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Official Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire Thread

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Shiny Sensei
Hey guys due to the recent announce of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I thought we should have a discussion thread. Please stick to topics such as:
1) What you want to see carry over from X and Y (Pss, super training etc.)

2) Anything from Ruby and Sapphire that might make a return(Contests, Pokemon found with Dive)

3) Any new features that should be included that haven't been in pokemon yet

4) Any new form changes or Mega Pokemon that should be added to the archives

5) Anything regarding possible story line of the game, or key characters/ gym leaders.

6) Any other topics regarding the new games. Please don't go doing random discussion!


I want damn Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert.

Also... on trailer it says "dramatic new world" what is that supposed to mean?

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Don't look here.
I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. So Kyogre and Groudon look very different now. Are they mega evolutions? Also Alpha and Omega being first and last respectively. Could we get a Arceus counterpart since Arceus is the Alpha pokemon?

Dancing Togekiss

Well-Known Member
I wonder if they will add any new exclusive areas like the sevi islands in Fire Red/Leaf Green. I think they really should so we have a place to find the mega stones. It will seem odd to find mega stones in hoenn after X and Y stating that they are only in the Kalos region.
I personally think new areas/ NPC's would be a great way to introduce mega evolution to Hoenn.


Castform Fanatic
I was thinking there will be Mega Hoenn starters. I also thinking that it will happen or set on a new region, I guess.


Well-Known Member
I am so excited for this. 3D contest the Hoenn Elite 4 music comes back -fan scream- 3D hoenn is gonna so sweet. I hope the Battle Frontier is in it as well so we can have the great post game that Emerald had.

Also of course I am excited for.....-drumroll- MEGA SCEPTILE AND MEGA SWAMPERT!!!!!

-stares at clock waiting for November-


Eeveelution Master
I was literally nearly sick with excitement when I saw this. So amazing.

Yeah, the 'new world' part intruiges me. I can bet you there will be more drastic changes than we're expecting.

Also, guessing the first batch of news will come at E3.


I mean, November is but 6 months away!!!



I'd say new mega forms for Sceptile, Swampert and Salamence (just to rival with Garchomp :p)

I wonder if "first pokemon in party following you outside it's pokeball" feature is coming back?

And pokeblocks too.
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