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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Big update today!

    So, after levelling up all Pokes to Lv 28 [and Jubilee up to Lv 29 thanks to Exp Share] I rode to Veilstone and challenged that evil girl...Maylene.

    I sent out BuiBui [now named Sonicboom; Floatzel] against Meditite, and in two Crunch'es Meditite was sent home. She sent out Lucario, and Floatzel managed to hit it a few times but was defeated.

    Go, Engarde [Gallade]! After a few Confusions Lucario was left with 1 HP, but Lucario's attack had gone up thanks to Metal Claw. So now one Metal Claw did roughly 70% on Gallade, and Gallade was slower than Luc, so even if I healed I couldn't attack. So Gallade fainted.

    Now I sent out Beakon [Staravia] to finish the job with Quick Attack. Maylene sent out Machoke. Two Wing Attacks left Machoke in the red zone, and me too. But I didn't want Staravia to win the badge. I let Beakon faint.

    To do the final damage with Pound was Kanina [Buneary], winning me my fourth badge at last! Yay! But Kanina is still at one little heart for friendship ;[

    Lucas came out to tell me his dex had been stolen...his fault, he should not be on the streets on Veilstone at 11pm [when I was playing]. So I went to sleep.

    The next day [today] I defeated TG, Looker acted strangely and I taught Fly to Togetic. I headed to the Old Chateau to catch Rotom, but I guess it wasn't late enough [It was 7.45pm] so I just got Mystery Gift, downloaded the Secret Key, yawned and turned off my DS for the night. Tomorrow or whenever I next play I'll head to Pastoria and catch the final part of my team - a Croagunk. Sorry, Staravia, your time will be up shortly.

    Kanina [Buneary] Lv 28
    Twister [Grotle] Lv 28
    Beakon [Staravia] Lv 28
    Engarde [Gallade] Lv 28
    Sonicboom [Floatzel] Lv 28
    Jubilee [Togetic] Lv 29

    @ Old Chateau
  2. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Kept battling in the battle castle, but couldn't seem to get to Darach again. So, I decided to try to win my first silver print at the battle arcade as I've done pretty good there on double battles. I got to Dahlia and did the battle, making it so that Dahlia's Pokemon were poisoned during the battle. I managed to beat Dahlia and I got my first silver print.
  3. Visual

    Visual Nine one six ~

    Just done EV training my Gible, which evolved into Gabite. While I was training it, guess what happened? Mesprit showed up! But I didn't catch it, though. I wasn't prepared and I wasn't even expecting it to be there. Anyway, maybe I will EV train Togepi tomorrow, if I am free...and feel like it.

    EDIT: 400th post! Woohoo! =D
  4. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Decided to train some of my other Pokemon, so I went to Pokemon storage and took out my Pokerus infected Treecko that I transferred over from Emerald, that female Eevee with wish that I hatched, and the Trapinch I transferred over from Emerald, but that originally came from my Pokemon XD game. I took the Eevee to the frozen rock in route 217 and evolved her into Glaceon. Bought some vitamins for my Pokemon at Veilstone and fed it to them. I'm currently training the Treecko at route 204, beating Starly and Budew for speed and special attack EV's, it's holding the power lens I got at the Battle frontier. Treecko is currently level 12.
  5. Aesir22

    Aesir22 Well-Known Member

    trained my team and caught all 28 unown.
    Found a male and female gible. They are in the daycare. Breeding for a good natured gible for my team. After that, more training and then the E4..
  6. IcyKerpymon

    IcyKerpymon Lan challenges you!

    Update time:
    -So, I caught Combee and called her Mitsu (Mitsuhoney was its japanese name)
    -Mitsu eventually evolved and I defeated the Eterna Gym using her (BUG BITE FTW)
    -I then hacked the clock of the Nintendo DS to get Rotom and turned it into the LawnMower Forme.
    - Now I'm overleveling everyone to level 30 before challenging Fantina.
  7. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    Been training Pokémon to evolve for my Dex
    488 so far :D
    So close
    Going to trade over a Spheal tomorrow then train for a Walrein
    Currently training a Scizor
  8. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    Continued training the Treecko. After it evolved into Grovyle and learned pursuit, I went to the Old chateou and continued training it there. I've also started training the Glaceon. The Glaceon is currently level 12, while the Grovyle is level 23.
  9. Poke'Master4389

    Poke'Master4389 Replaying 6th Gen

    trained my cyndaquil from level one to 36. evolved to typhlosion.
  10. Sailor Saturn

