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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

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Riddle in an Enigma
I recently got through the Distortion World after battling Giratina 3 times (1st time it struggled to death, 2nd time Calm nature, 3rd time Adamant(woot!)) I then went to Sandgem to talk to Prof. Rowan about my encounter. I then got the secret wallpapers Contest, Legend, and Trio. I am currently in Acuity Cavern sring for a shiny Uxie. I will then do the same for Azelf and then go catch Mesprit.
Porygon2- Lv.42
I've been having some trouble in the Distortion World. That place is hella confusing. n_n
Needless to say, I've finally gotten through it. Just defeated Cyrus (he gave me a bit of trouble since I don't think I've raised my team enough). Gonna try capturing Giratina now. ;D
Staraptor lv.49
Empoleon Lv.52
Leafeon Lv.52
Bibarel Lv.28 (HM slave)

Yeah..that's one heck of a roster. >_>


Well-Known Member
Just got my DSi, in fact, I'm using the browser to do this post!(cool huh?) Anyway, I've spent about an hour trading over things like TRU Shaymin and Regigigas, unobtainables, items, ect. I have masterballs now, so as soon as I get tired of trading, I'll go capture the legendary birds, Dialga, Palkia, Mespirit, and Cresselia (I had a stock of masterballs from playthroughs on old games). Platinum is a blast!:D


Now I am on my way to Sunyshore City, and these are the Pokemon I have on my team.

Giratina Lv.47
Naive Nature
Shadow Force
Dark Pulse
Dragon claw
Ancient Power

Empoleon Lv.43
Lonely Nature
Ice Beam
Rock Climb

Machamp Lv.44
Serious Nature
Cross Chop
Rock Smash
Brick Break

Gengar Lv.44
Mild Nature
Shadow Ball
Mean Look

Luxray Lv.44
Unknown Nature

Staraptor Lv.44
Brave Nature
Close Combat
Aerial Ace

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Platinum Journey Post 14

Basically all I did was EV train my Ranger Darkrai. One interesting thing that happened to me on Route 204 is that I found a Shiny Wurmple and caught it. First Shiny in Platinum... Yay.


Well-Known Member
Wasted a couple more hours of my life attempting to get the second Battle Factory print. Made it to a streak of 41 before the RNG decided it didn't want me to go any further by making me fight a team that was pretty much a complete counter to my own, in addition to making me miss a few more times then I would've liked to.

I've gotten destroyed as early as the first match due to someone getting a ridiculously strong Pokemon, so I guess Battle Factory really is just one big luck-based mission.


Well-Known Member
Stupid Heracross!

So I got to Canalave City saved before fighting my rival.
I started the battle with my Quilava vs his Staraptor, just got Staraptor down before Quilava fainted, only 17 hp left.
Sent in Electivire to OHKO Empoleon with Earthquake.
Then he sent in Rapidash to fight my Meganium, used Earthquake got it to 1 hp then it fainted Meganium.
Brought in Lucario to Quick Attack it, but of course he withdraws it and sends in Heracross.
This was when everything went downhill.
Lucario was slower so Heracross uses something (I forgot) and critical hit faints Lucario, so I send in Feraligatr and use a few moves all were not very effective...
Of course Feraligatr fainted soon after, that left me with Gabite, Electivire and Quilava.
So I tried Gabite, and used Dragon Rage then an Earthquake, got Heracross into red health, of course Heracross faints Gabite...
Electivire then had a go with Thunderpunch, but of course Heracross faints it too.
Down to my last Pokemon, Quilava with only 17 hp left, I used a few Hyper Potions over some moves then decided to attack with anything just to get Heracross to faint, so I used Quick Attack which left Heracross with 1 hp left...
Then it uses Aerial Ace and finishes off Quilava.
I turned off my DS and punched a pillow on the couch a few times then took a break.
That's my story of how I became insane.

This morning I tried again and got past his Heracross and Roserade to win the battle, finally.

P.S. If I was reading this topic I would skip this post, just a bunch of gibberish.


Well-Known Member
Beat Candice 8D

I hate that they changed the placement of the snowballs ~_~; Took me a while to figure it out, and of course I felt stupid going "OMGAWD.. I CAN'T GET THE LAST ON--- oh.. that's how I do it o///o"

Gonna do a bit of training before I head up to Lake Acuity and do the next plot related stuff.
First time I post here since I got the game.

