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~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]


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A poster for the English version of the 13th Movie: (Credit goes to PokeBeach for the image)

Cool. Zoroark keeps its Japanese name. I wonder if Zorua will its JP name too.
So far, three Generation 5 Pokemon have been revealed in English. I can't wait to see the movie.


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Can they extend that statute to people who asked when CoroCoro leaks were coming?
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gone gently


Arrest made over CoroCoro leak

Boy, there are really sensitive about early reveals.
Gee, they're getting strict aren't they. First we had that C&D and now there's even been an arrest of a person who leaked some of the Coro Coro images. That's kind of scary; I just didn't think that Nintendo would actually take such drastic action like that. Well I hope that the other people responsible for the leaks don't get caught. They provided a great service to us and I'd hate for them to get in trouble.
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WOW. But... this happens every generation! why the big deal now?

Nintendo/Game Freak/whoever are really being d*cks about this. If it could actually hurt their sales, I could understand, but this is just showing how they love to screw over their most loyal fans.


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I think the arrest and the C&D were totally overboard.

It's not like these games aren't going to sell + 1 million copies like they've consistently been doing for the last 14 years because of leaks.

These aren't crappy Music Albums we're talking about here.


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But... this happens every generation! why the big deal now?
That something has gone on for years does not for a second mean that it was ever "okay".

Nintendo/Game Freak/whoever are really being d*cks about this.
Please. The C&D over material that was already public in Japan is a different matter entirely, so put that aside: in this case, they are arresting someone who went public with material that was legitimately not available to the public anywhere. They are well within their rights in doing so.

If it could actually hurt their sales, I could understand
Then you've not given this any thought beyond indignant fan rage. You don't see how a magazine's sales could be hurt by scans of the pages therein - pages revealing exclusive new material from a hugely popular franchise, no less - being posted online, for free, before the street date of the magazine?

but this is just showing how they love to screw over their most loyal fans.
Yes, that's exactly what they're doing. No other possible reason behind it all than that.

Or you're just spouting enraged hyperbole and haven't given the matter any critical thought. Either way.


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For those whom it may interest, the hosts of Pokemon Smash drew pictures of their favorite Pokemon, and are holding a poll to determine which of them will be made into a new C-Gear skin.

Doesn't require any sort of registration. Just have to click the button below the artwork you'd want to be made into a skin. The Choroneko is my personal favorite.

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Can they extend that statute to people who asked when CoroCoro leaks were coming?
I certainly hope not. Otherwise over 90% of the world's population of Pokémon fans would be behind bars, myself included.

I personally don't like the fact that they arrested the guy who leaked the starter evolutions. Don't get me wrong, I know he broke the law and all that, but it's mainly my constant hunger for new Pokemon information that makes me feel as if this was unfair.

The C&D that they hit Serebii and Pokebeach with, on the other hand, now that was just plain stupid. As if images on fansites were going to reduce sales of the games. If anything, said images will only serve to increase sales, meaning that Nintendo was basically screwing their free advertising. Real smooth.

On a more positive note, I can't wait for Monday! Woah, when have I ever said that before? Wow.


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U.S names for the starters shall be revealed on Monday. http://www.pokemon.com/us/
Wow, that's much earlier than I expected, which was at least 2011. We'll probably get Ram and Rom in a months time and then regular pokemon post-christmas.
I can't wait till Monday either, it's a weird feeling.
I hope Ninty go crazy and not call Tsutarja Sumgleaf. So many ZOMGZ will be posted there will be a ten-fold increase in the demand for new keyboards.
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Well, the rules for next year's World VGC have been revealed. Most notable of these rules is that you must only use Gen 5 Pokemon!

However, they have yet to reveal which countries will be allowed to participate, and probably won't until April.


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Dunno if anyone heard or saw or whatever, but thought I'd say it anyways.
In continuation with Friday's newest information that Pokemon.com was going to reveal the names of the starters of the 5th generation, they have now been revealed. (i apologize in advance if you guys no this and/or if this is in the wrong place)

The Grass-Type starter is now Snivy. (snake and ivy)
The Fire-Type Starter is now Tepig.
The Water-Type Starter is now Oshawott (I have no freaking idea what that is, except that it had "otter" in it)
Also, Isshu is no longer that, but Unova. And Reshiram and Zekrom got new classifications for the Pokedex, I think.

(sorry if this just a repeat of stuff, just putting down what i heard.) --SL5712