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~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]


~Ðiva and Lucariϕ~
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If they can fit four regions in one game, they should be making a region that's that big. Or at least almost as big.


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We have 600 Pokemon. I wouldn't be that disappointed if there were only 20 more.

I love the idea of it being a love letter, but it sounds like something they would do for an anniversary.

I do want a game with a new region. What with the Regis and such available in B2/W2 and the events going on in Japan, I think remakes of R/S are least likely (even though I want them too)

Pokemon fans are so greedy! I don't know how Game freak put up with us! :D


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I call, Pokemon: Grey.


That rumor is pretty dang lame, at this point I dont want to speculate on the big announcement but whatever it is i'm sure i'll be satisfied with it.


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Yeah, only 20 new Pokemon when they've said before they have thousands designed. MAKES SENSE (if you don't think about it, that is). I swear some rumors are just idiotic and show little care and thought process. :/


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[ACE] Zero;15552204 said:
Coming from the person who doesn't even know who Masuda is..

I doubt most people who play Pokemon know who he is.


Glad that's a fake rumors, would be horrifyingly bad


[ACE] Zero;15552204 said:
Coming from the person who doesn't even know who Masuda is..

If the person knew who Masuda is, he'll be more ready for more unexpected things. Masuda is willing to change in the series and now that he is the mastermind of alot of things, it has become easier for him.