-Beat the E4, obviously
-Reseted for a Modest Giratina
-Filled up half of the National Dex
-Traded some stuff over from Diamond
-Played in the Battle Factory 50+ times in the last three days
-Finished Stark Mountain
-Beat the three leaders and Riley in the Battle Underground place


Well-Known Member
About an hour ago, I traveled to Spear Pillar (post elite 4) armed with masterballs and 2 empty slots in my party. My patience with soft-reseting was rewarded: I caught Dialga and Palkia, both with SP. ATK boosting natures and with possible 31 IVs! Here are their stats:

Dialga - LV 70 - Modest
HP: 231 (16-17)
ATK:165 (16-17)
DEF:193 (29)
SP ATK:259 (30-31)
SP DEF:149 (6-7)
SPD:149 (26-27)

Palkia - LV 70 - Mild
HP: 215 (13-14)
ATK:178 (8)
DEF:147 (28)
SP ATK:259 (30-31)
SP DEF:193 (29)
SPD:149 (6-7)

Now I'm going to focus on the legendary birds. I'll try to soft reset (standing in front of Prof. Oak), but I probably won't be as patient since they are roaming Pokemon. Acutally, I've never soft-reset for a roamer before, so this will be interesting.


Just beat Saturn in the Galactic Headquarters.
AND CHARON'S LITTLE SPEECH AFTER SATURN HAD BEEN DEFEATED WAS AWESOME! So awesome, in fact, that I don't want to leave. x3

Current team:

- Rapid Star [Staraptor]
Lv. 55, Male
--Wing Attack
--Close Combat
--Brave Bird

- Pride [Empoleon]
Lv. 55, Male
--Drill Peck
--Metal Claw

- Mowtom [Mow Rotom]
Lv. 60
--Shock Wave
--Ominous Wind
--Leaf Storm

- Biwah [Bibarel]
Lv. 16, Male
--Rock Smash
--Rock Climb

- Tropic [Tropius]
Lv. 30, Male

Lucar [Riolu]
Lv. 1, Male
--Quick Attack


Well-Known Member
Boy, I sure got a lot done in the span of a few days...

(I think I'll just do this in bullet format from now on)

- Got Tangrowth to the suitable level I needed it to be, went to battle Wake.
- Both Rotom and Tangrowth took care of most of wakes team (2nd shortest since Fantina)
- Afterwards, took care of that Galactic Grunt that "set up us the bomb!"
- Acquired the Secret Potion from Cynthia.
- Trekked surprisingly quickly to Celestic town.
- Did what I had to do there (picked up the necessary items and what not).
- Beat Cyrus (okay, so I did tell you guys about all this... nevermind)...


- After getting Surf, acquired myself a Magnemite at Fuego Ironworks to use as Magnezone. Accomplished that rather quickly (the Magnemite I caught was already 1 level from evolution).
- Decided to switch Gastrodon with a Tentacruel, so I caught myself a Tentacool and trained it (Jolly Nature)
- Trained both Magnezone and Tentacruel to about level 40.
- Went to Canalave city.
- Beat my rival for the third time (yeah, I'm starting to see that I've leveled a little too well).
- Went over to Iron Island + got the Riolu egg (I'm thinking I'll bother with a Lucario after I beat the game).
- Canalave was a literal breeze (Bastiodon gave me a bit of difficult, went down easily though).
- Took care of Team Galactic Admins Saturn and Mars.

My team:

Infernape: lv46
Staraptor: lv45
Tentacruel: lv44
Tangrowth: lv44
Magnezone: lv44
Bibarel: HM Slave - lv23 <-plan on changing that to about lv26-30... still thinking about it though.

I have to say, this is probably the best team I've had in ages (oh, and I've made it my goal to keep my starter/gym specifc at least 3-4 levels above that of the gym's lead Poke. Might explain a few things).




Recently, been power filling my pokedex which I aim to complete (this will mark the first time I've ever completed the pokedex, although in Gold I completed it but my file erased, but still, 250 is nothing compared to 493), traded some valuables to my platinum from pearl using a friend in Minnesota who I traded to from Pearl, then took from Platinum.
I experienced the Sky Forme Shaymin, I really like it. Been training Mewtwo up to level 100 while evolving pokemon to get dex entries. When I got a Phanpy swarm, I decided to try and chain it and got two shinies before ending it. Now I'm at the process of filling the Sinnoh dex more because I locked myself out of Pal Parking for a day due to previous exploiting of the grooming girl that offset my days of the week.

Trainer Emily

Fairies do exist!!!
Yesterday: Traded with someone
Re-battled Candice.
Then joined the wifi plaza (I won the Gulpin Berry game)
And finally caught a very good Timid Azelf with 28/16/12/30/24/31 IVs.

