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Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread


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Unfortunately not. Pokémon with ribbons introduced in ORAS can’t be transferred over to X and Y.


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Can you transfer pokemon with the gorgeous & royal ribbons from Mauville City over to X & Y? I'm not sure if those ribbons are like the OR/AS megas & they're not coded in the game
May as well train a new desired pokemon with the same moves without special ribbons or mega stones. Especially if they are not in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire before the national dex by default. Many pokemon are not listed even after transfer because they arent needed completion, so you'll need a way to get the mega stones all over.

But these 2 are sore thumbs among Mega Stones.

Lucario= Achieve all 5 Master Ranks in Contests and defeat Lisia (It's not worth the grind training a perfect Contest Pokemon, contests have a lot of the worst RNG involved.)

Garchomp= You need to capture 1000 opposing secret base flags. I doubt there are enough secret base players left active.
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