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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

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Erik Destler

cool cool cool
Redoing this thread as well, cos of Platinum coming out :p

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Well I just beat the Elite 4 for the 10th time in a row so I can get my team to level 100. Want to start to get some battles done later so I can watch it on the battle recorder.

Just caught the Darkrai I got from the event. Timid nature, Hidden Power Fighting and decent IVs.

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pokemon is boring
I just traded my movie regigigas from diamond now im going to get the three regis


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well managed to get the game before sunday...
started with a chimchar since fire starters are my thing..pretty much trying to do everything slowly so that i dont miss anything new

got the second badge and caught a gligar..also just caught a Rotom at the Old Chateu is it?..well talking about that i dont know if its just for platinum or if it happened on Diamond & Pearl Also..but if you go thru all the rooms (the ones where you find Rotom) from left to right...once you're in the second room to the right you can see a little girl "floating" out of the next room..i found it kind of cool and funny at the same time haha..

well gonna head to hearthome city to get my eevee..still dont know what eeveelution i want yet but ill probably go with leafeon since its the one i have less experience with.


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My playthrough of Platinum was very basic so far. I just got it this morning from my usual game shop (That's known for leaking games. I got Diamond early from them as well). I started it and chose Chimchar, and I traded over an Elekid. My Elekid knows the three elemental punches, so he's been sweeping everything so far. I'm going to have to grind a bit, though, because I don't exactly have an advantage at the rock gym.

I'm tired, so I'm not going to speed through Platinum in three days like I did with Diamond. I mostly just played around with some of the new features during my limited gameplay.


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I got it early from my cousins friend on Wednesday. I picked Piplup. Caught a Starly, and Ponyta. While I trained for the 6th gym I ran into a Magmar. Caught him and destroyed the 6th gym. Now im helping Prof. Rowan and Dawn at Lake Verity.



Level 37


Aerial Ace
Bubble Beam
Shadow Claw


Level 35

Careful Nature

Faint Attack
Fire Spin
Confuse Ray
Fire Punch

Starapter@Exp. Share

Level 36

Sassy Nature

Aerial Ace
Quick Attack
Close Combat

Bidoof (HM n00b) @ N/A


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on my way to the 6th badge at the moment...got rid of my infernape idk i guess im tired of using starters..dont know what members i should add to my team but i gotta think fast or imma end up with 2 pokemon at the pokemon league hehe...im liking how they made the galactic story line a little deeper and all and crasher wake getting more spot light..that is all for now ill keep posting as i progress

Empoleon Bonaparte

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Well, I've caught myself a Gligar. Those things are quite hard to find. Gave up on training my Togepi, because it had Hustle :(
Now Buizel has evolved into a Floatzel and conviently learned Crunch, it's time to take down Fantina.

P.S: Yes I got Platinum earlier; not my fault. XD

Grotle/LivingTree (lvl. 25)
Curse, Razor Leaf, Bite and Return.

Floatzel/Tequila (lvl. 26)
Crunch, Aqua Jet, Water Gun and Swift

Gligar/ ...Eh? (lvl. 16)
(lolz forgot the moves)

Bidoof/Slaaaaaave (lvl. 6)
Tackle, Growl, Cut and Rock Smash
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well lets see, i managed to get an early copy of the american game, those friends you some times kind of keep in touch with from way back when sometimes come in handy xD i've made it past the 7th gym, finally letting my charmander and totodile evolve after gym 6. i'm realy liking the more explored plots in this game . made it to the distortion world today also. still undecided about my team though, i wanted to to things a bit differently thatn my usual pre-breed traded over teams.. we'll see how that goes xD


