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~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

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Artsy Smeargle
just got the new ds and my first badge. It was real easy ofcourse.
-Luxio 16
-Prinplup 17

By any chance, can anyone breed me a houndor egg?

Cain Nightroad

Got Magnezone to about level 60. I decided to do raise the bar from 50, as I found Fisher Cole was much more efficient to train with than the Rich Boy on Route 222. Then I went back to Victory Road and grabbed a few TMs that I missed, notably Dark Pulse. As a bonus, I caught a Gabite and a Rhyhorn. It kind of spoils the fun when you get to catch a Gabite that's close to evolving. It's like catching a Dragonair at level 50, just a bit away from evolving; where's the challenge? Oh, well, it does save me a good deal of time when working on my team.


Well-Known Member
Since I last posted I have:
-Beaten the E4
-Got the National Dex
-Beat the Flint & Volkner double battle
-fiddled with the Battle Frontier
-Got my resort house & began decorating it
-Started transfering over my pokemon from Emerald.
-Started Cresselia running around.

Today I've:
-Done the STark Mountain quest (no Heatran)
-Captured Regigigas
-Hatched & evolved so many Eevees
-More Battle Frontier shenanigans

I'm roughly 1/4th on my way towards completing the dex. My plan is to capture, hatch, evolve, & Pal Park as many as I can before starting the grand Diamond to Platinum trade exodus.
Got Platinum today, woo! My current team is

Chimchar Lv.11
Naive Nature

Beat my rival and am on my way to Oreburgh, I plan to bring some Pokemon over from my Pearl soon.


no promises
Since getting the Game yesterday night I have:

- Picked Chimchar as my starter.
- Caught a Starly.
- Caught a Budew.
- Caught a Shinx.
- Beat Roark in the first Gym.
- Beat Galactic in Floroama Town.
- Evolved Starly.
- Took Cheryl through the forest.
- Evolved Chimchar.
- Beat Gardenia in the second Gym.
- Caught a Bronzor.
- Beat Galactic in Eterna City and got an Upgrade.
- Got the Togepi from Cynthia.
- Got a Bike and headed for Hearthrome.
- Beat Fanita in the third Gym.
- Caught a Ralts.
- Evolved Togepi.

I'll post later with more updates :)
Currently: EV Training before Veilstone Gym.

Welll, I've actually done some stuff since my last post. Grand.

I cleared Galactic from Eterna and traded my Bibarel over to Pearl and taught her Waterfall, and brought over a nice Male Ralts with a Dawn stone *hahafail*. After training for what seemed like forever, I finished EVing him and have a nice Gallade. I then traded him back over to Pearl and had him Relearn Leaf Blade /haxxor. I defeated Fantina and got the team up to 35, and now my Gallade won't listen. Grand.

I went through Solaceon and captured a Lickitung, who I quickly traded over to Pearl and taught Surf. I'm just haxxoring all over, aren't I? Anyways, I quickly EV'd her and went on through Veilstone, and onto the next route where I captured a Timid Houndour, who I'm now raising.

I'm leveling everyone up to 40 before I take on the Veilstone gym. Until then, my infooo:

Torterra (Eartek) - 38
Adamant @ N/A
192 HP / 252 Atk / 64 Def
-Razor Leaf

Kricketune (Nocturne) - 38
Hardy @ N/A
252 Atk / 132 Spe / 124 Def
-Focus Energy

Bibarel (Doof) - 38
Naughty @ N/A
252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 HP

Gallade (Gandy) - 36
Brave @ Life Orb (Thug Lifeee)
252 Atk / 200 Def / 56 HP
-Leaf Blade
-Psycho Cut
-Rock Smash
-Swords Dance

Lickilicky (Lan) - 36
Lonely @ N/A
252 HP / 124 Atk / 124 Sp Atk
-Secret Power
-Defense Curl

*PLANNED- Not Done Yet*
Houndooom (Rae) - 1 *FAIL*
Timid @ N/A
40 HP / 252 Sp A / 216 Sp Def
-Flame Thrower
-Dark Pulse
-Nasty Plot

I'll update laterrrrr. EV training is fun. Haha.
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Well-Known Member
Today I caught the swarm Pokémon, a Beldum. That I actually caught one is a surprise to me, stupid thing! I already evolved it into Metagross. I can't seem to settle on which Pokémon to train. I was working with Lickilicky. Now I have moved on to a Vulpix that I Pal Parked over. Yes, I Pal Parked it. It's higher leveled than the dongle method Vulpixes.


