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Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread: Oda says Trans Rights


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Chapter 1055 spoilers:
Momo claps Ryo who praises momo for his strength.
Momo says he has to defend wano alone.
Ryo says he is overwhelmed by Momo and he hasnt even fought Luffy. He runs away from wano
Former warlord were not arrested but buggy was mistaken leader of them. Hence buggy became yonko.
They’re fake.


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Just found out on worstgen. Some fake account of Eten posted them.
Also if you're gonna post spoilers, you know there's a spoiler tag, right?


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All I know is that Redon is the legit provider, tho IDK what his username is in forums

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I thought Apforums was the only legitimate site for spoilers?
I don't know where you've been for the past 4 years lmao.

All I know is that Redon is the legit provider, tho IDK what his username is in forums

On Worstgen he is Lance_Dragonite

Actual spoilers are out btw:
: Credit to AwakenCabbage (Etenboby) on Worstgen
Chapter 1055 New Era
-Sukiyaki brings Robin and Law deep down to the Road Poneglyth in Ancient Wano, then he explains to them how the current Wano was built

-Momonosuke successfully used blast breath
-Aramaki gives up after feeling Shanks’ CoC and the realization that Red Hair Pirates is nearby

From Redon this time
We don't know if Momo mastered Bolo Breath because he uses it in a moment of trouble.

- It does not heavily injure Aramaki, in fact he was ready to get serious for round 2 before he felt Shanks coming.

- The rising sea level stuff is not completely correct.

- Kid is not on the chapter and Luffy is with another group of characters at the end. They don't know that the haki belongs to Shanks, they just feel it.
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What has become of the anime fandom in this time and era.
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Tiddies has always been a thing.
Mostly in anime where the plot isnt good enough, but One Piece has a good enough plot and it doesnt need to rely on stuff like that.
by the way, I'm pretty sure Hiyori's are big and she's gonna stay in Wano.


Grass type FTW
Those two aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s plenty of anime with a good plot and great fanservice ( fate/stay night for example ).
Thats why i wrote "mostly" and not "in every anime".