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Official Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Help Thread - Small questions go here!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by ellie, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Approved by Angeling

    This thread is for all small questions about Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Versions. Before you ask a question, be sure to check every single one of these:
    3rd Generation Pokedex
    Ruby and Sapphire's Page
    Emerald's Page
    3rd Generation Attackdex
    3rd Gen Berrydex
    Game Mechanics
    Contest Help
    E-Reader/Eon Ticket/Mystery Gift Help
    Battle Frontier Help
    Battle Frontier Tips and Tricks
    Battle Frontier Max Stats
    Tips for finding the Latis
    Help with Latios, Latias, and Feebas
    Official Bad Egg/Missingno. Discussion
    General Ruby/Sapphire FAQ
    General Emerald FAQ
    Cloning in Emerald
    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Glitch Discussion
    Breeding Help/Egg Chain Discussion
    EV's/IV's Help
    Pokerus FAQ
    Shiny FAQ

    Plus some other websites that would be useful:
    Smogon's List of 3rd Generation Tiers
    Smogon's Competitive Pokemon Movesets
    Gamefaqs's Ruby Version Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Gamefaqs's Sapphire Version Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Gamefaqs's Emerald Version Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Psypoke's Psydex (has all the XD tutor moves)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I tried to release my Pokemon, but it said it was worried about me. What does that mean and how do I make it stop?
    A: It means the Pokemon is the last one you have that has that HM move. Just teach a different one that HM move.

    Q: Where is the move deleter?
    A: In Lilycove City in one of the houses near the Dept. Store.

    Q: Can I trade with Fr/Lg/Colo/XD?
    A: Ruby and Sapphire can trade with these games as soon as trading is possible, as long as you have completed the requirements in the other game. Emerald must get the national dex by beating the Elite 4 in order to trade with these games, and the requirements of the other game must be met. You can't get any Eggs or non-Hoenn Pokemon in Emerald before beating the Elite 4.

    Q: How do I clone in the 3rd generation?
    A: Check the Cloning in Emerald thread.

    Q: When are Latias/Latios's attributes (nature, IV's, shininess, etc) set?
    A: In Emerald, they're set as soon as you tell your mom that it's red or blue from the TV. In Ruby and Sapphire, it's set when you watch the news broadcast after the E4 (thanks to Nidogod for that piece). But be warned, due to a glitch in the programming, any "running" Pokemon in the 3rd generation will likely have 4-5 IV's as 0 or 1.
    Note: Not all versions of Emerald are affected by this glitch. Some are and some aren't; you'll probably just have to test it on your particular one to see.

    Do you have a good website to help or think that a particular question belongs in the FAQ? Send me a PM or profile message and I'll take a look.

    If your question's not here (and belongs in this thread), ask away!

    (The following has been added in by the edit-ninja bobandbill)

    Thought it might be an idea to take every question asked so far not covered above in the FAQ/links, list it here, and provide the answer as well, OR a link to the post that answers it (so this remains under the character limit easily). So now you can look in the first post here to see every question asked so far - chances are one you want to ask has already been asked and answered.


    Also, for an easy-to-find way for a certain question, use the Ctrl+F function.

    - 'I was battling in Battle Factory. Me and my opponent both had Breloom. Two Breloom used Focus Punch. I focused first, but he hit before me. Why?'

    ANSWER: Look at this post.

    -When obtaining the Johto Starters in Emerald, do you just have to see all the pokemon in the Hoenn Dex or actually get all their Pokedex entries?

    ANSWER: You have to have obtained the Pokedex enteries - i.e. have caught them all.

    - Does confusion activate Guts or Facade's extra power?

    ANSWER: No, as Confusion is technically not a status affect like sleep or burnt - it's more like Attract.

    - How does the breeding of Volbeat/Illumise work?

    ANSWER: It is a random, 50% chance for a Volbeat, 50% chance for an Illumise, as Volbeat can only be male, and Illumise is only ever female. (The same thing occurs for Tauros/Miltank, and the Nidorans).

    - Can genderless Pokemon (like Magneton) pass down moves through breeding?)