I plead the 5th!!
Well.... Moved all the pokemon I haven't seen in platinum into 2 boxes, and i'm catching bidoof and starly in my platinum right now. Once those are traded, I will have seen 470 and owned 350. This morning I found my second shiny in platinum. 2 shinies in 2 days, I was flipping out. Too bad the shiny golem used explosion though. I'm still pretty torn up about that.


Belgian Waffles!!!
I finally got hold of another ds and traded most of my ev trained pokemon and dittos to my platinum. I devised a new strategy and got a symbol in the Battle Tower.


Back in the OLDEN days...
Pikalax took on the Battle Hall challenge with his Latios and won fifty straight matches and a nice Silver Medal. It wasn't easy to defeat the Brain, as he used a Bronzong against Pikalax's Latios.

Next, Pikalax set his sights on buying property in the Resort Area, but these four guys kept telling him to go to the Battle Frontier. The nerve of them!

It turns out that to get past them, Pikalax needed to have seen ten more Pokemon species outside the Frontier. Eventually, it all came down to Hippopotas. Now, Pikalax had never been inside Iron Island and therefore had never seen a Hippopotas.

After clearing Iron Island, Pikalax returned to Sandgem to greet Prof. Rowan. Obstacle cleared: NATIONAL MODE!


Like Wailords.
So I started to play Platinum yesterday and today I challenged Roark. The battle was easy, my Monferno defeated all his pokémon with Mach Punch and Ember. The Coal Badge were mine, yay.
Then I caugth one random Geodude and traded that for female Eevee from my Diamond. I'll evolve her into Leafeon as soon as I arrive to Eterna Forest. I love Leafon's back sprite...

I headed to the Floaroma Town and there I beat Team Galactic. I continued to Eterna Forest and there I teamed up with Cheryl. We won a couple double battles and my Eevee evolved into Leafeon.

• Monferno 17 lvl - Chimmey ♂
• Leafeon 16 lvl - Sunny ♀
- I'll get these...
• Gligar/Gliscor ♂
• Magmortar ♂ - which will replace Monferno/Infernape.
• Togekiss ♀
• Yanmega ♀
• And lovely Mamoswine ♂


My initial run-through of the game, which I completed last week, was done with only an ev-trained modest Empoleon. I cleared the Champion when Empoleon was at lv.84, then I proceeded to complete the sinnoh dex and catch several of the newly available legendaries. After that, I explored the battle frontier island, and began to chain Togepi to find one that would make a successful Togekiss (I have a special sweeper Togekiss on my team in Diamond and Pearl; it's my signature pokémon). The chain finally failed at 29, and I went back to the pc to find the best of the crop. The best I found was a Rash, serene grace togepi with these IVs: 13/28/31/28/1/22. I was very satisfied with this result, and I ev-trained Togepi in Special Attack and Speed. Once Togepi finally evolved, I used the shiny stone to get Togekiss and completed the final moveset of my signature Togekiss. So far, I only have ev-trained 2 team members in Platinum, but I may end up not training a full team of 6, and just using some of my fully ev-trained team members from D&P. Here is my current team:

Togekiss (no item) LV.76
Serene Grace, Rash Nature
6 HP/252 Sp. Atk/ 252 Spd
Air Slash
Aura Sphere
Shadow Ball

Empoleon (no item) LV.98
Modest Nature
6 HP/ 252 Sp. Atk/ 252 Spd
Flash Cannon
Grass Knot
Hydro Pump
Brine (probably changing this move soon)


dancing queen
I'm training for the Pastoria Gym. I arrived via the, well, east route from Hearthome City and I plan to take the west one to train. My Pokémon are in the high twenties to the low thirties, and I plan to make them in the high thirties, so I'll have no problem with Crasher Wake. n_n

And, yeah, all of my Pokémon are traded over from Diamond. /loser


Level 29.
Mega Drain
Stun Spore


Level 33.
Milk Drink
Zen Headbutt
Body Slam


Level 30.
Magical Leaf
Petal Dance
Leech Seed
Sunny Day


Level 27.
Stun Spore
Magical Leaf
Giga Drain
Leech Seed


Level 30.
Bubble Beam
Ice Beam


Level 35.
Night Slash


The one and only.

