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Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Scolipede's okay. It looks cool, but it's stats aren't the best.

Darn straight it looks cool, and Whirlipede looks like that vehicle that Grievous used in Star Wars III

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I was surprised Scollipede made it so high on that Nintendo Dream poll.

I like the dude, but out of all the Bug Pokemon this Gen didn't expect him to be so high.


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Have another pokemon trick it to a ghost then.

that's too much work when you can just hit them with Payback, since they get 1 free move against you either way.

If crobat can be found wild, then why can't Swoobat? Twist Mountain and Victory road could've used them...:631:


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I posted it earlier in here...the full scan is out there on the net, though.


Even if you can't read Japanese, you should be able to figure it out haha.

Oshawott didn't come in first place. It's a sad day. On the brightside, it looks like Reshiram came in third place. That's nice. I like Reshiram. Snivy came in seventh place, which is pretty good too. I'm not a huge Snivy fan, but it does deserve some recognition. Oshawott tied with Joltik, which is sort of sad. Here we have my favorite Pokemon in the whole wide world tying with the Pokemon I like the least. Ironic. I'm also disappointed that Zorua came in 26th place. I thought it would be in the top ten because of the movie.

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I find it hilarious how the big, powerful legendaries are on the Top 5 Boy Picks, but not the Top 5 Girl Picks... stereotypes at their best.

I love it goes DRAGON cute 1st stage starter [box]DRAGON!! cute 1st stage starter [box]DRAGON!!!

Meanwhile the girls are all fully evolved except Joltik and range from mysterious to regal to cute and mostly unrelated, too.

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I love it goes DRAGON cute 1st stage starter [box]DRAGON!! cute 1st stage starter [box]DRAGON!!!

LOL, I didn't think of that. Boys are... strange. (And this is coming from a guy).


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I mean, really


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Just a note http://blog-imgs-31-origin.fc2.com/s...20312130df.jpg
Top 5 Boy Picks:
1. Hydreigon
2. Oshawott
3. Zekrom
4. Snivy
5. Reshiram

Top 5 Girl Picks:
1. Chandelure
2. Whimsicott
3. Reuniclus
4. Serperior
5. Joltik

Hahaha wow why is this so true? I have a Chandelure and a Serperior on my team, and I do adore Whimsicott, Reuniclus and Joltik/Galvantula! To the point where I'm EV training them just because.
This is highly amusing. XD

The boy picks are interesting: fierce dragon, cute starter, fierce dragon, cute starter, fierce dragon. I mean, what, lol.
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And to think I liked Reuniclus, and to an extent Joltik and Chandelure.

Girls ruin everything.
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