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Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Hydrohs, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. TiredButAwake

    TiredButAwake Well-Known Member

    My boyfriend wants to go to the battle resort. He beat the pokemon league.

    I thought you had to get the s.s ticket but i dont know where it is. I looked online and cant find the answer.

    I only play xy, not oras, so im clueless.
  2. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    He's gotta beast the Delta Episode. Then Norman gives it to you.
  3. TiredButAwake

    TiredButAwake Well-Known Member

    My boyfriend left gnarled den after catching kyurem and now we cant find it. I went back to the spot where it was but i literally do not see the prompt. I know the sparkle isnt there but still. Do we not get the option to go back? We forgot the dna splicer
  4. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    I did the same thing. You can get back, it's just hard to find. I found it by holding the button that makes you fly downward and just hovering over the mountain until it popped up.
  5. Rockapheller

    Rockapheller Darkness of Umbreon

    I was researching about encountering Shiny Pokémon by PokéRadar Chaining. I ended up two sources slightly expressing different informations.

    According to the serebii.net, once a different Pokémon than before is found with DexNav, the chain will be broken.

    "These chains are broken when a different Pokémon appears[...]"
    - serebii.net/games/shiny.shtml

    Yet another source clearly says that once a Pokémon that we don't want a shiny form appears, all we have to do is to defeat it and not running and therefore the chain won't be broken.

    Which one is correct?
  6. Hyokaze

    Hyokaze Member

    Both, are correct.

    But the one from heavy.com is refering to chain fishing and not dexnav.

    With Chain Fishing Different Pokémon = Chain Continues
    With Dexnav Different Pokémon = Chain Ends
  7. ZPM

    ZPM Active Member

    How many Pokemon are available in both OR/AS & X/Y?
  8. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    All Pokémon, except for Mythical Pokémon. This means that the Shiny Charm is obtainable with just these 4 games.
  9. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    just keep in mind the legendary bird trio depends on your starter in X/Y, so it requires more than just one save file per game, or some trading.
  10. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Question, kinda XY help also but figured I'd ask in this forum.

    What method is faster to get a 3 IV (more is nice but 3 iv is fine) adamant ditto? Dexnav levelling from 5 or using the friend safari? I have almost all natures from friend safari with 3 iv and all I'm missing is an adamant one. I won't really use dexnav for ditto again after I get that 3 iv adamant one (so using that as an "investment" for more sittos is useless).
  11. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Gesshin Powered

    Probably the Dexnav, Friend Safari Ditto are only guaranteed to have at least 2 perfect IVs.
  12. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Hmmm, but with 2 IV guaranteed for sure all the time (and NOT getting a useless stat in SAtk), that means a 1/11 ish chance for a 3rd perfect stat (by the odds) and a 50% chance at nature with a 1/3 chance of finding a ditto (3 pokemon in a safari, I assume 1/3 odds).

    Would't that make a (5/6*4/5)*(1/11)*0.5*(1/3) chance at the ideal ditto in a friend safari? Making that about a 1%~ chance every encounter in the friend safari?

    Meanwhile with Dexnav I'd need to search at LEAST 100ish times for even decent odds, when in addition it takes MORE time to do a dexnav search battle than running in a circle? Like, the nav doesn't always find something, and you're wasting time running in circles again when you could have had like 2-3 more chances with the safari encounters. Or, is it true I can have NORMAL encounters with ditto to raise the search level, then use dexnav encounters once it's hit the 3 IV potential range?
  13. xerxes

    xerxes ようこそ!ワタシの音楽工場へへへへへ

    Yeah, every time you fight a Ditto, the search level is raised. Doing it like that seems like the most sensible way to me.
  14. ArcanineRaichu77

    ArcanineRaichu77 Shiny Hunter,Bookworm and BVB fan~

    So I feel silly...been MMing again for Buneary on OR but I checked and my Ditto doesn't have the JPn next to it's name! I do have a Japanese entry in my dex, and the OT seems foreign, so will this Ditto work for Masuda Method? Thanks!
  15. Vroomer

    Vroomer Well-Known Member

    The best odds for Shiny breeding: two different language pokes + Shiny Charm. This reduces the odds to 1:512 or something close to this.

    Meaning - I play on an English OR game. I have a JPN female, GER male, & Shiny Charm. The Pokémon must have the language/country of origin stamp in their summary. Doesn't matter what your Dex says you have. What matters is what you put in the daycare.
  16. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    is it possible to get multiple colored scarves in ORAS or is a item per save file?
  17. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    Hopefully someone can help me. For battlers, I'm wondering what are general good teammates or types for a team with greninja and garchomp mega? Not gonna go into detail on their strats as things I think up are unique and not meta, but just wondering what you'd bring in with them for singles.

    I'm also wondering what are meta/popular counters to garchomp and greninja. Things I have to look out for. An obvious one is ice on garchomp, but anything else for it and greninja?
  18. PrimalPalkia

    PrimalPalkia Active Member

    i can't find a trading thread or whatever it's called so i just ask it here.
    does anyone have a non English ditto with 5 or 6 perfect IV's ?
    ( i don't care if it's hacked )

    i want it to start breeding shiny, competitive pokemon.
  19. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    This is something I just randomly remembered, but weren't there seperate Battle Spot leagues for each pair of Gen VI games? Like, XY and ORAS had their own leagues and their own rules? That was their way of compensating for the ORAS Megas not being in XY?
  20. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    I believe it only happened for Free Battles so that a copy of X or Y doesn't run into a copy of ORAS. X and Y allowed the use of both pentagon Pokémon and Pokémon transferred from previous games but ORAS only allowed pentagon Pokémon. The purpose was to compensate for X and Y not getting the ORAS Megas, Primal Reversions and the moves introduced in ORAS.

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