I left off in Snowpoint City. I met with Maylene again in the Center warming up from the freezing trip she had.

I then looked around the City to find anything. I found 1 Rare Candy and a Move Tutor person which didn't have anything good.

Then I headed to the Gym which still looked the same as the other versions. I battled all the trainers there. The part what I hate about the Gym was when I left the Gym, I had to knock out the Snowballs again when I re-entered.

So I got to the Gym and it was a decent fight.

Again I forgot to record my Battle....

7th Badge won.

I then heading back to Acuity to help my Rival out. I got there, and turned out my Rival lost to Jupiter(ofcourse). Then he went out feeling all bummed out and saying he will be more stronger the next time I see him (We'll see about that).

So I'm about to head into the Galactic HQ but first I was going to rearrange my team again. I'm boxing in my strongest for my weak ones. This is where I left off.

Current Team Status:

(-,Shiny) Rotom - Lv.34
(F,Shiny) Manectric - Lv.41
(M,Shiny) Leafeon - Lv.41
(M,Shiny) Pupitar - Lv.41
(M) Torterra - Lv.42
(-) Manaphy - Lv.40

In Box:

(M,Shiny) Altaria - Lv.43
(F,Shiny) Ninetales - Lv.43
(M,Shiny) Milotic - Lv.45
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Well-Known Member
You can't record Gym Leader battles, by the way.

Frontier battles & player-player battles only.


um, and stuff
Beat Maylene with 3 hits.
Shadow Sneak (Duskull) OHKO'd Meditite
Psychic (Espeon) OHKO'd Machoke
Flame Wheel (Monferno) OHKO'd Lucario

GG, yeah right.

Now I'm just training to the levels mentioned in my sig, then I'll be taking on gym number 5.
Well, after picking over fifty EV reducing berries, I reduced my Giratina's EV's to 0 so I can train him right. I also swept all the trainers in the Battlezone, and used the money to buy the Piano for my Villa... Cynthia walked through the door at that moment and freaked me out a bit... Now I'm finishing up the EV training on my Adamant Giratina.


Well-Known Member
I had a decent day catching Water-types that I didn't have. Most of them were high leveled, too. Like 47~54. I caught two Poliwhirls. I got one of them to evolve into Politoed thanks to Eteboth! I dig that it learns Hyper Voice now!! I caught a Sealeo, a Crawdaunt, a Wailord, a Qwilfish and a Golduck. Still going after a Whiscash and a Dewgong (that is if they still hang about in the wild). I took on Roark at the Battleground and barely won. I did it all to give some levels to my Vulpix. She had the Exp.Share. I just finished evolving Sealeo into Walrein. I had forgotten how much I adored Walrein... That reminds me that I want to find a Lapras, as well.

Banana Bloodplanet

Well-Known Member
I've beaten Team Galactic at Stark Mountain and caught Dialga and Palkia.

I caught a shiny Tentacool at Route 220. I also encountered a shiny Venomoth earlier today. Too bad it was on a Trainer's team...

I'm now doing everything I need in LeafGreen, Emerald and XD so that I can transfer the Pokemon I plan on using in the Battle Frontier.
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Wigglytuff FTW!

Oh hi thar
If you see in my siggy, I got shiny Giratina, which only took 168 tries, no joke, and speakin' o' which, a shiny Abomasnow.
I got the National dex (finally), it took me forever just to see a darnded Sudowoodo, promptly went to the Battle Hall, entered my Infernape (putting an end to this run-on sentence). Promptly lost to the Brain, good ol' Argenta... whom had a Suicune... I got the Silver Symbol for the B. Arcade, caught Dialga and Palkia. Went to Turnback Cave to get the Griseous Orb (I want to call it the Platinum orb, but it's not known as that in the English version...) and found out that you can get the item in the room with the portal to the Distortion World (another unpleasent english translation) as many times as you want, you just have to exit and get to the room again. (found that on accident)
Currently trying to catch Heatran.
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