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Official PBR Recent Happenings Thread


Thanks to HG/SS release legendary dogs have started to pop up like whack a moles. I battled 2 Raikous and 1 Suicune yesterday evening in only 2 (!) battles. What striked me the most, however, was the fact that they were all running the exact same set (with corresponding offensive move)

Thunderbolt / Surf

Doggies doing a mini-Walrein. What do you think of this set? It can be very annoying with Pressure + Toxistall, which can possibly beat even Blissey, but to be honest Zapdos, who has access to Roost, does the same set much better than Raikou and Suicune has better things to do anyway. And yet, this set remains the most popular among the Japanese people. Wierd, huh?

Hmm, I don't know what it is but a lot of Japanese players seem to run the same sets as each other. Not all of them course, but still there's little to no variation. As for the Suicune/Raikou set, it looks like it's for singles so that would explain why I haven't seen it before... I have pretty much no experience with single battles.

Speaking of HG/SS, the last time I played PBR I battled a bunch of people with Encore on their Gardevoir and Walrein (Togekiss too). I like to protect a lot and when my last Pokemon was encored into protect, my controller was almost broken in frustration. It's not a level playing field when some players have access to move sets that everyone can't get.

Lastly, I like the Safeguard/Swagger teams that are common now. The selection screen on Battle Revolution basically tells you what they're going to do, but it still works pretty well. Though I have to say, Cresselia and Bronzong are really just dead weight after they finish with Swagger.


Queen of Charizards!
Just battle a friend on wifi he beat me but it was very close. His sandstorm killed my ho-oh after i killed his tyranitar


Pokemon Trainer
Tonight I am going to start a new file on PBR I am not sure what boy trainer I will pick, maybe the cool boy this time since it fits my age more. I will then add my platinum pokemon on there once I beat the league.


Queen of Charizards!
yesterday i pwned a team with only porygon Z thanks to his download upping special attack :)


It's a mystery.
Okie dokie... so recently I just tried out battling random people on wi-fi. I lost some of the battles though most of the battles were pretty darn close. When I had Jirachi and shiny Lugia in my team, I just hope my randomized opponents didn't think I'd use them in battle (trust me, I'm the type of person who always plays fair). Then, before I put my ev'd shiny Lugia in my team and switching it out with my Altaria, someone tried to use Palkia and Giratina against me, but I still pwned him. xD Heh... that was the only time I used my Jirachi. Anyway, if people try to use ubers on me again, and so long as I have my paraflinchers in my team (that would be my Jirachi and Togekiss), they'll get pwned again. ^-^; And speaking of my team, I think I've used my ev'd shiny Floatzel pretty well in most of those battles, even though Floatzel is considered NU.

I probably may have a few random wi-fi battles later today... but we'll see.

Current Team:
-Roppu- [Lopunny] | level 100
•Razor• [Floatzel*] | level 100
Smash-kun [Lucario] | level 100
~Angelie~ [Togekiss] | level 100
ルギア [Lugia*] | level 100
Jirachi | level 100


Queen of Charizards!
Uploaded my Platinum pokemon again added lanturn to my Dark Hand team (that team is based on the villians on the show i claimed) anyway i tried him out on a radnom wifi battle and he's not bad at all ^_^.

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur
Made a counter UU counter for all those annoying scizors.

Regirock. I really thought outside of the box this time.

He has 266 Defence at 50 combat. He can take 2 life orb adamant technician bullet punches from scizor without dying.

Enough time to switch in, and counter with fire punch.


Back from the dead
im going on wifi quite a bit lately so ive been getting sick of all the uber teams,i have a goal of getting to 60 non uber friend passes off of wifi but so far i only have around 30.


Well-Known Member
Made a counter UU counter for all those annoying scizors.

Regirock. I really thought outside of the box this time.

He has 266 Defence at 50 combat. He can take 2 life orb adamant technician bullet punches from scizor without dying.

Enough time to switch in, and counter with fire punch.

And how does it fare against a Choice Bander? You know, the most popular set ? (atm)


Queen of Charizards!
Wel i batteled this morning but i got killed by a hidden power Magnezone. He kept getting crits on it

anyway I'm gonna battle more today and record. Feel free to see my battles on youtube and subscribe


Active Member
Had some good battles today: my starmie defeated a Palkia by waiting out Draco Meteor with Recover, and I KOed Zapdos and Gyarados with my Yamnega.
But anyways, two important things: I learned how to record video on my VCR (lol) and I found out that you can hook up platinum directly to PBR. The latter makes my life much easier, as I thought I just had to switch any pokemon from platinum to diamond/pearl to battle on PBR...good thing I tested it!


Well the other day I turned off my Wii on a Wifi battle due to an uber pass. I took out my ubers and put in my Raichu and Wailord. Granted they are only on Lvls 40 and 31but they are good on Wifi. The uber pass contained Palkia, Diagla, Giratina, Groudon, Kyogre and another one I can't remember.


Well-Known Member
been battling and winning on wifi with my old pearl team. also, i got a surfing pikachu! im happy :)


True Love Never Dies
ok i am getting like so damn sick of this game! (grrr!)
stupid master set battles...
i mean i go with one of my best passess and here comes dude who just happens to have a team with pokemon that mine are weak to. jerk


Shiny Hunter
I want to bye the game but i dont know if it is good for someone without a ds or not just because people told me the pokemon you receive are crap


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I want to bye the game but i dont know if it is good for someone without a ds or not just because people told me the pokemon you receive are crap

Don't buy this game if you don't have Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. It's not worth it.


Well-Known Member
So, upon realizing that I'd have to trade back to Diamond to update my storage, I just decided to make a new file and use my platinum.
Probably a better thing to do overall, since that's where all the move tutors are and the battle frontier. Sadly this means I must go through the main game again ;_;

Ah well.

SO! I started up my new file, and sent over my Platinum storage. Set up battle passes for my Diamond, Platinum, Ruby, and Emerald teams, now with new moves and items!
Sadly I forgot that the Rotom Appliance move doesn't carry over, but no big loss.

I also got the Battle Tutorial Pass, since making a custom pass uses it up for no reason at all.

I chose the Young Boy rental pass, and just went through the Gateway Colo for the "first time". Monferno just destroys everything god damn.

And that's it for now. Will probably just go through the game at a leisurely pass, since I'm in no hurry to go to Sunset Colo again (so much hate). Oh! By the way, what version does it read Platinum as, team wise? Like I know some later battles are determined by that (just Mysterial?).


<- Zap Cannon Espeon
Ok, so...

1) I made a team for the Little Tourney which consisted of a Meowth (that I got from trade), a Starmie, a Buizel, a Mismagius, and two random Level 5 Pokemon; namely Diglett and Treecko.

I ended up winning.

My sister was watching me battle Sashay. My sister told me not to knock out Sashay's Skitty because it was cute.
... Unfortunately for her, I knocked her out. It just had to be done... The set of clothes you unlock by beating Sunny Park Colosseum's Little Battle was the only set of clothes that I needed to unlock.

2) I took on Magma Colosseum on Lv 30 Open. I wanted to get those extra Custom Pass Designs. Since my main team consisted of Water-type Pokemon, going through Magma Colosseum was a breeze. I managed to get it to Rank 8.