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Official Pokémon VGC Discussion Thread: Check OP For News And Updates

Discussion in 'Nintendo Formats' started by jstinftw!, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hontoni

    Official Pokémon VGC Discussion Thread: Check OP For News And Updates



    Welcome to the VGC Discussion thread! This thread was created in order give us VGC players a separate, more organized place to discuss our significantly different metagame. Feel free to discuss ideas, metagame shifts, team builds, team help and anything pertaining to the VGC! This thread will also include the latest news on the VGC, so that everything you need for VGC will be streamlined. :)

    What is VGC?​

    VGC is an acronym for Video Game Championships. The VGC is an official annual tournament season held by Pokemon Company International, and, by association, Nintendo. Trainers leave the comforts of their home to get together and battle. Prizes are given out to the winners of each tournament as well.

    The World Championships take place every year, for about 6 years now. They are annual, and are actually always announced on the official Pokemon site.*

    There are three types of tournaments; Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds. Regionals have recently gone for 2 tournaments; both taking place in specific regions of the United States (or whatever country you live in). Again, this can be found on the official site. Participating in this is not required, though you get some benefits if you win at Nationals.

    Nationals is a tournament held once, usually in Indiana for the U.S. You do not have to play at Regionals to play here, but you have to do well in this one in order to get to Worlds.

    Worlds is the final tournament. It's like the Superbowl for Pokemon. All the trainers who qualified at Nationals/have an invitation from all around the world gather together in a location announced by Pokemon Company International and battle for the title of World Champion.

    There are three divisions in which players can compete in: Junior, Senior, and Masters. Junior division is for participants born in 2001 or later; Seniors born between 1997 and 2000; and Masters, born 1996 or earlier.

    The Rules

    The format for VGC is Double Battles, Flat Battle rules, level 50 all. The ruleset for this metagame are as follows:
    1. 4v4 Doubles
    2. Species Clause - A player cannot have two of the same Pokemon on a team.
    3. Item Clause - No two Pokemon on the same team can hold the same item.
    4. Self KO Clause - If the player’s final Pokémon used Selfdestruct, Explosion, Destiny Bond, or Final Gambit, and both players’ final Pokémon are knocked out as a result, that player loses that game. If a player’s final Pokémon used Double-Edge, Volt Tackle, Flare Blitz, Take Down, Submission, Brave Bird, Wood Hammer, Head Charge, Head Smash, Struggle, or Wild Charge, or was holding Life Orb, and both players’ final Pokémon are knocked out as a result, that player wins that game.
    5. Pokémon Banlist - A team cannot have any of the following Pokémon: Arceus, Celebi, Darkrai, Deoxys, Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Kyurem, Lugia, Manaphy, Mew, Mewtwo, Palkia, Phione, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Shaymin, Victini, Zekrom, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect.
    6. Move Banlist - No Pokémon on a team may know any of the following moves: Dark Void, Sky Drop.
    7. No Unreleased Items - A player cannot use unreleased items. Currently Soul Dew and Pinch Berries. Example: Salac Berry and Custap Berry.
    8. (Currently) No Pokemon or Moves from Black 2 and White 2 - All Pokemon must be obtained from Black and White downwards; Pokemon requiring Black 2 and White 2 to be made are banned.

    * Sometimes, the rules vary, as in 2010 when Ubers, such as Kyogre, were allowed to be used, and in 2011, when the Pokemon were restricted to Pokemon only found in the Black and White Pokedex, so it is wise to keep informed and updated (ideally, the current rules would be posted here).

    How to Qualify for Worlds​

    1. Players Ranked in the Top 12 in North America based on Championship Points
    2. Players Ranked in the Top 16 in Europe based on Championship Points
    3. Players who have an invitation to the 2013 World Championships by placing 1st or 2nd at the 2012 World Championships
    4. Players who reach the Top 4 of the Last Chance Qualifier held on Friday, August 9th at the 2013 World Championships venue

    Championship Points by Events
    There is no Best Finish Limit so you can participate in as many events as you want for as many Championship Points as you get. Please keep in mind that no Championship Points are awarded for lower placements unless the appropriate participation kicker is reached. For example, you will not receive any Championship Points for 17th unless the event has 128 players.

