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~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]


Eh, ragazzo!
And top ****ing kek - literally Donald Trump mon.
Donald Trump isn't "patient" though, and Gumshoos's fingers are likely to big.

Plus, we are talking about a thorough planner, which Trump isn't.


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I never saw definitive evidence that there wouldn't be Mega Evolutions.

Yeah, there isn't proof in what you are saying.

I think Exeggcutor is the only one that would be an Alola Evolution, since they never show an altered Exeggcute (as opposed to the icy Vulpix and Sandshrew formes).

"What fans want". There is no consistency with those words.

It is pretty I must say.

We should contact Game Freak with all the assumptions we made for them.

Once again, nothing has been established for this.

[???] ????? [/???]

Assumptions? https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2olmtb/interview_with_masuda_on_oras_and_why_there_is_no/ http://www.gamespot.com/forums/nint...-excluded-bc-today-s-players-arent--31704440/
yes, battle frontier being excluded from the game because player's don't like postgame content is my assumption.
They won't announce a new feature like Alola evolution and give it to only one pokemon.
Exeggcutor does look like he has a dick in a jap trailer.


Aggron Extraordinair
Change is coming to the series thats for sure.


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Well, Alola's trainer design only has 1 bracelet on his/her hand and since this bracelet is used for Z-Moves, then i suppose this generation might not have Mega Evolutions.

It wouldn't too far fetched considering they already hinted at the fact there's a universe with mega evolutions and a universe without mega evolutions because AZ's weapon wasn't fired.

I'm not against it, to be honest. It would certainly shake things up a little bit, not having M.E but having Z-Moves instead. If we had both, then it would be a festival of OP features. But i do understand why some people are against it though. Some of my favorite designs are Mega Evolutions.
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I don't know how to feel, its all too much.

But seriously though I love that they are changing things up after 20 years of releasing basically the same game with minor advancements to graphics and mechanics. I mean I know th reason they got away with doing that is because the format works, and people by and large don't like change.

But I feel pretty invigorated by all the changes, Pokemon as a franchise has always been pretty predictable, sure you get the odd left hook like Fairy types and megas but on the whole you know what you're getting with a Pokemon game. Until now that is, and now its like we're all flying blind. Like Alola forms alone are pretty next level, but add the fact there seem to be no gyms and the whole structure of the adventure will be new and fresh on top of that and its like we're playing a spin off.

I don't mean that in a bad way, you can colour me optimistically excited, but I totally get why some people might be apprehensive about fixing something that didn't seem to be broke.


Lost in the Waves
The idea that Mega Evolution is being removed is incredibly ludicrous. It was hyped up a lot, it's popular, and it brought a significant change to battling that you don't just remove.

The worst thing I see happening is GF not releasing any new Megas this Gen and restrict access to it so it's postgame only.
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Eh, ragazzo!
The idea that Mega Evolution is being removed is incredibly ludicrous. It was hyped up a lot, it's popular, and it brought a significant change to battling that you don't just remove.
Yeah, it's like people can only wear one bracelet, or said bracelet can only be equipped with one item. :/

The idea of trial champions and kahunas for each island almost represents 8 gym leaders in and of itself.
Guessing the August news is gonna talk about what CoroCoro is showing. Anyways...

Where is this from? O_O

The Japanese trailer I believe. Hmm...

Just dropped into translate. Interesting...

Those that are attached to the hero of the bag in this video, is bestowed only to the participants of the island hopping "testimony of Shimameguri". In Pokemon Center limited, goods plan is also in progress! # Pokemon _ Sun Moon

Seems to be an item which confirmed your participation in the Island Challenge?
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Holy hell that was a lot to take in.

- Alola forms look great, big fan of finally revisiting the eggexcute line, always loved that line.

- No gyms? The kids + the Kahunas = 8 trials = 8 gyms.

- New pokemon are uber weird, but really cool too,

- I wonder if the ride pokeon are forced upon you like Lucario in XY; not that I mind, I love all the rideable species.