    Sailor Saturn Master of Silence

    Left Sendoff Spring and travelled back to the three lakes. Caught Uxie and Azelf, and set Mespirit roaming. Haven't really hunted Mespirit yet, because I wanted to get to Sunnyshore. Trekked to Sunnyshore, levelled up a little more, and challenged the gym. Beat Volkner pretty easily with Torterra, Wishcash and Gastrodon, and I now have my 8th badge! Now I have to decide what my team is going to be for the League and get to serious training. I wated to use a different team than in Pearl, but it's seeming more and more that they were the strongest (except Palkia, who wasn't much use).
  11. Charaligatr

    Charaligatr The Secret Rascal

    Decided to go after some of the villa decorations that I didn't have. After realising that I had only 6 eggs left to hatch for the masterpiece, I thought it would be better to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and hatch a female burmy (Didn't have Wormadam in the dex)

    So, after getting 5 eggs and cycling up and down Solaceon, they all hatched...into males. Did it again and all 5 eggs hatch into females. So now I have 9 unwanted burmy in a box, waiting for the sweet escape of death...errr I mean, being released back into the wild.
  12. Moo66

    Moo66 Well-Known Member

    Decided to focus on training my Giratina recently. It's at about lvl. 70 now. Might try to ev train it(or is it too late?).
    Anyway, I might try to go catch Palkia soon to complete the trio of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina.
  13. Obelisk 1

    Obelisk 1 Defense Trainer

    Finished EV training my Azelf and Shuckle and I've been training them in the postgame areas like Stark Mt, Victory Road, the Elite 4 2nd time round and the Top Trainer Cafe. They are between Lv60 and 65 now. Gonna try get them both to lv100 before the end of the week.

    Going through the rest of the post game areas now, on the Victory Road bit with Marley at the moment.
  14. Magna_Fufia

    Magna_Fufia Epic? Notsomuch.

    Found both Flint and Volkner inside the Villa today. Oh lord...

    "Flint: Hey, you!
    You used this prize money to buy this
    furniture, didn't you?
    So, I've got a right to lounge here,
    am I right?"

    "Volkner: My relationship to Flint?
    There's no love lost, that's for sure."


    Ignitionshippers are going to have a field day with this...
  15. Poke_Cannon

    Poke_Cannon Beck is my boy'

    OMGGGGGGGGGG. I just got a shiny Eevee!

    My first shiny is finally here!!!! soft resetting with that girl at hearthome paid off. its white and amazing!

    idk what to do lol
  16. neo darkrai

    neo darkrai Amateur YouTuber

    Platinum Journey Post 77

    I haven't EV trained my Gastly yet. Yesterday though, I managed to complete my daily events. The interesting thing is that I caught a Chansey that was holding a Lucky Egg. After regular EV training is done, I can use the Lucky Egg to level up faster.
  17. TERPtwig

    TERPtwig Well-Known Member

    Hatched a jolly Sneasel with max attack and speed, but 0 IV's in HP.
  18. psyrose3

    psyrose3 Well-Known Member

    Training an Altaria. To Level 50. Is Insanely Hard. And Time Consuming...

    When you don't trust the DayCare place, it's hard to level your Pokémon up. So battling the Pokémon Center Trainers is the fastest way to level up. Normally I would train at Acuity Lakefront, but poor Eimirii (Altaria) has a 4x weakness to Ice type moves. And she's only Level 37. Which makes Acuity training nigh impossible. My next training spot is Fuego Ironworks.

    Current Team:
    Eimirii (Altaria) lv37
    Valencia (Gardevoir) lv42
    Shinji (Torterra) lv42
    DiZ (Golduck) lv42
    Lynn (Porygon2) lv42
    Klaus (Rapidash) lv46
  19. Shellos

    Shellos From the East Sea!

    After getting the game a few days ago, I've beaten Fantina and I'm now going to try out some contests. I'm going to try to research some good contest move combinations; I know Surf and Dive is a good one because I used it with my Swampert a lot in Beauty competitions in Emerald, but I don't have either of those moves.
    I also beat the rival for exp and took my Buneary & Psyduck into Amity Square. I love how they redid it.
  20. Slowking[George]

    Slowking[George] #SPP-WiFi HOP

    I've kept SR for Giratina for quite a while now, but with no success. I know I can defeat it then be able to SR later at Turnback Cave, however I do want to catch it in Torn World, and I also want it to have a neutral nature with proper IVs. I DID get a Serious nature after a while, but it had terrible IVs, 12/4/10/6/5/20, so I decided not to keep it and continue SR. But with no success either. Will keep up with it though.
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