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Official Nintendo Network Help Thread

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by NFreak, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. NFreak

    NFreak Insert Title Here

    Wi-Fi not working? Have no idea how to get a friend code? Well, if the answer to a wi-fi question you have isn't answered in your instruction manual, then ask it here, and you'll most likely get it answered.

    Actually, I have a question. I'm using a D-Link router for wi-fi. I had perfect connection like always this morning, yet for some reason, I can't connect. o_O
  2. ~*Pikafan*~

    ~*Pikafan*~ Have you seen me?

    Maybe there's something wrong with the router. If it's perfectly fine, buy a Nintendo wi-fi USB connector
  3. Hoshi no Kabii

    Hoshi no Kabii Well-Known Member

    And you can connect to the internet? Wierd. Whenever my connection goes bad, I cant get on internet. What error code is it?
  4. Kasaioni

    Kasaioni You're Illegal

    can you conect to the internet with one, with the nintendo places, like go on the internet on your ds at home?
  5. NFreak

    NFreak Insert Title Here

    I have the Nintendo adapter, but ever since we got our new router to work, the adapter wouldn't work, yet for wi-fi since then, I was always using the router. Error code 52000, but I checked the site and none of the problems it lists apply, since I was the only one on the computer yesterday, and the wi-fi was working fine all morning yesterday.

    Btw, you guys can post your own problems, too. You don't have to just answer mine. =P
  6. ~*Pikafan*~

    ~*Pikafan*~ Have you seen me?

    I have a problem with wi-fi, too. I tried to go to someone's town (screenname Polaros) and it wouldn't let me.
  7. NFreak

    NFreak Insert Title Here

    That happenes every once in a while. Try again later, then. If it still doesn't work by tomorrow, then go to the site.

    EDIT: Don't worry about my question any more. Fixed it. ^^
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2006
  8. Hi all, i have an actiontec router (they suck i know lol) and i have MK DS. My problem is that my psp, laptop and other devices all connect fine to the network, and yet my DS, even when on top of the router, wont 'pick up' the signal. I have tried so many things to get connected, but to no avail. this simple wifi is a lie ;_;. so far i have tried disabling my security (128 bit wep), enabling and disabling MAC filters, manual setup, grrr, nothing works :( please help me!
  9. ~CourageWisdomPower~

    ~CourageWisdomPower~ ~Twilight Princess~

    How do you get a friend code?
  10. Zora

    Zora now where did metal slime go?

    Wi-Fi Nintendo doesn't connect to Mac's.
  11. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    On your game, when you go to the Nintendo WiFi area, it will have an option for your Friend Code. Confirm means your Friend Code, and Register is the place that you add the other person's Friend Code.

    Hope that helps. :)
  12. NFreak

    NFreak Insert Title Here

    Actually, a lot of routers don't work for the DS.
  13. Deoxys Prime

    Deoxys Prime Time will tell.

    Aaargh, my router isn't connecting me! It usually works excellently! I wonder why not today? Its all weird.
  14. no, ive got a windows pc but i mean the MAC address of a pc lol! anyhoo i resetted my router, updated firmware and STILL no connection, my belkin router at my mums works fine :( why not actiontec? it does suck that nintendo say its so 'easy' yet to be reasonable most routers need configuring to connect...
  15. Paradox

    Paradox Irate Pirate

    Saying the DS won't connect to a Mac is a bit misleading. Im running a connection through a router that goes on to a Mac, it's the Connector that won't work
  16. ~*Pikafan*~

    ~*Pikafan*~ Have you seen me?

    That's not true. Once you connect to wifi, it gives you a friend code. It's up to you to figure what it is or share it.

    Go to wifi setting in any wifi game, do test connection, and it should work there. If it still doesn't work, then check what error code it is.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2006
  17. Bayleef

    Bayleef Onion?

    No offense, but your advice to deoxyguys was completely useless. If they are having connection problems, how on earth would testing that faulty connection rectify the problem? :/

    And I believe that you misinterpreted Dratini's post. I think that he was simply explaining how to find where your friend code is listed in the menu. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Bleh, sorry to lash out on your comments, but your lack of helpful advice annoyed me. Of course, this post connects no advice either, so I must be a hypocrite. >.<
  18. ~*Pikafan*~

    ~*Pikafan*~ Have you seen me?

    I did that when I couldn't connect to wifi and it worked.
  19. Bayleef

    Bayleef Onion?

    Then I expect that your connection was only experiencing temporary problems, and had diminished by that point. I stand by my original argument. :/
  20. ~*Pikafan*~

    ~*Pikafan*~ Have you seen me?

    Never mind my advice, he PMed me saying it's fine now. No need to argue.

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