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~Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread~

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Around Eterna City. I would probably be at a m ore advanced place if it wasn't for the fact that I'm addicted to the WiFi Square right now. The mini games are just too fun.

Currently, I have a high leveled Monferno and an Alakzam that my friend traded to me from his Pearl.


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I caught pretty much all the legendaries last night, including Regirock/ice/steel since I managed to trade a Movie Regigigas across to my Platinum. I think I just need to catch the Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple and that is all of the non-event legendaries.

Then I might get started on the Battle Frontier.


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First let me say this game is really hard for someone who doesn't know even a little bit of Japanese :<

So basically I just started my file, and got my starter, a Piplup (female on my first try, I wasn't even trying for it :p). I didn't want to use Piplup, so I made her lose to my rival in order to keep her UT. That battle took forever because stupid Turtwig only uses Withdraw >_>. Then I muddled my way through the other stuff until I got to catch my own Pokemon, and I caught a Shinx named Korie with a Premier Ball. I'm now headed to Jubilife City.


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Currently at Torn World, just before giratina I think. Torn World is confusing/a pain to navigate -_-.

I wonder if anyone have seen/gotten a shiny pokemon o_o its only a few days so far but still, someone couldve.


When you stand behind this board in Pastoria, you'll occassionally see a Croagunk wander across the screen. Neat. Completely pointless, but neat.

It seems like Gamefreak was too lazy to adjust the levels of the trainers & wild Pokemon on the route between Veilstone and Pastoria, because Wake's Floatzel is ten to thirteen levels higher than anything you'll see there. The route east of Pastoria has some stronger trainers on it, but not quite strong enough to let you train up to Wake's level easily. Then again, I haven't even gone through half the journey from Pastoria back to Hearthome, so who knows? All I know is that I need to level up if I'm going to beat Wake's stupid Floatzel.

The great marsh looks a lot better this time around, although the mechanic of getting stuck in the mud still annoys the hell out of me, and half the pokemon are still annoying crap like Bibarel and Wooper.

I've noticed a "score" on the trainer card. I have no idea what it's for, but it goes up by three every time I beat a trainer(and I assume it goes up for other things too). I'm sure if this was anything important we'd have heard more about it already. :p (and yes, I'm playing as Lucas. What can I say, Dawn's new outfit has WAY too much pink for my tastes.)
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There's always been a score since DP...;P

Well, I've just recently beaten the Battle Roulette and Battle Stage in the Battle Frontier. I've found Infernape is a very decent lead in Roulette, and Close Combat/Overheat/Hidden Power Ice/Thunderpunch works wonders in Battle Stage.



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Just started on my Platinum, I've chosen a Turtwig, though I think I prefer a Chimchar.
I shall be updating every week.

I've beaten my rival, who kept on using leer with his lv.5 Chimchar, and following up with Slash.

I would've gotten farther, but I preferred battling the Battle Tower in Diamond with my team. I'd like to import some Pokemon from my Diamond, but probably won't be tempted until late in the game.

PS: Just got the limited edition Pokemon DP DS lite, I love playing Platinum on it! lol


prophecy fulfilled
Got a second DS today due to old one not recognizing carts too well so I traded a few Pokemon i've bred on Pearl over to Platinum so I can get some tutor moves on them (Outrage Bagon/Punches Metagross to name a couple).

Still trying for a good Modest or Timid Zapdos too. Gonna head off to the trainer lounge thing in Survival Area and see what gym leaders are there.


There's always been a score since DP...;P
There certainly is! Shows how much attention I pay to things. :p

Holy crap, a Dawn Stone in one of the mud/water puddles near Pastoria! Now I don't have to wait until I can surf to get Gallade. :) And I found the stone when Kirlia was Lv.30, so it was only one level until Psycho Cut! If that's not great timing, I don't know what is.

The trainers I've been seeing in a few Pokemon centers must be the downgraded versions of the ones Serebii just updated the site with. I'm assuming they don't reach full strength until you beat the E4(or until you get all 8 badges. Not that the difference would matter much.)

Hey, there are Croagunk on the route west of Pastoria now! That's MUCH easier than trying to get one in the Great Marsh. Too bad I've already settled on a team for this runthrough. :p

One of the Pokemaniacs in the route just south of Veilstone had the three Eevee stone evos, and now there's one west of Pastoria that has Espeon and Umbreon. I wonder how long it'll take for me to find one with Glaceon and Leafeon? :O ...oh wait, one of the Rangers to the north of him has a Leafeon. Well, I still have yet to see someone with a Glaceon, anyway.

