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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

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Beginning Trainer
Just lost my 21st battle in Battle Castle against the princesses butler >.<

It came down to my Gyarados vs Houndoom, Houndoom went first and used thunderfang but only took my gyrados down to less than half HP, i hit him with Waterfall but he holds on with Focus Sash! he then uses another thunder fang and beats me :(

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Just got myself three Feebas today. Evolved one. Man was that expensive! Entered Milotic in her first contest and won. Evolved my Nosepass into Probopass and I am going to train it tomorrow after stupid school. Hooray for short Mondays though! Caught two Dratini and a level 54 Gyarados :O Going to also train my Riolu. First time it isn't in my Hall of Fame as Lucario. Attempted to catch a Dragonair. Failed to even find one. Been tryin to fill the Dex. Just been running into Pokes I've already caught (Damn Pelipper)

Off topic: Been playin through Kingdom Hearts 2 again and I am currently stuck on Xaldin


Won myself another battle today taking my Platinum battle results to W-3, D-0,L-0 and taking my overall results (with Pearl too) to W-68, D-0, L-9.

*Battled a girl named Julie and won 3-0
*Took out various ev'd pokemon to take them to the move tutors.
*Realised i diddn't have enough shards so i went to the underground.
*Got bored of the underground and went to the underground guy in Eterna city to get the freebies for digging ect.
*Went back underground and made myself a base somewhere i thought suitable.
*Began digging while i was down there and have come across thunder stones,heart scales and revives but no shards which is what i really want.
*Went back up to tell the underground guy that i have made a base so he can give me the table,chairs and Buneary doll ^^.

Also i finished EV training my Floatzel last night and she's not too shabby, i find it kind of cute that i caught her in a heal ball (pink) and stuck love heart and pink bubble seals on it.I think she'll make alot of the guy battlers feel ill shes so cute ^^.
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Shade of Blue

Beaten Crasher Wake and Cyrus in Celestic Town. Once I got Surf, I immediately went to Fuego Ironworks to try and find a Magnemite for my team (to replace the stupid Croagunk) and guess what - the first one I found was a shiny! ^^ So naturally, I caught it and it's at lv. 29 now. Still lvling it up at Old Chateau.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Platinum Journey Post 15

Not much has happened right now except that I traded a Bagon and Beldum Egg to Platinum. I hatched Bagon and find out that it's an Adamant nature so I'll deposit her and EV train later. One rewarding thing about the soon to be Salamence is that its egg move is Dragon Rush so that could be helpful.


Well-Known Member
I *just* got Platinum. I mean, I just got it in my mail from Play-Asia. It took the game 10 days to reach my doorstep, but I can't be happier. Too bad I have to go my university's library to research for some hours... I'll be starting my Platinum file as soon as I get back home. Can hardly wait to transfer my future team -- now eggs -- to Platinum!

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Got busy this weekend and finally got my second badge. Gardenia was super easy to beat with my lovely Ponyta. Went to the Chateau and caught a Rotom. Played around in the underground, but so far haven't found any fossils. Partially completed the Galactic HQ, but decided to leave and call it a day last night.


Well-Known Member
I've merely just passed through Mount Coronet. I've gotten to the route just before Snowpoint. Going to some catching before leaving this area. I'll be making the trek through to Snowpoint sometime today; I know it's gonna be easy though ;).



Just beat the E4, got the national dex, and went hunting for the roamers.

Articuno and Cresselia are in the red, and Mespirit is the same plus frozen.

I'm working on some battle frontier teams and then I'm going to go do Stark Mountain. I'm a bit busy.

Yesterday, I finished training my Gallade, and taught it Psycho Cut and a bunch of other moves. I went on and swept Maylene and her Gym with Gallade, and proceded down Route 214. I noticed the collector had the 3 original Eeveelutions, and I figured I'd find the other 4 sometime later.

In a matter of minutes, my whole team was elevated from Lvl 36 to Lvl 40, thanks to that woman with 3 Wormadams and that Collector with 6 Great Marsh Pokemon.

Went down to Pastoria, and beat Tyson again with my Empoleon. Beat Wake, and then, here's where things got interesting. I liked the new 'bomb test', and how Tyson wants to be Wake's apprentice, also Looker's appearance was cool. It was like everyone was on the scene. Beat the Grunt, but I was surprised that the Great Marsh suffered almost no damage. You'd think they'd change it a bit and create some off-limits part where the bomb went off.

Now, I'm training east of Celestic Town.

Empoleon (Typhoon) - Lvl 44
Crobat (Veleno) - Lvl 40
Bastiodon (Armageddon) - Lvl 44
Gallade (Gladius) - Lvl 44


Well-Known Member
Today I have been playing "catch-up", by catching Pokémon I might not have before. I also caught the swarming Pokémon, Snubbull and evolved him into Granbull. I caught the two recent Garden Pokémon, Minun and Castform. I have been very lucky at digging shards and Heart Scales, recently. I used a few shards to teach my Lickilicky Zen Headbutt. I have been battling Machokes with him for some good experience.


I plead the 5th!!
Well..... Not that long ago I had beaten the E4. Getting the national dex was a big pain too. I've moved most of my legit pokemon into platinum, because I promised myself i would NOT hack in this game. Lately i've been trying to complete the national dex, and so far i've seen 420 and i've caught 300. I had completed it in my diamond, all of it legitamitely except for shaymin and arceus. It took a long time... Platinum should be easier, since i can just catch loads of bidoof and trade them for pokemon in my diamond that i haven't seen or caught in my platinum. Got my first shiny in platinum this morning too. A shiny magikarp, female, on route 226 i think, while i was trying to find a horsea. Almost finished my resort house too.... still need the guest set and tea set, the two pokemon statues, and the chandelier. Got my secret base set up too. I've caught every legendary that can be caught in platinum other than the event pokemon and the three regis. Now i'm just catching pokemon to complete the nation dex and waiting for a shaymin, arseus, or secret key event in my area. Hoping the canadian secret key event at toys r us will be in the american branch. That pretty much covers it.... once i get shaymin and arseus, and finish trading bidoofs for pokemon in my diamond, i will have completed the national dex 100% completely, and legitamitely. Can't wait.