    Global Battle Union Tournaments
    1st Place - 10 Points
    2-8th Place - 8 Points
    9-16th Place - 4 Points
    17-64th Place - 2 Points
    65-128th Place - 1 Point

    Regional Championships
    1st Place - 120 Points
    2nd Place - 110 Points
    3-4th Place - 90 Points
    5-8th Place - 70 Points
    9-12th Place - 50 Points
    13-16th Place - 40 Points
    17-32th Place - 20 Points
    33-64th Place - 10 Points

    National Championships
    1st Place - 400 Points
    2nd Place - 300 Points
    3-4th Place - 250 Points
    5-8th Place - 110 Points
    9-12th Place - 80 Points
    13-16th Place - 60 Points
    17-32th Place - 40 Points
    33-64th Place - 30 Points
    65-128th Place - 10 Points

    Regional Byes
    Players with at least 4 Championship Points — a Top 16 finish in an official GBU Tournament or any CP finish at a previous Regional Championship — will receive a first round bye at their Regional Championship.

    Recent News​

    Catch your latest news on the VGC here!
    • Abram Burrow's Cloyster will be distributed at Regionals.
      Cloyster @ Choice Scarf
      Trait: Skill Link
      IVs: 31 HP / 31 Atk / 30 Def / 30 SAtk / 31 SDef / 31 Spd
      Naughty Nature (+Atk, – SDef)
      - Icicle Spear
      - Rock Blast
      - Hidden Power [Grass]
      - Razor Shell​
    • Winter Regionals will take place on January 20th!
    • Registration for the Internation Challenge Wi-Fi Tournament will begin on January 17th. The actual tournament will begin on January 25th to 28th.
    • VGC '13 European Events in May and June have been announced

    • The Autumn Friendly is officially over! Rankings to be announced soon.
    • Regarding Black and White and Black 2 and White 2 cartridges for use at Regionals:

      From TPCi:
      “The upcoming Fall Regionals will not allow Black and White 2 moves, move sets or cartridges. However, future Regionals will be Black and White 2 exclusive. Please continue to check www.pokemon.com, for news and announcements.”
    • As for the Wi-Fi Tournaments, as well as Regionals:

      From TCPi:
      “Video Game players can earn byes at Regional Championships by participating in GBU Wi-Fi tournaments. Top-ranked players from regularly scheduled GBU International Wi-Fi tournaments will earn a huge advantage against the other competition at Regional Championships, beginning with the Winter Regional in January. In order to be eligible to earn byes, players must have a fully activated Pokémon Trainer Club account with a Player ID, and have accepted all applicable terms of use. Click here for information on how to upgrade your account.”
    • TPCi has also announced changes to the European circuit.

      From TPCi:
      “The international event schedule also has some changes worth mentioning. To align the international event series with North American events, the schedule will be trimmed slightly, giving players the opportunity to play in three separate events in the Spring.

      “There will be two Preliminary events that will lead to a World Championships Qualifier event. These events will be open to all players in good standing. As with the North American series, there will be incentives offered to top-ranked players in GBU Wi-Fi tournaments across all three age divisions.”

    • The next, VGC Style Wi-Fi tournament called the Autumn Friendly. This tournament will be open to all players with Pokémon Black & White. Registration opens at 00:00 UTC on Thursday September 6th and ends at 23:59 on Thursday September 13th. The tournament itself runs from September 14th through to September 17th. There are 50,000 spots available within this tournament. If you plan on entering, just click here! Let the community know, so we can all talk!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2013
  2. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    Something tells me that Weather teams, except for sun, are going to be so popular at the 2012 VGCs. I've been preparing my team for this exact moment. This is the only time I ever get to go against people in person aside from the occassional random run-in. If you want to see my team, click here -> http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=540622
  3. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    Hey Aroma, Shane, Sena or Lori, if you see this can you sticky this thread and De-Sticky the old one?
  4. mattj

    mattj .

    Idunno man. Everyone disses sun, but it got me to Worlds in 09 and 10, and it's working just fine for me now.
  5. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Isn't VGC 2012 like, 8 months away?

