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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

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You're Illegal
My Infernape is currently lvl 97 going on 98 so I'm lvling her up her last levels. (I just realized she was a female after going through all the story with her o.0)


Active Member
Just beat Volkner with my Garchomp and headed up north,
after jasmine gave me hm waterfall.
Fought some trainers to level up and now inside Victory road.Right now fighting some trainers to level up my pokes.

My team:
Garchomp lv.50
Luxray lv.47
Infernape lv.45
Staraptor lv.45
Togekiss lv.40

And an hm slave that i plan to switch for a lv.50 Lickylicky.


my rolfcopter goes..
i'm at veilstone city
ready to battle the gym leader
hopefully two of my pokemon will handle her easily
the team i have in platinum kills the one i had in diamond, lol
thank you route 206


You're Illegal
Yeh, my Infernape just reached non rare candy boosted lvl 100, now to try out the Battle Frontier and work on improving my BF team, also got the Expert Belt from that guy on route 221 because my Palkia was lvl 79 which just so happened to be the number he asked for.


Still Dirrty
I just finished capturing Giratina, battled the last gym leader, and now I'm training for the Elite 4.

Currently my team is Togekiss level 70, Luxray level 59, Empoleon level 56, Lopunny level 58, and Staraptor level 54.

I decided to do a speed run to Pastoria after catching about 23 of the Unown to look for a Dawn Stone, after I heard numerous rumors about a hidden Dawn Stone in the mud. Whaddya know, I evolved my Kirlia right in time for Gallade to learn Slash. Fun stuff. Now, with my buffed up Gallade, I think I'll go kick some butt.

Empoleon (Typhoon) - Lvl 39
Crobat (Veleno) - Lvl 36
Bastiodon (Armageddon) - Lvl 36
Gallade (Gladius) - Lvl 24

Time to head back to Solaceon City/Town and mop up the rest of the trainers, then challenge Maylene, then wrap up the other trainers. Woo.

Flame Haze SnS

Finally reached the top of Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar) to face off against Mars and Jupiter. I sent out Houndoom first and did its number on their Bronzor, but fainted against Skuntank (Poison Jab), so I sent out Gabite. It used Dig (on Skunktank) and succeeded, but fainted when their Golbat was sent out (Barry's Infernape did its number on Purugly; Heracross and Munchlax wasn't that much of help). My Gabite was then fainted and I sent out Staraptor and did its Arial Ace on one of their Golbat (its HP is low), then replaced my Staraptor with Gyarados and used its Ice Fang to defeat 'em.

I then proceeded to Cyrus and the show (Giratina appearing and stuff) begins. Right now, I'm a few steps away from having a battle with Cryus in the Distortion World.


Gabite - lvl.42
Gyarados - lvl.42
Staraptor - lvl.43
Houndoom - lvl.43
Luxray - lvl.44
Torterra - lvl.44


After leveling Giscor,Rapidash, and Mothim to level 50 i leveled up Garchomp, Gyarados, Toxicroak, and Tangrowth to level 51 and Infernape to level 53..now I'm EV training a Bastiodon(sp?) on special defense and defense to go against Origin Form Giratina in the torn world...actually I've been trying to capture it in a poke'ball but failed miserably..so i decided to ev train a steel type..since all of G's moves are "not very effective" against steel types..or so do i think..but I'm Question(i know, i know..it should be posted in another forum or whatnot) is.which steel type is best in special defense and defense?


Well-Known Member
Got the first badge. Got the second badge. Got the third badge. Got the fourth badge. Did everything in between. Yay?

Current Team:
Empoleon lv41 @ Shell Bell
Aqua Jet
Steel Wing

Togetic lv37 @ Quick Claw
(With the horrible ability of Hustle)
Ancient Power

Dusknoir lv37 @ Spell Tag
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Shadow Punch

I think I trained too much at Wayward Cave, because now every battle (including the gyms) is ridiculously easy. Oh, and I'm also disappointed that I didn't find a shiny within the first two days of playing. That happened with my Emerald and Diamond Version, but I guess third time's not the charm...

