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If they have removed the gyms, I wonder how it will effect the anime. I never watched the Battle Frontier series was it any good?

And I'm personally starting to think there might be something to the theory they've removed Mega's. Mechanics wise Z moves sounds like a replacement to me, like instead of permanently evolving to a higher and more powerful form for the whole battle you get a one off super move of any type (dependent on your Pokemons moveset) which seems more balanced to me. I dunno if they means they remove megas completely though, maybe like people have said they'll just not add more and save it for postgame.
COnfirmed months ago.

Huh, I must have missed it. Oh well.

The official Pokémon site only made mention of it today, and Serebii's character section makes no mention of it. I know we've assumed it for a while, but...was it during a trailer? I honestly can't remember.


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I love Lurantis but it's typing is bizarre. Is it a plant that then looks like a bug? Rather than a Bug that looks like a plant? Why not both? *sigh* another Leaf Guarder:( until Sunlight acrually provides Grass with a resistance to Fire how can it expected to be a viable strategy for Grass types?

And what looks like a Physical Solarbeam? Presumably another a charge move in Sun? What is it with Gamefreak and thinking charge Moves are a good idea?????


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Is there any proof that the gym challenge has been removed? I'm not seeing anything quite like that.

Well, it seems like your main goal already consists of a bunch of tasks, such as completing the captain's quest, battling the totem and then battling the Kahuna, so it doesn't like seem there'd be much space for also defeating gym leaders. Besides, it would be weirds having both the tests and the gyms, it would seem like two completely different stories happening at the same time and that'd be kind of confusing.

Anyway, it's not that different tbh.
Instead of battling 8 gym leaders, you will have to battle 4 totems and 4 kahunas.
Instead of going through the gym's puzzles, you'll have to complete some sort of quest given by the captain.
So it's basically the same, just a bit different. Maybe you'll also have to battle the captain though, but that's not confirmed. From what the official website says, it seems like only a few of them you'll have to battle in their trials:
To complete the island challenge, young trial-goers must overcome the trials in store on each of the four islands. These trials are not limited to battling with Pokémon.
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Where is it confirmed that we receive a badge? That item there just confirms that we're taking part in the Rite of the Island Challenge.

Perhaps a token of some sort. Perhaps even privileges.

I really like the change. It's refreshing and makes it more of a challenge/adventure. Love the regional variants of Kanto Pokemon. Can't wait for the next news dump later this month.


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Yeah, I'm not yet ready to believe that it's the end of gyms yet given the responses to my inquiry.

What are you expecting though? For the game to have not only 4 captains, 4 kahunas, 4 totem pokemons and 8 tests, but also 8 gyms with 8 leaders and 1 league with 4 members of the Elite 4 and 1 champion?
All of that in just 4 islands? Isn't that a bit too much?

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OK, new formes of classic Pokemon. Bit of a stretch, but understandable. Alolan Exeggutor looks more like a Mega Exeggutor to me. Changing the Vulpix and Sandshrew evolutionary family types to Ice-type seems like a game-changer. I wonder if you still need a Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix into Ninetails. The Island challenge looks like a new take on gym battles to me. The Z-moves look like a last resort in battle. Plus, since it's Z, I wonder if Zygarde's playing an important role.


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Alola Exeggutor seems to have brought the "Pokemon have officially run out of ideas" brigade out in full force. Again.
I have to say, it really feels like they've been struggling for new ideas for designs with Pokemon ever since they've just started revamping old Pokemon with mega evolutions, and now there's new forms of older Pokemon. I do actually quite like the new designs so far though, and I kinda expected something like this to be introduced for years ever since they made gender differences between some Pokemon in the 4th gen.

This begs the question though, are ALL Pokemon that have a different form in the Alola region, going to be that form? For example, are regular Vulpix going to exist alongside the new form? If I were to transfer a Sandslash from an older game into this one, will it suddenly change into an ice/steel type? I certainly hope that isn't the case, and I see no reason why the forms can't co-exist alongside each other in a single game, but it's gotten me wondering nonetheless, and I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere online yet.