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Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

Mr. Reloaded

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I only started to watch One Piece properly since the first battle of Luffy and Kaido and the same thing happened in Wano, you have a lot of things happen in the same way and Oda seems to know how to handle this kind of situation.
when Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V showed the XYZ dimension and the fusion dimension in the same time, it was poorly handled and things were rushed.
With the recent revelations from the spoilers,
If the Lily revelation is meant to be set-up to place Vivi on Egghead, I will tip my hat to this man.


You can call me Tanner.
Whenever Sabo busts in, I’d say it’s a possibility we get a face reveal of sorts, but still not gonna hold my breath for it yet.
Yeah, no face reveal, but still, some wild reveals. The most dialogue we've gotten from Imu yet, the Nefertari family possesses the D. initial, and the Gorosei have mysterious (potential Devil Fruit) powers. Given Cobra's dying wish, I wonder if Sabo will convince Dragon and Iva to try and meet up with the Straw Hats at some point after Egghead. (Maybe in Elbaf?)


You can call me Tanner.
A ton of new info in this chapter. The names of all the Gorosei, a member of the freakin' Figarland family, and the implication that Imu may be controlling the ancient weapon Uranus.

On the subject of Uranus, I know I'm not the first ever to bring this up, but do you guys think there's a connection between it and that thing that abducted Bege right before the time skip?



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What if Rayleigh is also from the Figarland family? Rayleigh defected from the Figarland family and joined the Roger Pirates between 30 and 40 years ago.
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I'm admittedly not anywhere close to being caught up on the anime. Just read the manga at this point. Maybe I'll get there eventually, just don't have much time these days.
I do both things: watch the anime and read the manga.
also, sometimes its better to watch a lot of episodes after months/years than watch the anime week after week.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I'm admittedly not anywhere close to being caught up on the anime. Just read the manga at this point. Maybe I'll get there eventually, just don't have much time these days.

I'm struggling with Reverie/Egghead/Final arc. I've made a list of the Reverie chapters throughout Wano and anything other that seems relevant and I'm going reread them during the four weeks.