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~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]


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Half of me wants it to be R/S remakes while the other half wants Gen 6 and a very very very small part of me wants it to be something not worth our attention.1 more hour left!(If we are lucky).


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We have an official time!

UK Nintendo Direct 11am


How many hour does anybody know?


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"Welcome to Pokémon Direct
Pokémon Direct is coming soon! Make sure you tune in for this short Pokémon presentation by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Check back here on Tuesday January 8th at 11 a.m. (UK time) to watch the broadcast live!"

While it's not certain this is the time (as it could be announced before this) this could be the time. But Nintendo President making the announcement?! This sounds soo much bigger than a new generation honestly...


Hopeful for Gen 8
Great you people get a direct. What about NA?! I want Reggie dang nabbit!


danger chili pepper
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It's gonna suck if they reveal something and it's not the titles of the next games. How will we speculate? We won't have a game section for speculation (unless you name it "Next Game Discussion) and all of the power hungry mods will ban everyone for "speculating".

We will open a dedicated sub-forum for whatever that game will be. Since it is speculation period, it will be in heavy and strict moderation as always.


Kind of a big deal
Just in case no one saw, Nintendo posted this on their facebook page a few minutes ago:

"Join Nintendo fans around the world tomorrow for the first Nintendo Direct of 2013 at 6 AM EST! Mr. Iwata will be sharing a short message with news about Pokémon to viewers around the globe."

So, announcement is at 6AM EST tomorrow, and Iwata is going to be talking about it? Wonder what exactly that could spell for the series?


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Great you people get a direct. What about NA?! I want Reggie dang nabbit!

Nintendo's official site broadcasts all countries' Nintendo Direct broadcasts, regardless of where you're from.


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Ask yourselves, would they really make this big of a deal out of the old games coming to the eShop? I'm not saying it won't happen, but I really don't think it'd be the main focus of the announcement. It might be part of the announcement, GameFreak could be previewing where the Pokemon franchise is headed in 2013, but I don't think they'd hype that up as much as they are.

There's pretty much only one thing that would be hyped up this much: a new generation. Given the information we know, it just makes sense. Mystery merchandise, being told the Pokemon world will "evolve" in 2013.


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I swear I was creeped out by this but once I read the Pokemon Direct announcement, The Final Countdown began playing on Pandora on my Iphone LMAO


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isn't it jan 7th in us ? why hasn't the us poke site updated ? it still says 2 days. i smell something fishy >= )

Edit - A direct by iwata ! OOO this is BIG. its bigger than gen 6 imo
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Guys, this is gen 6. Backing by both Nintendo and Gamefreak.


~Yaoi FanBoy~
Oh god I hate time differances... sorry to ask, but how many hours would that be until it starts? ^^"


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I couldn't be more excited. Just wondering what was the last "important" announcement by GF? That could give us some clues.


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It's around 21 hours from now^^.

Can't beleive it's going to be while I'm at school. Have to try and get it on my Phone! Sadly I will miss the first rush of speculation with everyone! Whatever it is!


~Yaoi FanBoy~
That confuses me even more, but, thank you~

21 hours?! Dammit, not until tomorrow. :( Oh well.

EDIT: and the Direct will only be 10 minutes long? Why? D:


Master of Puppets
Good thing it's during lunch break for me. I'm going to be sitting in my own little world all excited and people will have no idea what's going on with me.