- Also reposting this, since the coincidence is way too big:

WELP this means a big increase of the chances that he wins the Kalos League, now that we know he won't gather badges (possibly ever) again!

Also there is this:


Leaks confirmed? What can we deduct about Ash's future with them? I think he goes with Litten.

Means Final starters confirmed?

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Dude. Igloo Sandshrew stole my heart.

And Ice/Fairy Ninetales?? This is too much ;_;

The neatest thing about this is that it'll make catching older Pokemon a-lot more interesting.
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Yikes. Looks like having a new director really paid off, eh? I love the idea of Alolan forms for old Pokemon (although I hope to God it's not just Kanto Pokemon). It has a cool reason for existing and ties in with Pokemon's interest in evolution by giving a distinctly Darwinian feeling to these forms (i.e. Pokemon adapting to their location), something that can also be found in the new Oricorio. Vulpix and Sandshrew look adorable as ice types, and Ninetales and Sandslash also look great. Exeggutor is hellish, but that doesn't stop me from being a fan of the design. As for the brand new Pokemon, a certain scruffy detective will certainly be happy to get a Pokemon named after him, although it does look more like a certain idiotic Presidential candidate. Formantis, Lurantis and Minior are more brilliantly designed Pokemon, and while I don't like Mudbray I can see the appeal. All in all the new Pokemon are conforming to the idea that the Gen VII designs are a real step up from previous generations. (To say nothing of the leaked starter evolutions, which while controversial, to me look fantastic).

My bigger problem comes in the gameplay changes. Getting rid of HM moves is a great idea, but getting rid of Gym Leaders may be more problematic. Do I really want to be doing fetch quests for these kids - seems a bit Yokai Watch to me, and not in a good way. The Totem Pokemon and Kahuna's are fine, but the Trial leaders are worrying to me. Z-Moves I don't know enough about, but also seem unnecessary - what about Megas? Have we forgotten those so easily? And if so, will Z-Moves go the same way? But all these are minor quibbles; Sun and Moon look great so far, and if the Chinese leak is indeed true, then they may be looking even better...


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- I wonder if the ride pokeon are forced upon you like Lucario in XY; not that I mind, I love all the rideable species.

On the official site it says that ride Pokemon don't join your team but you have access to them everywhere. So I guess maybe it'll work like soaring in ORAS and you just use an item to summon them when you need them.

These Pokémon don’t join your team, but you can call on them anytime to receive their help. This practice is typical of the way of life in Alola, where humans and Pokémon are so closely bound together.



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Yeah, it's like people can only wear one bracelet, or said bracelet can only be equipped with one item. :/

They can, it's just that the trainer's design doesn't show any other bracelet and the one it has doesn't show a keystone or anything like that. It might just be that they didn't feel like drawing the mega bracelet though.

IMO, this game not having mega evolutions isn't the most likely scenario, but i wouldn't rule out as "incredibly ludicrous", specially considering now that they removed the gyms and introduced another type of challenge and that they already hinted the Pokémon's multiverse is divided by AZ firing the weapon and creating mega evolutions and AZ not firing the weapon thus there is no mega evolutions in those worlds.

However, i think it will probably have MEs, but only after the main quest is finished.

Do I really want to be doing fetch quests for these kids - seems a bit Yokai Watch to me, and not in a good way.

That is the first thought that crossed my mind. It seems like they really got inspired by Yokai Watch, looking at how now we have "Soultimate moves", a pokedex that is basically Whisper and how they are using more the QR code feature just like Yokai watch.

I do not think that is a bad thing if done right. I actually love Yokai Watch. However, i'm afraid the Z-moves aren't going to work as fine as the Soultimate moves, because it seems like it isn't something special for each species, it's just divided by types, which has the potential to be something incredibly unbalanced.. And it seems like you don't have to use the stylus before using the Z-move and that's one of the main reasons why i found the soultimates fun.
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