Well-Known Member
Got to Celestic Town recently, and got Surf. Now just going through different routes looking for places to Surf in order to train and find rare items. Got my team to around 38 or so. Also found the Razor Fang, so I'm waiting until tonight to evolve my Gligar and head to Canalave.

Cain Nightroad

I shattered my rival at the Pokemon League, then went on to evolve my Magneton. I've always thought that the Rich Boy on the route just west of Sunyshore was good to train with, so you can imagine my grinding schedule now that he has a Luxray. My Magnezone will hopefully get to level 50 soon enough, where it'll be able to hold its own during most battles. Afterwards, it's off to the Elite Four.


Well-Known Member
Last night, I EV trained Dialga and Palkia (Ubers, I know, but I like to be prepared for an Uber match, just in case). It's interesting how their defenses are opposite: Dialga has a base 120 defense stat vs 100 sp. defense, and Palkia has a base 120 special defense vs 100 defense (I never noticed...)

This morning, I started capturing the new in-game legendaries (the trios). First I caught the Regis, but I didn't worry about natures; I don't plan to use them competitively, and even if I did, I have ruby, sapphire, and emerald for that. Next, I caught Mesprit, not worrying about its nature. I did, however, want good natures for the legendary birds, which is a little harder to do, considering they roam the wild. Luckily, the first set I caught was good enough, with the exception of Articuno, which I never use anyway.

As soon as I have time to focus, I'll start breeding Eevees. I only have 1 female Eevee, which is on my Diamond version (actually, I believe it is a Glaceon). I haven't checked its IVs yet, but if they're bad, I'll just use one of the Dittos I have (one of them has max speed). My main goal is to have Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Espeon at my disposal, but I love all the forms, so eventually I plan to train a full set of Eeveelutions.

Lastly, I'm only 2 Pokemon short of being "version independent": Mewtwo and Latias. Unfortuately, I traded away the Mewtwo I had (bad nature) and restarted both Fire Red and Leaf Green. :( However, I think my Emerald game is past the Elite Four (choosing Latias) so that will be easier.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Platinum Journey Post 16

Basically doing nothing but levelling up my in-game team before I go to the Battle Zone. Some of you people might think it's strange, but I've never used the VS. Seeker in Platinum yet... Anyways, I forgot to mention in my last post that I caught the three birds (did not feel like editing) all in Quick Balls. They are effing annoying if you don't have a Pokemon that prevents them from fleeing or when they use Roost.

On a side note, I've now started preparing for Contests which I will post abou soon.
Caught Giratina a while ago. Tossed a Quick Ball and caught it on the first try, to my surprise. Now I'm training my Snorunt near Veilstone.
A few more levels, and I'll be able to teach it Crunch and evolve it. ^^ I'm also hoping to get the last gym badge tonight.

-Leafeon Lv.53
-Snorunt Lv.30
-Empoleon Lv.52
-Staraptor Lv.50


rank 10 ranger
lol after 3 days of non stop soft resetting for a shiny giratina i finally found it and instead of using my masterball on it i lowered it hp really low and then continued using timer and ultra balls on it. a lot of turns went by and it ran out of moves and then it used struggle.......got hit by a recoil and died. my first shiny giratina lost because it killed itself. i knew i should havve used my masterball on it immeaediatly but no i didnt. now im back at it hopefully it'll happen quicker this time but its unlikely. FML


Well-Known Member
Went through Route 214, caught the Pokemon I needed for my Pokedex (Snorunt, Snover, Sneasel... hehehe). Did some training before heading to Snowpoint gym, and beat it real quick (my Magnezone had a fun time taking out Frosslass though... damn confuse ray...). Went to Lake Acuity, got my tip to go to Veilstone. Went through the TG base, beat Cyrus (I sware, he's ridiculously easy now that my team is leveled right). I've decided to swap Tangrowth with Gliscor (partially for the final gym, but mainly because I'll be needing a ground type).

At this rate, I should finish Platinum soon. Finally... taking longer than I thought it would.

My team:

Infernape: lvl-49
Tentacruel: lv-47
Magnezone: lv-47
Staraptor: lv-47
Tangrowth: lv-46
Bibarel: lv-29

I'm going to consider getting my team to near level 50 before going up to Spear Pillar. Really, hoping Giratina doesn't give me grief... though I've been having decent luck in terms of captures.



Sword&Element Master
Well, i just got my copy on tuesday. I have over 10 hours of gameplay and am currently in Hearthrome City. I've still not challenged Fatina, the gym leader. This is my team:

Torterra Lv.35 Female
Bold Nature
Razor Leaf
Mega Drain

Staraptor lv.35 female
Adamadant Nature( caught it at the first try!!!!!)
Aerial Ace
Close Combat

Luxray lv.36 male
Hardy Nature

I have these other pokemon i don't really use, but I'll list them anyways:

Geodude Lv.19
Adamadant Nature
Rock Throw
Rock Smash
( I'm not sure about Magnitude so forgive me if i'm wrong)

I also have a lv. 20 gligar and a lv.20 eevee and a lv.10 togepi that i'm still planning to train

Conclusion: Great Game, and i'm doing great so far!
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