    ANSWER: They can pass down TM moves (like Thunderbolt).

    - Where can I get the choice band, and what does it do?

    ANSWER: You can get it from the Battle Frontier for 64 Battle Points, or in RS as a random award after 7 straight wins in the Battle Tower. It raises your Pokemon's attack by 1.5 times, but you can only make one move until you switch out and back in, where you can change the move you get locked into.

    - How do I get past those 'white things' (stones...) in the Safari Zone?

    ANSWER: You have to use Arco bike and press B + up/down to move through the 'white things'.

    - If I steal items from Pokemon in the Battle Tower (e.g. through Covet), do I keep them?

    ANSWER: No, you do not.

    - Does the Emerald cloning glitch have any side-affects or hold any danger to my save file?

    ANSWER: Apparently, there are no side affects or any danger to your save file at all unless you do something incorrectly.

    -Why is my Pokemon getting more experiance than other Pokemon ('it recieved a boosted 'number' experiance points')?

    ANSWER: Pokemon that you recive in trades get more experiance points (1.5 times more) than Pokemon you got directly and hence have your OT number.

    - From a few days ago the internal clock in my Emerald game seems to have gone dead. Is there any way to fix this?

    ANSWER: If it's not the infamous berry glitch, then the internal battery in the game pak is at fault. - it may have run dry or died. If so, short of replacing it, there is nothing you can do about it.

    - How do I get to open the room with Registeel inside of it after opening all three Regi caves?

    ANSWER: Go to the Ruins on route 120 and enter. Go over to the braille and press A to read it. Go to the middle of the room and use Flash.

    - In making Pokeblocks, is it better to do it with the NPCs, or just yourself?

    ANSWER: It is better to do it with NPCs, and the more the better (therefore Lilycove is the best place). However, better yet is doing it with other people via link cable.

    -How do I get to Mirage Island?

    ANSWER: Go here.

    - How many times can you talk to the Berry Master's wife?

    ANSWER: Once a day max.

    - How many berries can you get from the Berry Master's wife?

    ANSWER: Not including the regular ones, you can get 5 (numbers 31 to 35), but only one of each per game.

    - In trying to get a berry from the Berry Master's wife by saing a phrase, some words (e.g. 'CONTEST') are unavailable. Why?

    ANSWER: Some words are unavailable until you beat the Elite Four.

    - Where do you get the Pokeblock Case?

    ANSWER: In R/S, in Slateport City's Contest Hall. In Emerald, in Lilycove City's Contest Hall.

    - Where do I get more evolution stones?

    ANSWER: You can trade for the Fire/Leaf/Water/Thunder stones with Shards, which are found in the ocean routes via using the HM Dive, or as hold items on wild Pokemon. You trade them with a treasure hunter who lives west of Mossdeep City.

    Moon stones can be found on wild Lunatone (and Clefairy) and Sun Stones on wild Solrocks (as well as hidden and visible items in the overworld).

    - Can I get the Leichi berry in RSE?

    ANSWER: No. Nor in Colosseum/XD either.

    - Where is the Move Deleter?

    ANSWER: In a house next to the Dept. Store in Lilycove City.

    - Does a 'happy' Pokemon have to be in your party to catch Ralts?

    ANSWER: No. It is just random luck whether you'll encounter one or not - note that it is normally a rare Pokemon.

    - Is there a way to hatch an egg (do the steps required) without having to play the game at the same time?

    ANSWER: Yes. Have an object hold the 'Up' button so that you go into a sand hill one needs a Mach bike to travel over - you should fall down, walk back into it, fall down, etc. This counts as steps being made.

    (Note - in Emerald, Pokemon with the ability Flame Body that lead the party reduce the amount of steps you need to take to hatch an egg).

    - Where can I get the Flamethrower TM?

    ANSWER: From the Game Corner.

    - Where does one get the Strength HM?

    ANSWER: You find that HM when you break the rocks with Rock Smash in the cave near Rusturf (Rusturf Tunnel). Upon doing so a man will come up and give it to you.