    I remember seeing that the rules are back to "normal". No ubers, Pokemon from all gens are allowed and standard rules besides that. Maybe I'll take part in this one!
  6. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    The first sets in November, then the second sets in April
  7. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    I really hope that they have a Regionals event near North Carolina. The only thing that could possibly keep me from going to this tournament right now is the cost of gas, tires, and a hotel room. Money. What can you do when IT is the problem?
  8. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    Mooch off of someone
  9. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    I am not a mooch; and besides, if I really want to go, I'll be willing to work for it one way or another. I'm asking my parents, but they're concerned about the debt I'll be ringing up with college. I want to go, but not if it means that they will end up in the "poor house". I don't care about just myself, you know. If someone I know happens to be going to this tournament, however, I'll travel with them. What sort of team do you plan on using if you're going. I'm going to use an anti-weather team that can use Sun since all the other weathers are so common. If you want to see it, go to the link below, but I've been thinking about switching from Togekiss to Gyarados in order to have a fail-safe. But seriously, I'm surprised that no people are posting any VGC teams even though the first Regional matches start in less than 2 months. I wonder if BlueCookies is going to use an anti-weather team or fall into the crowd with a rain/sandstorm team?

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2011
  10. mattj

    mattj .

    I'm pretty sure bluecookies is going to use troll teams till Worlds. As for finding rides / people to split rooms with, try skarmbliss, smogon, and #skarmbliss, and #smogonwifi. You'll find lots of VGC'ers there who you might be able to catch a ride with.
  11. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    I'll probably be driving up from DE in April for the one in Philly.

    I be on that Philly ****
  12. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    So, any confirmed locations in the Bay Area this year?
  13. complete legitimacy

    complete legitimacy pack that fudge

    Whoa. Just whoa. It's been a long time since they've had a VGC even remotely close to where I live. The last time I went to one was for 10th anniversary where all I used was my level 100 Charizard. I hope that I still qualify for Juniors, because I could go a lot farther. I think this might be the year when I have to make the jump, though. Still, my in-game team isn't going to cut it. I haven't even beaten Alder yet.
  14. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    Here's my prediction.
    A lot of people are going to come with random favorite pokemon and only 1 or 2 will make it past prelims. Many of the players that will win an invite to Nationals or Worlds will be using weather teams, the majority being Rain and Sandstorm. Sun is going to be overlooked b/c it's hard to set up against other weather teams when Drought is used. The true purpose of sun is to mess up all other weathers, so a Prankster pokemon like Whimsicott and Murkrow will do well, but the Cotton Ball will stand out b/c of his work in the past w/ Terrakion. I'll bet good money that BlueCookies will be using a Prankster Whimsicott that knows Sunny Day while the team itself isn't heavily reliant on Sun. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.
  15. mattj

    mattj .

  16. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    pstt Top 16 get invites to Nats in Indy or Toronto
  17. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    Quick question. In Soul Silver, when you're looking for Latios, is his nature set when you first encounter him, or when you first hear about it from Steven? I've been thinking about getting one for the upcoming VGCs to replace Eelektross.
  18. mattj

    mattj .

    I can't recall which is which in which game because I have both and have RNG'd them several times, but there are two ways to get them. One is strictly ingame, and is where you exit the Fan Club house, talk to Stephen, and then Lati@s roams Kanto. The other is from the Soul Dew event (mysterious rock, or something), where you give it to Stephen in Pewter City and Lati@s stands there in the middle of town.

    If you're talking about the ingame Lati@s, its nature and IVs are set the moment you walk out of the Fan Club house and Stephen talks to you. If you want to reset for it you can either save before you enter the Fan Club, or while inside even.

    If you're talking about the Soul Dew event Lati@s, its nature and IVs are set the moment you walk up to it and engage it in battle, like most other mons. You can just save anytime after it appears and still reset for whatever you want.

    However, those are two pretty easy mons to RNG. I'd personally suggest you try RNGing them for faster and better results than just resetting.

    Or (lol) just play in the skarmbliss tourneys and get one of mine for free.
    Latios (381)
    Latias (380)
    both Timid and Modest
    31/3/31/30/30/31 (HP Ground 70)

    Plus I have two shiny, Timid HP Grass 70 ones. Too lazy to find a shiny animated sprite. :p
  19. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    Can I trade you for a Timid Latios like the one you just posted, or is it not for sale? I was thinking about getting on for the VGCs, and I am so glad they are going to be held in Virginia, but also not glad that I can't get Wi-Fi for my DS at my college and that the Virginia regionals start on November.
  20. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    All I know is that on rain teams there will be the following:
    Wash Rotom
    they are seen on every rain team so I'm gong to use an anti-weather team
    Ferrothorn (my politoed check)
    Latios (to handle toxicroak)
    Quagsire (to wear down scizor)
    Thunderus (my taunter for any setups)
    Whimsicott (to mess up rain with sun and spell trouble)
    Machamp (hurt tyranitar, ninetales, abomosnow)
    Might think about amoonguss since he rage powders
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