Going to Pastoria when I start playing again, but I doubt I'll have time to play this week.


Update again.

*Spent two hours last night trying to chain for mareep but it kept getting broken.
*Ended up chaining for Buizel instead and caught a decent one.
*Currently eving said Buizel named Rotatia
*Will test out a Rain dance team later.


Well-Known Member
getting butt handed to me in the batlefrontier.. I need to borrow my friend's brother's ds so i can ship over my trained pokemon from pearl


Shade of Blue
I bought Platinum on vacation a few days ago and I can't stop playing it really.

In the 5th gym currently and almost at Crasher Wake. My team is:
Torterra lv. 43
Staraptor lv. 41
Vaporeon lv. 40
Houndoom lv. 39
Croagunk lv. 25 (just caught, swapping out for Froslass once I catch a Snorunt)
Pachirisu lv. 11 (my lovely lovely HM slave)
I also transferred Brine and Ice Beam from Pearl for my Vaporeon so he no longer suced.

EDIT: And my rank iz up


A la lune!
Just started. Traded some (Level 1) Pokemon across. Oh wait, Murkrow was level 11.

Team is now:
Mudkipz 8
Riolu 8
Duskull 8
Rhyhorn 8
Munchlax 8
Honchcrow (Traded a Dusk Stone with it :D) 11


Well-Known Member
Last night I finally managed to beat the Elite Four and become the new champion of Sinnoh! Great experience, though it cost me quite a few Max Revives, Revives and Hyper Potions. I managed to do it nevertheless.

I then went to catch the Pixies, but only managed to catch Uxie. Azelf was such a pain that I gave up (he struggled himself to death!) and transferred Mespirit and Azelf over from my Diamond game to finish the Sinnoh Dex. Went to see Rowan (and Oak) and got the National Dex! Yay! I immediately took the ship to the Battle Zone and tried out the Battle Factory. No luck there. Lost the to the second trainer three times in a row!! What!?

I decided to continue on to the Survival Area and then to the Resort Area - and wow! The Resort Area looks SO much better in Platinum than in D/P!! I really like the new look - and the villa looks soooo good! Great area!! Can't wait to get some furniture (but damn they're expensive :p).

I also planted some berries and will probably be trading over some of my old Pokémon from Diamond soon. It's gonna take ages though! >_<

Wisest Celebi

Tiny Powerhouse
Who here had a Manaphy in their Diamond or Pearl and transfered it into Platinum?
Me, counting as one....Lv.66 when transfered, now a Lv.67...still doesn't like me(I have two badges after all).


Currently training before I'm going to beat the Snowpoint Gym with Heat Rotom. Empoleon lv. 55, Staraptor and Heat Rotom lv. 52. When they're all lv. 55, Candice is going down! >: D

Also, I'm trying to hatch the Riolu-egg. It hasn't hatched even though it feels like I've been walking millions of steps... .-.,

And I got the perfect HM-users (I prefer not to call them slaves. That sounds too mean. And I let them battle sometimes anyways, so...). Bibarel (Biwah) and Tropius (Tropic). Together, they can learn all 8 HMs. <3

Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
This is a short update from yesterday.

I got to the top of Mt. Coronet and thoroughly enjoyed the Distortion World. I will admit it that I wish there was more to it and it was a little longer, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

I HATED fighting Giratina... it was easy enough to whittle down its health, because every time it decided to use that Shadow Force technique, I used the extra turn to revive or heal my pokemon. The thing I hated about it was trying to capture it. It kept killing itself because of the Struggle attack. I think it took me about 5 hours to capture it with an ultra ball in under 30 turns before it killed itself again.

I know I could have always used a Masterball, but why bother when there are legendaries still to come that are about 30 levels higher.

Anyways thats it for me, I'm currently training around Sunyshore until later tonight when I'm going to try and go after the lake pokemon.
I was going through enterna? woods with that girl and i ran into a wild beduw and a shiny buneary. i was afraid she would kill the buneary so i killed her chansey while her chansey killed the beduw. ^.^ Then i used stun spore and 1 absorb on the shiny buneary with my beduw and cuaght it with a premier ball. =]
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