Got me some leaked platinum. Here is my journey so far....And be warned along with this and any post i make about it so far there will be spoilers! SPOILERS.
Anyway i just started my journey on my American Version of Platinum. That is my leaked version. Uh lets see now jun seems to want to go ask the professor for Pokemon for a strange reason. Okay and lol he got excited about a new pc the tech savvy guy he is. And he is sitll fining you for 10 million Poke-dollars. Professor rowan stops barry before he goes running into the grass to reach sandgem without running into pokemon. Kind of like stopping a suicide mission. Rowans thinking to himself what kind of damage would come from giving 2 idiot reckless kids pokemon. This time pokemon got humor and im liking it! Damn you yeh withdrawing ******* of a turtwig! Gah i always have this problem but hey i gain a level or 2! LOL! this is where barry and his turtwig hit their stride! Seriously dialogue is corny and funny at the same time. And yet the magic of pokemon is coming back to me. Sure i had it inside of me but hell with this its growing. And all this in the first 5 minutes. Ill post another time let the other post and all. And cause ill be too busy playing. OH Barry you nutjob. He thinks chris is stupid and spells pokeballs for him in a humorous way. You know Pokeballs p-o-k-accent-e-balls! And cyrus made a promise to the lake pixie in twinleaf that he will be coming for it and to not forget his name. This time cyrus is even more insane then we thought.
Rowan found us foolhardy children running into grass without pokemon but now we astound him in another way. In otherwords he find you and Barry idiots and now after seeing you battle he finds you 2 smart young lads or something. I think dawn and you ave a bit of a love moment there i dunno but yeah whatever Rowan clears throat and continues....oh i forgot to mention before your mom worries about you imagining terrible thoughts if you were to encounter a pokemon without your own. In other words they consider tiny starlys and bidoofs wild savage beasts. But going around with giratina lord ofr the torn world is a-ok. Yep logics we have it! (btw lord of the torn world is my own wording)
Piplup dex entry!
A poor walker it often falls down.
However, its strong pride makes it puff up its chest without a care.

In other words piplups area idiots but too much pride makes em ignorant.

Right after you walk outside to find dawn waiting Rowan gives you return TM27. I mean what the hell! I love the move but if you know how to use it right and base your pokemons attacks around it thats just plain cheating. But i like it! I for one use it very well and have one many a battles with it. Thank you Rowan!

update #4
In the tutorial for catching pokemon it says dawn threw one pokeball. I mean what the hell! Its not like we have a multiball feature or anything. Anyway lol she giggles a lot at you. Someone has a fancy for someone. I think. I dunno but its a nice touch.

Update #5
I forgot this one before. Some new text boxes were added and there is even the option for a plain white one. SImple yet elegant.
LOOKER! Finally. In jublife i meet dawn with a concern for you. You need to catch more pokemon to be safe! Anyway looker made me lol. He starts shouting at dawn for uncovering his international police status(wtf?) and then his name goes from mysterious man to shady man. And his music. Nice....anyway he goes on about your super sleuth skills or something(again wtf?) and he reveals himself. I must say this game is more dialogue heavy and surely more plot strucutred. Makes you wonder about the future generations. No dont talk to me cause im duty! No wait do talk to me. You must. Its nto cause im lonely or anything but because of the bad guys. You must inform me. Yep okay whatever you say..... See dawn this is why girls wear stockings or longer skirts. Looker kind of screams pedo at this moment. Anyway thats all nothng good till Oreborugh i suspect. Also Jublife is much much more snazzy. More metropolis like.

Poketech! 2 buttons= more joy. And man that new gts is like a looming watch tower made for super heroes. I need to explore it later i just need to.
More spoilers!

Its orebourgh time! And i must say its a pleasant surprise graphics havent been updated too much but they have. And its a nice experience like going thorugh sinnoh 2.0. And im actually happy to be there and have a decent team. Before i would be there at level 10 pokemon and struggling to beat roark because battle times where tedious and now i have a prinplup a luxio and a staravia. Its a bigger improvement over DP thats for sure and no one should imss out on it.

Sorry for spoilers dont want to ruin game.
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I got to Oreburgh City, then stopped there for now. I'm liking all the little cosmetic and story-related changes I've noticed so far, as they certainly make things more interesting then in the original.

I'm currently using a Chimchar and a Budew, but I have a desire to add a certain national dex Pokemon to my team before I continue. Though I have to find someone to help me with that task, as I lack a second DS.
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So Cool
Well started playing like an hour ago and just evolved my chimchar right now. Gonna keep training and continue on to Oreburgh. Also have a Starly about to evolve. This game is so cool!!!!!


Did it on 'em
I am hoping to go about a different approach to the game than what I normally rehearse. As soon as I pass the prerequisites to trade, I plan to send several eggs from my Diamond to the Platinum version so I may train all of them from scratch. The complete team I am planning to begin my journey with, as of his point:

Snorunt ♀
Ralts ♂
Nidoran ♂

My primary intention is to make my team a bit more well rounded, and I hopefully by tomorrow I will have a nice start.
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I've been so busy lately that I havent had much time to play.

I did manage to reach Oreburgh and Im abuot to get the badge. Im working with a Starly and a Piplup right now.I want a flying type other than Starly so I think I'll ditch it for a Gligar once I get pass the cycling road.

When do we see more of the added Pokemon?!(Goes to check Pokearth)


So Cool
Well got the first badge. Trying to find a male Onix to add to my pokedex. Got Monferno to level 25 and I haven't left Oreburgh left. Gonna keep moving along once I find the Onix.
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