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Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

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My favourite Legendary is Dexyos..in my opinion..it is the most Unique Pokemon ever in my opinion
I am still waiting for my first shiny in Pokemon Black, despite the fact that they are far less spectacular in this generation than in previous ones... Still it's nice to have at least one :)


@Shadowcom37 I'm not minimodding but this isn't for battling. Try dat wifi center.

Anyway I was just thinking to myself how much I *love* castform. I really want to use it a bit. I might even try to get one in BW2 (I believe its 5% rarity in shaking spots on one of the routes)..

Also love that Cinccino
Liligant is good 3 quiver dances later and it packs a punch!


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Okai I'm going to just go through pretty much all of the 5th gen. Pokemon. These are only my opinions!
Serperior was pretty weak because of a shallow movepool, but looked pretty awesome. They messed up completly on Emboar. AND IT WAS FIRE FIGHTINGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Samerott was a great starter though! Patrat would've been pretty good but they had to give him freaky red eyes. Lillipup's whole evolution is really nice! LIllipup is a cute little puppy then Herdier is a pretty solid stage one Pokemon, and then Stoutland was just a really strong guy. I liked the ideas of the three elemental monkeys. They were really helpful throughout the game, and I think it really helped explain weaknesses and resistances to new players. Liepard was pretty cool, but weak. Munna was fine because it tied back to Red version (I think) but what the heck is wrong with Musharna...? PIdove fit right in with the bird Pokemon, and I liked how they introduced him in the most modern region, because pidgeons live in cities and stuff. The gender differences on Unfezant were unique. Zebsrika was an important member to my team until I noticed how few moves he could learn. Gigalith and Exactadrill were ok, Gigalith reminded me of Golem's evolution line because it started off with an ok unevolved Pokemon, then the middle guy was weird, then the final evolution was epic! Exactadrill was really powerful and didn't look weird, but Drilber was messed up. I think I'm going to skip Swobat. It was just a fail of a girly Zubat that scares me. Conkellder was to weird looking for me to ever use. I don't like the really human-like Pokemon. Loved Tynampol's, Seawaddle's and Venipede's evolutions! Siesmitoad was really hideous though... Whimscott and Liligant both fit in with the other grass types perfectly! Sandile could've have the best evolution ever, but they give him a red crockoodile that is just called crockadile with an accent. Basculin hopfully get an awesome evolution in X and Y! Darumaka's Pokedex entry was uneaded, and Darmanitan is powerful, but I'm confused on what it's suposed to be. Dwebble's evolution was AWESOMEE one of my favorites! Maratacus has a great design, and was one of the best Black and White Pokemon with looks. Scraggy has grown on me, but the whole evolution line is just a sagging guy. Sigilyhakjhdjfa is imposible to pronounce and looke like someone stapled an UNknown onto a pinyata. It was stupid of them to make the thing about "dead humans become Yamask!" then Cofagrigus was ugly. The fossil Pokemon were really good! Archeops is really awesome! Garbador is messed up may I ask what happened to Pokemon being SOMEWHAT bassed off of animals or nature? I feel sorry for Trubish though so he's ok :) Zoroark was cool, but I didn't like how they made him and Zorua such a big deal with events and everything. Mincicno and Cinccino area both adorable. Gothita's evolution is good, I just really want them to have an evolution break at the end like Ralts has! Reuniclus is just a teddybear trapped in jellow. Swanna is really good, and one of my favorite Unova Pokemon! Out of all the Pokemon, the american guy made Vanelite, Vanelish, and Vanilluxe. Thanks American guy for making awesome Pokemon. Floating ice cream is hardcore ya know? Sawsbuck was a origional idea, and I think Winter Sawsbuck is the best :D Emolga's really cute, and so is Rufflet, and Bravairy is the most American Pokemon ever. Karablast's whole eolution line's a fail. Foongus and Amoongus were both kinda cool, but I didn't like that they were colored like Pokeballs. Trash, ice cream, and Pokeballs. Frillish and Jelicent are both pretty good I guess. I never really liked either one of them, but it's cool how the girl ones are pink! Alomomola should just evolve from Luvdisk, and get another evolution to power it up some. Joltik and Garvantula are both really awesome! Best evolution in Unova ever! Ferroseed seems like he needs another evolution before going straight into Ferrothorn. Klink is pretty much one of the stupidest Pokemon yet. It's just like two gears! Then when it evolves, it picks up aanother gear, and when it's done picking up scrap metal, you end up with this little gear ball that's literaly just it's two pre-evolutions names combined. Tynamo' evolution was a really cool and strong one. I like Lanturn a lot, so I was hoping that they would've gave him a half water typing. Elgyem's my like 5th favorite Pokemon cause he's awesome! His evolution wasn't the coolest thing ever, but it was a good upgrade for Elgyem. Chandelure is a good ghost Pokemon because I always thought of chandeliers as haunted so yeah. Axew wasn't the best dragon type, but fitted in. Beartic is in my ice type team, and is really strong! Cryogonal and Accelgor are both fails. Stunfisk's typing was unusual, but if he had an evolution, poeople would have actualy used him. Meinfoo was good, but when it evolved it got like streched out and now has floppy arms. Druggigon has a good design, but it seems like he should almost be dragon/rock. Gollet and Golurk are both perfet ghost types. Pawnaird is really cool, but I think Bisharp looks better than it really is. Bouffalant should evolve from Tarous, and I think that they should make a girl form of each. Vullaby and Mandubuzz are good, but really ugly. Heatmor scares me a bit. Durant has a great design. Deino's evolution has the perfect typing! Laresta was different, but every little thing I liked about it died when I saw Volcarona. Legendaries now. THERE AR TO MANY LEGENDARIES!!! I thought legendaries were suposed to be special! With like what? 12 legendaries and 7 of those have forms, legendaries just loose their coolness. Kyurem Black and White was designed with to much stuff. Like everyythings on it. It has the pipes, the awesome tail, one super streched ear, a fire and an ice arm, evrerything. The Landerous trio are all ugly fails with pointless forms. Meloetta was good, and it's form is good. It fits in pretty good too! Reshiram is cooler than Zekrom :D Keldeo was cool until I saw the first 3 minutes of the movie. Why does every legendary just talk al the time iwht telepathy? Before it was special but Keldeo was acting like a stupid little kid or something. Gensect I think is a remade Kabutops, pretty cool I guess. The three new dogs are crap. A phone company, a rock buffalo thing, and well Cobalion is kinda cool.

Sooooo yeah haha


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