And also caught a perfect Heatran today: Timid nature, 24/22 or 23/19/30/31/30 IVs.
Even though it has Hidden Power Water (there's already a man in Veilstone City that tells you what Hidden Power type is your Pokemon, although it can't tell you what Base Power it is), it's still as good as it is.

That Timid Synchronize Alakazam do come in handy...


The one and only.

After my Rival battle, I went to the Gym. I beat all the Gym Trainers in there. Ninetales dominated in the Gym. The healed up for the Leader which was easy for my fire breathing Pokes.

Sorry, no recording of Gym battle. Forgot to record it.

6th Badge Won.

I got out and my Rival was there waiting for me and told me to head to the library and so I did. I followed him to the top and met up with Rowan and Dawn. He gave me a lecture about Pokes.....zZ. DOOOOOMM! Earthquake happened which was actually an explosion. Then we split up to go to different Lakes; me going to Valor.

I got there and fought some Galactic Grunts to get to the middle. Then met up with Saturn; defeated. After that I headed to Verity to find Dawn and Rowan. Passed 2 double battles and then got up to Mars which was hard to defeat. Purugly gave me a hard time to pass by. So I defeated her and Rowan told me to head to Acuity to find my Rival.

So I geared up and headed through the Cave. Found a lot of treasure there and a mysterious room with a NevermeltIce.

I got to the Snow and the Trainers there are getting hard to pass by. Good thing there was a Resting House there. I went on and for some reason Maylene came up. Never expected to see her there. I just lose these new editions the the game =D. She said that she was doing a little bit of training by going through the Snow instead of Flying to Snowpoint City.

I went on and battled the Trainers i saw there. My team was on critcal when I was close to reaching the city. I had to use alot of resources just to get my Pokes healed up. Didn't want to bother going back down to rest while I'm soo close to the end.

Once I got to Acuity, everything was soo different from the other version. I saw my Rival at the top of a cliff which I couldn't get to. I had to get the 7th badge to use Rock Climb then finally got to Snowpoint City.

This is where I left off.

Current Team Status:

(M,Shiny) Altaria - Lv.42
(M,Shiny) Milotic - Lv.44
(F,Shiny) Manectric - Lv.40
(M,Shiny) Leafeon - Lv.41
(M,Shiny) Pupitar - Lv.41
(F) Tropius - Lv.30 (HM Slave)

In Box:
(-) Manaphy - Lv.38
(F,Shiny) Ninetales - Lv.43
(M) Torterra - Lv.42
(-,Shiny) Rotom - Lv.34
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You're Illegal
I caught all the roaming Pokemon today using the tracking device on the Poketch: Mesprit, Cressela, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres.

Cain Nightroad

Yesterday I blitzed my way through Victory Road. It seemed a good deal shorter than when I trekked through it on my Diamond, though I didn't stop to get all of the items this time around. I'll have to go back to get the items eventually, with some repels. At the moment, I'm training before I face off against the Elite Four. Of course, my team needs to be balanced level-wise before I can even dream of defeating them.


RAWR! I want HG/SS!
Day 5 and 6 of Pokemon Platinum

Faced down Giratina in the Torn World*, and saved the world, much to everyone's gratitude. Headed down to Sunnyshore, and after relaxing on the beach a bit, challenged the gym and got dizzy riding the giant cogs. After searching around Sinnoh to fill the rest of my 'dex I got through Victory Road and beat my rival. And then, the Elite Four. After almost getting wiped out by Lucian and realizing I forgot to buy Full Restores, I challenged Cynthia with only half my pokemon alive. Amazingly, I managed to defeat her, and was crowned, the new champion.

After the credits rolled, I went, got the national dex and the PokeRadar, and headed off to the Battle Frontier. I teamed up with my Rival and took down Flint and Volkner. I suspect Flint was secretly seething inside, but tries to hide it with silence.

Next Day

Challenged a few facilities, and I gotta say, the Arcade and the Hall are tons of fun. Battle Factory seems alot easier now that I know about natures, and moves, and all that good crap. Then there is the battle castle. Pretty good, but running out of PP halfway through the seven battles kinda sucks. As for the tower, exactly the same, and still boring as hell. Got to the Brain in the Hall, and she beat me with no effort. Can someone say, haxx!? So I got to her again, and this time I beat her with no effort. Had it recorded, but forgot to upload it.** Then, got to the brain on the arcade, and beat her, it was pretty close though. Got that video, and the code is: 69-42830-25542

*Yes, I know the english name, and it sucks. Torn World FTW
** Code for Hall Brain beating me is: 14-81672-01410
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