on Cranidos (I'm extremely jealous!), Supremacy on Bergmite, and anyone else I missed!

Sorry to hear about Wingull, Keyblade_cub! I hope you can reclaim it soon!

Anyway, I have shiny news!

I was hoping that this hunt would be relatively short so I could move on to Honey Tree resets for the Community Hunt, and tonight I was hoping to hatch the remaining 7 and a half boxes I had left from the 14 I boxed up. At 7pm it became apparent that this wasn't going to happen - compared to Igglybuff, these eggs felt like they were hatching super slowly even though with flame body they only had 1,000 base steps on Iggly.

The shiny was the first in the bunch of 5 in my party, and sort of surprised me. On holiday when I started this hunt, I predicted the shiny to come in the late 400s - and even better, it came on the 416th egg overall! Just after I collected the bunch it was in, I became more focused on hatching the remaining eggs because I'd been pretty much slacking up until then. So my reaction, when it popped out on the first egg was pure disbelief.

I've been Radiohead-obsessive recently, so meet Android the Shiny Houndour!
[IMG139]http://i.imgur.com/JasPwc5.png[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://i.imgur.com/Aq7lD1N.png[/IMG139]

Modest nature, so it's raising Houndour's best base stat, but lowering it's second best. I can't decide whether this is good or not - but oh well! IVs are iffy - 10 - 29 / 31 / 7 - 14 / 7 - 14 / 0 - 19 / 4 - 9 - I'm sad that the houndour parent's speed IV didn't pass down! But attack is good, even if it is lowered by the Modest nature.

So I'm going to move onto Honey Tree hunts next, and try and continue with my Diamond badge quest alongside that. Good luck everyone!


Beginning Trainer
Alright, I got my 2nd shiny Ponyta in the Friend Safari while taking a break from MMing. This at least proves that the RNG in my game isn't broken.
soooo yesterday, I had to go to my brother's graduation. didn't do the slightest bit of hunting. but my berry fields are full, and hopefully I will get something soon.
and congrats to everyone who has gotten shiny Pokémon recently!


Completing The Trio
OMG i not so secretly hate you Keane lol, i love Shiny Houndour's color scheme so much, and just seeing it is making me jealous haha, congrats :)

I'm about to start Chain Fishing for some Shiny Staryu/Shiny Clauncher, gonna try and fish up a few of each, and EV train the best natured ones.

Good luck with your hunts everyone.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Today I did some trades and got a Shiny Bunnelby. Even though I didn't catch it myself, I'm still happy about getting a Shiny in my Y version. I just need to transfer Shinies from my Gen 5 games to build my Shiny collection in Gen 6. I also plan on hatching more Minccino eggs tomorrow.


Bird Brain
No new shinies for me still. I don't have much of an update, but I'm at 5505 REs in Platinum.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially Cpchris on Growlithe, TheMaster327 on the bird trio, Dangertrout on your BQ, LopunnyBunny on Torchic, and Lunafloon on Sandile.


Well-Known Member
First things first, Congrats to Nakashima on Burmy, maldoror on Abra, Shy on Cranidos, Supremacy on the Bergmite and I agree on the Shiny blue Flabebe, I definitely hunted for that one and used it on my Y.
ohjeezitskim on an Eevee, Keane on Houndour and thank you, I may go back for that Wingull. StrongBad456 on the Ponyta.

And good luck to everyone else hunting!

So I did it. I woke up and started SRing in the Berry fields and I'm actually stunned that it worked. Thanks again Shiny Misty for the help. I got me a Shiny



And this is just me encountering it and my other game hunting for a Cherubi, which I'm still going to try and get. Will be the first shiny on my HG game.


June Community Hunt Complete!!!!
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<--31,000 incounting
So I really really was not expecting to be back for a while.

I've been working on building up my team for battling my friends and after I got my flawless larvitar, I decided to work on rotom. I boxed thirty eggs and on the fourth one I got a shiny?? I'm actually really stunned.

Surprisingly its bold natured? (I was going for a wash rotom and that's one of the preferred natures) This was early enough in my breeding stage where I hadn't even found a decent parent yet. I just checked its' stats and its got five perfect ivs, with the only thing missing being speed. For a surprise shiny it sure is pretty amazing.

I have no idea what to name it but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Congrats on all the new shinies and good luck guys!



I'm really not sure what is going on?? This is my first double hatch shiny and I wasn't trying for a shiny at all. This one is near perfect too with only hp being missing. Its bashful natured.

...I'm kind of afraid to hatch the rest of my eggs. If there's another one I'll probably have a heart attack or something.

And now I have another name to think of.

*shares shiny luck*
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Dream Crusher
WELP! JUNE CH ALL DONE! For having so many questions and concerns it's almost unfair for me to have gotten something already! I will provide the link below as well as my Shiny Brother Seedots will be in there too since I promised pics/proof that it really did happen lol.

