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Official PMD1 Moveset Discussion Thread.

what are the main pokemon's movesets that you use?

mine are

;026; : thunder shock, quick attack, thunder bolt, and thunder
;009; : bite, surf, ice beam, hydro pump
;157; : ember, quick attack, flame wheel, flame thrower

lol my noob move sets


Breloom@Tight Belt
-Giga Drain
-Bullet Seed

Spore for obvious reasons. Putting a whole room of enemies to sleep is worth it. Giga Drain for a form of recovery. Bullet Seed for range and the only means of getting more than one enemy defeated. Dynamicpunch is there for filler; I know the extra confusion effect is useful but everything is always an OHKO. ;o;

Mantine@Tight Belt
-Confuse Ray
-Wing Attack

This moveset sucks. Mantine's movepool sucks. I just like its stats. It can get rescue missions done with a massive HP and large base stats. I plan to see what Mantine can learn and probably change the moveset a little but it'll still suck. ;o;

I only take one Pokemon for rescues. ;]

-I replaced Breloom's Dynamicpunch for Wide Slash. Yay for extra tile coverage.
-I replaced Mantine's Surf with Wide Slash. Same reason. Hits three squares.
-I replaced Mantine's Bubblebeam with Water Pulse because... it looks cooler? Same purpose though. Range. ;o;
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Burn, baby, burn.
Moi Main Blastoise, Sai:

Bubble + 7
Hydro Pump
Rapid Spin

The Bestest Shuppet Ever (aka Noah):

Knock Off
Night Shade

..I love my Noah. But his moveset leaves much to be desired.


Trust..Bond of heart


-Ice Beam
-Water Gun

My main dungeon pokemon for defeating all types. Earthquake for one-room or for houses. Ice Beam for long distance and freezing opponents. Water Gun for close range. I forgot the last one.


-Metal Claw
-Slash (or was it Scratch? I forgot too)

Partner/support pokemon for covering Swampert's grass weakness. Flamethrower for long distance, Smokescreen for support (its effect is cool) Metal Claw and Slash for close range.
Delcatty @Stamina Band (need a better item)
Shadow Ball

Sing for legendaries. Shadow ball because I needed a long range attack. Covet and Doubleslap for normal attack. I run out of PP too easily though. is there an item that increases PP?

Swampert @Nothing
Muddy Water
Ice Beam

Dive for Stormy Sea and silver trench. Ice beam for long range and dragons. Muddy Water and Surf because they're good attacks.
Swampert @ Tight Belt

Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Surf for strong wild Pokemon, Hydro Pump for legendaries, Earthquake for monster houses, and Ice Beam because it's super-effective on many types and for long-range attack.

Fire Suicune

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Swampert @ Friend Bow (lv 100)

Ice Beam
I forget...Hidden Power me thinks

Charizard @ X-ray Specs (lv 73)

Metal Claw
Brick Break

I use whatever moves I feel like.

-F.S. out


Mudkip @ X-Ray Specs

-Water Gun
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam

Ice beam and Hydro pump for range.Water Gun for corners.Tackle basic attack.But i normally use A.

Flygon @ Oran Berry

-Faint Attack

Flamethrower is distance attack.Dig is for Rock types.
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Charizard @ nothing
Heat wave

Heat Wave for monster houses, flamethrower as an attack and long distance, slash is a basic attack, smokescreen will be changed for fly.

Ivysaur @ nothing (or possibly Iron thorn 1 lol)
Bullet Seed
Sleep Powder

Bullet seed is awesome, Solarbeam will be changed to Wide slash, Sleep Powder and ledgendaries and tackle for filler.


Well, I just got a Delcatty and Zangoose so I'm posting their movesets! ;D


Considering a ranged move here because Attract > Sing.

-Quick Attack
-Giga Drain
-Crush Claw

Considering a ranged move here as well but Quick Attack is okay.


Spirit of a Wolf
Team Mjolnir:

Keiche(Jolteon) @ X-ray Specs
-Tackle +3
-Baton Pass
-Shock Wave

Tackle for PP, Baton Pass to switch her position and her foe's, Shock Wave for range, and Thunderbolt to strike anyone around her which is awesome for monster houses.

Ydeletry(Charizard) @Power Band
-Metal Claw
-Heat Wave

Basically all of that was for damage uses except for Heat Wave to destroy foes in the same room and Flamethrower for range.

Toshiro(Absol) @ Power Band
-Quick Attack
-Ice Beam
-Perish Song

Quick Attack to hit over escorts in case anyone sneaks up, Bite for the firepower, Ice Beam for range which helps since he's rear guard, and Perish Song because it can hit anyone on the same floor.

Lucario Hero

Defying Gravity
Blastoise: Hydro Pump, Protect, Water Gun, Surf
Venusaur: Sleep Powder, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam
Charizard: Heat Wave, Metal Claw, Flamethrower, Slash

Blastoise is my my main and strongest, and he is the average powerhouse that uses Protect in monster houses. Venusaur, my partner, is the long-range expert with Razor Leaf, but can hold his own in Monster Houses with Sleep Powder/Vine Whip. Charizard is slightly weaker, but very effective in Monster Houses because of Heat Wave.
Pay Day

Muddy Water
Ice Beam

My pokemon are at high enough levels that I don't need to worry about power as much. I focus moreso on having high PP moves so I don't have to bring as many Max Elixirs.


Piplup Master
Charizard: Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fly.