God, the maid challenge in the mansion is annoying as hell. Seeing as you don't get anything for winning(other than money, but that's easy to get), I don' think I'll bother trying it again. Also, I just realized that even though a maid in the mansion still gives you a soothe bell, you get another one earlier in the game. Can't remember exactly when, though. I don't see why you'd need two soothe bells, but there you have it.


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Just started, going to Oreburgh right now.

Piplup Lv.10
Bidoof Lv.3

Haven't decided on my team yet, so I'll do that soon.

shiny meta

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just got the game YAY
choose piplup as starter and am on the way to my first badge
also i LOLed at the fact that numbers are still the same that was funny


Frankly I don't care
Well, I've recently started my Battle Frontier campaign. Running a team of Swampert / Magnezone / Salamence (Abusing DD+Outrage btw), I just obtained the silver medal/symbol.

81-97442-98224 (Wifi Battle Recorder number, if anyone wants to watch it...;))



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I'm training a lucario right now. After that I'm going to Lake Valor for the defend the Azelf thingy. well to battle one of the Galactic bosses. Since everyone revealed their nooby team (of course not as nooby as mine) I'll reveal mine increably nooby team.

Torterra lvl 41
infernape lvl 40
staraptor lvl 39
gabite lvl 40
gyrados lvl 40
lucario lvl 26

BTW can anyone tell me how to use the battle recorder and watch/record? I have a youtube account if u want to sent a vid or else please tell me.


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Just finished with the second gym
Prinplup lv 33
Rotom lv 24
Beedof lv 6 - HM Slave.
Togepi Egg.
Really like the new sprites and the storyline.


Just finished Torn World

My god, there torn world is CON-FU-SING!

Finished with these leveled Pokemon, wow...

Empoleon lvl:50
Metal Claw
Luxray lvl:50
Thunder Fang
Staraptor lvl:50
Close Combat
Brave Bird
Garchomp lvl:50
Fire Fang
Dragon Rush
Dragon Claw
Togekiss Lvl:55(I love him so much :D)
Aura Sphere
Air Slash
Thunder Wave
(Yes, I traded a Pokemon holding those TMs)

Here's a scenario on how I caught Giratina

Empoleon VS. Giratina

Giratina > Shadow Force
Empoleon > Blizzard > Missed
Giratina >Shadow Force > Hit!
Empoleon > Blizzard > Hit!
Giratina > Ominous Wind > Missed!
Empoleon > Metal Claw > Hit!
Threw a Timer Ball(Timer Balls are win!)
It was caught lol, haha...just one Ball and that's it, and that my ONLY Timer Ball I had with me at the time, haha!

Seriously, the torn world is confusing, just stepping on the triggers is what I do...good luck guys!

Scyther > East of Celestic Town
Magmar > Fuego Ironworks
Electabuzz > West of Sunyshore City

Off to challenge Volkner!


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Decided to have a little go at the Battle Frontier. I went in the castle and I was like, "Oh crap. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING!?" Wow, I'm learning Japanese yet I fail to understand ANYTHING at the moment. D: 'Cept names, I guess.
Beat through it pretty easy for the first few battles. My Froslass kicked everyone's butt, until she started running out of PP, and the idiot person who heals me *with the cost of points* wouldn't recover it!!! D8<< My Moltres kinda failed in it, I was rather shocked...

Went to my first contest after that. I found out that my Palkia was good for Smart contests... Odd... I tend to put them in Cool or Beauty contests. >D I was really disappointed to see that the sprites in the contest were just Diamond and Pearl ones, but it might just be the version I'm playing...


The Hidden Creation
Well just training my rotom to lvl 40 before challenging Wake.
Just found out about the maid battles, used them to get him to lvl 39.


I started out with Turtwig as I love grass type starters. I also caught a starly and a shinx. I trained my turtwig to level 15 and my shinx and staravia to level 14. Naturally, my Starly evolved into Staravia. I took on Roark with these 3 pokemon and it was SO easy! Plus, my Turtwig's Razor leaf is love! <3


Teh Spriteh Dude
After about 5 tries I was able to get the silver medal for Battle Stage x_x I kept seeing Medichamsand other fighting type x_x. Right now I am at 100 streak..still need 70..but those last one are the types my Tar is weak to, which also is the ones that receives def. bonus from sandstorm... IT IS REALLY HARD TO USE 1 POKEMON FOR THE WHOLE THING -__-
Ive Started Off Well(I Was Hoping For A New Reigon!) But The Awesomness Of A New Pokemon Covers That-It Has The Feel Of D/P And That Establishes Itself Beacause Its An Extension-Tell Serebii A Lot Of People Probably Chech This Website For Info. About All The Gym/Battle Frontier Info.(If They Get There Yet!)
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