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Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread: Oda says Trans Rights


I'm pretty convinced the Nobles/WG have the last Lode Ponyglyph.
I'm not convinced since in this scenario the Poneglyph would almost certainly be located at Mary Geoise, which means that the Straw Hats will have to backtrack all the way back there to get it, then go back the way they were originally heading, which would be a huge waste of time. I personally think that they'll arrive at Laugh Tale first, then head to Mary Geoise for the series climax to rescue Vivi and face the World Government after they've discovered the One Piece and the history of the world, as well as them having awakened Pluton.

Also, if the World Government took the last Lode Poneglyph that was last seen on Fishman Island, it would bring into question why they didn't also take the Joy Boy apology Poneglyph that was right next to it.


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Oda is, for sure, going hard core with this final arc. Man literally wiped out an entire nation and killed off all its inhabitant. This last arc is gonna be crazy so brace yourselves, guys.

After this last chapter, I’m getting the feeling that Uranus is going to be a sky island. Was that lightning that struck Lulusia? I kept thinking back to Skypiea and Enel’s ship during his fight with Luffy. This chapter kind of reminded me of that, ngl.

I'm pretty convinced the Nobles/WG have the last Lode Ponyglyph.

It definitely seems possible but I don’t think that’s the case because that would require a lot of back tracking for the SH’s just to get to the last one.


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So now Dr Vegapunk was fully shown, but there is no need to believe anything right away.