Hopefully everyone sees the Shine soon! And congrats to Everyone else whose seen the Shine! :D



1525 Eggs!!
Congrats to Storm_Dragoon on the Shuckle, ShinyMisty on the Volbeat, Keovix on the Ho-oh (reminds me when I caught my shiny Ho-oh, sort of makes me want to hunt Lugia to complete the duo haha), General_Ridley on the Steelix, Missingno. Master on the Klefki, Kokuei on the Scyther, ChaoticInverse on the Ralts and Gulpin (a nice blue combo if I say so myself!), Britt on the Eevee, Machop, Cyndaquil, and Kyurem!, Keyblade_Cub on the Tailow and Heracross, master of murkrow on the Volbeat, Cyberra on the Totodile, mellowrush on the abra, Nakashima on the Burmy (I'm so jealous, my Burmy hunt is going waaaay too long, but Male is so much better than female!), Maldoror on the Abra, Shy on the Cranidos, Supremacy on the Burgmite, ohjeezitskim on the Eevee, Keane on the Houdour (a personal favorite of mine, you could always do a Nasty Plot set to go with the Special Attack!), StrongBad456 on the Ponyta, Lorde on the Bunnelby, Keyblade_Cub on the Volbeat, ChaoticInverse on the two Rotoms, and Blastonite on the Spewpa !! Also I'm stealing this idea of bolding the usernames! haha

Seeing all these shinies inspires me to continue hunting, even though I feel like I've been hunting forever for my Burmy for my Platinum Shiny Badge Quest. I've sort of been doing it on and off for two years now! After today I'm at 12,953 SR's for it! I feel like after all this work, it would be so sad if I didn't get a Male one since shiny Mothim is so much better! Luckily I'm using the Cute Charm trick!

Good luck everyone! I love hearing about everyone's new shinies! Keep up the good work!


Well-Known Member
I'm crazy. I restarted Platinum again. So hopefully after this 3rd restart, 4th file total, I'll get a favourable file for bird hunting. I've currently got a level 14 Monferno and not battled a single Trainer other than Barry. (Grinding in Route 202 ftw)


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the congrats, everyone!
Congrats to Maldoror on Abra, Shy on Cranidos, Supremacy on Bergmite, Ohjeezitskim on Eevee (So jealous! Eeveelutions are the best!), Keane on Houndour, StrongBad456 on Ponyta, Keyblade_Cub on Volbeat, ChaoticInverse on both Rotom!, and Blastonite on Spewpa ^^

Dont give up, Pieman556! You'll get your Burmy, and it'll be male! ^^ I'm sure.

So I restarted hunting on Route 3 in my X game, as theres some really cool pokemon there and I'm trying to get a pikachu through static.. Got 347 encounters in so far, which is nothing as I'm just doing it as a side-hunt while I SR for my Tepig in B2/W2. For the Tepig I've gotten to 3840 SR's so far (yes, i do need to update my siggy xD), and its going very slowly as those SRs take foooorever. But I'll stick with it until the little piggy eventually shines =]


This person is dead.
Congrats to: kirkeastment with your Stunk and Luvdisc, Missingno. Master with your Klefki (What luck!), Kokuei with your Scyther, ChaoticInverse with your Ralts and Gulpin, and later your double Larvitar (Lucky, lucky), Britt with your Eevee, Machop, Cyndaquil, Kyurem (Once again, What luck) and welcome to the forums, Keyblade_Cub with your Tailow, Heracross, and later Volbeat (Glad I could help. Sorry about the Wingull), master of murkrow with getting your friend's Greninja, Venusaur, and Rotom, along with Volbeat, Cyberra with your Totodile, mellowrush with your Abra (And thank-you), Nakashima with your Burmy (Sorry it wasn't male), maldoror with your Abra, Shy with your Cranidos, Supremacy with your Bergmite, ohjeezitskim with your Eevee, Keane with your Houndour, StrongBad456 with your Ponyta, and Blastonite with your Spewpa.
If I happen to miss you, I am deeply sorry and Congrats.

...I am going to bring up an old wound for some...but it still hurts me to see this and not understand how to do it, myself.


Someone said how they were able to get their Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi into X/Y through some hacking devise. (This is not a photo from me, mind you) Whether this Jirachi is hacked, I am not sure.
And not only that, but people are able to get their hacked shiny legendaries into the game (And find all those hacked Pokemon like AZ's Floette and such), meaning there IS a way.

Of course, I would get the Jirachi through legal means (Hard Resetting until it has red "cards", even if it would take me until I am 25) But if there is anyway to make Pokebank see it as Legit, please let me know. (I would prefer through PM so we don't have the comment section filled with this one topic and not of people's Shinies)


As for my current hunts...hatched a few Purrloin, trying to get the Shiny LIVE for the first time...finding it harder than I thought, as my camera can only hold up to 7 minutes of video...and it takes about 5 to hatch them all (even with an OP, as I only have a level 2. It took me a while to finally get the power in the first place) And part of me wants to forget getting Tepig through SR in Black 2 to just Random Encounter for Purrloin in the game. (or "steal" the White version from my mother...who isn't using it, and do it there) It is just...I could get another Pokemon in doing so (Not that I am complaining. A Shiny Patrat would be amazing as well, as I love the Pokemon more than most)

I haven't tried anything with SS for a few days, thinking once again I should just play through the game to get my sister a Lugia and Ho-Oh first, and do the badge quest later (and be able to Hunt Lugia/Ho-Oh for them to be shiny, too)

My brain is kind of in a mess right now, don't mind me.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a fantastic day...(gets Gamecube hooked up and tries to hard reset for Jirachi once more)