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~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]


I'll be in work, but I'll be sure to keep checking on my phone


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Pokemon Direct. Not Nintendo Direct.

Obviously it will be just exclusive Pokemon info. Awesome.


Well-Known Member
10 minutes long and it's at 5AM for me. I'll just set the alarm on my iPad and use that so I won't have to get out of bed for this.


Scarlett starlett
I thought as such that it'd be broadcast worldwide at the same time. I won't be finding out until later in the day, you guys can go mental for me instead.


Hopeful for Gen 8
I''l take 10 min direct over Smash doing it. Smash usually does a 2 minute hype build and reveals the logos for 20 seconds. I doubt Iwata will show us a 20 second shot of the logos and make us stare at him looking at bananas for the rest of the ND. Considering how much of deal N is making this out to be compared to previews games of Pokemon I expect maybe short gameplay which alone will answer many questions


Hopeful for Gen 8
I'm terrified about what will happen. So much exposure. Hopefully no let down


swift and lol
That confuses me even more, but, thank you~

21 hours?! Dammit, not until tomorrow. :( Oh well.

EDIT: and the Direct will only be 10 minutes long? Why? D:

Most were just expecting a picture. Be glad this is going to be as big as it already is.


Rotom Trainer
Well guys, we can now officially shut up about predicting when it will be shown. It will be tomorrow, 5 am PST. Oy that's as early as I woke up this morning. They set this up pretty well.


What time for Ireland and UK, gmt0