    - How do I change Pokemon in the Altering cave in Emerald?

    ANSWER: Via Mystery Gift events, but only for Japanese games, apparently.

    - Do the EV-reducing berries work in reducing EVs in R/S?

    ANSWER: No; they only work in Emerald, and D/P/Pt.

    - Where does one get the Soothe Bell? And what other ways can I make a Pokemon happy?

    ANSWER: You can get it in the Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport City if your lead Pokemon has max/near max happiness and you show it to a woman.
    Other ways to make your Pokemon happy include feeding them Vitamins (e.g. Protein), EV-reducing berries in Emerald, winning battles and walking around.

    -Can the Trendy Saying in Dewford change by itself? Does mixing records change it?

    ANSWER: Yes it can change by itself, and no; mixing records does not affect the Trendy saying. (Also, same trendy sayings as another games does not mean they share the same squeares in which Feebas can be found on).

    - Why did I not get a picture for winning the Master Contest? Did giving my Pokemon a scarf stop that?

    ANSWER: You have to not only win the Master-level Contest, but win it by a decent margin to get the picture. Scarfs only increase your chances at getting the picture - they do not lower them.

    - Where can I get Luxury Balls?

    ANSWER: From winning the Master Contest. You cannot buy them. There is also one on the Abandoned ship.

    - Does the Pokemon get affected in any way upon being migrated to D/P/Pt (e.g. lose EVs), or when they evolve?

    ANSWER: No; they remain exactly the same. (Unless they evolve - they keep the same EVs and IVs and Nature, but stats will change due to evolution).

    -Where is the Shadow Ball TM?

    ANSWER: On the top of Mt. Pyre.

    - Do the tides in Shoal cave affect the encounter rates of Pokemon?

    ANSWER: Yes, in that Snorunt can only be found during Low Tide.

    - Can you get both Latias/Latios in RSE?

    ANSWER: Yes - but only one will be running - the other is obtainable via an event ticket. And you must first defeat the Elite Four.

    - Can you get both the DeepSeaTooth and DeepSeaScale in the one RSE save file?

    ANSWER: No; you can only get one or the other.

    - In Emerald, Rustburo City, in a house, there is a man who asks me to give him a word/phrase/code to make his baby laugh. Anybody know what the code is?

    ANSWER: If you say certain phrases to the man (according to your OT number), you can unlock alternate wallpapers for yuor PC boxes. Go here to find out these phrases.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2008
  2. Needs to be Sticky Fied. Nice FAQ and links. +10
  3. johnnyponny

    johnnyponny New Member

    Can you make a White Pokeblock with the Blend Master?
  4. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    Wait, you actually can get non-hoenn Pokémon before national dex in Emerald!?!?
  5. Charizard006

    Charizard006 Beginning Trainer

    Is there a list of important things and Pokemon I should migrate to D/P or trade to R/S before starting over? I already migrated the 3 Golems, Latios, the three legendary mascots for R/S/E, and transferred my Master Ball to Sapphire. Is there anything else I should move that's in Emerald?
  6. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    *just reread that* uh, I might have been confused with D/P, but if anyone can test it, I'd appreciate it a lot.

    Hmm, well, do you have FrLg and Colo/XD? If not, you should transfer over every Pokemon not obtainable in RS (ones like Smeargle, Ditto, the new Safari Zone Pokemon, etc.), plus use up and spare BP and Tutors you have.
  7. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    I don't know D/P items but in emerald you can have an easy access to frontier items(Brightpowder, leftovers, scope lens etc.)
  8. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    The only Pokemon not yet named that are available in RSE but not DP are the 3rd gen starters. Don't know if you already had access to all three or not.

    This is a solid thread. It's a shame that the people who ask simple questions won't be reading it before making their own thread.
  9. Has anyone ever determined exactly how many times you can redistribute the EON Ticket through mixing records?
    Previously i've seen some say that it is hundreds, and then looking through one of those thread links, others say it is only possible to do several times. I was wondering if anyone had a more definitive answer, since no-one seemed to be certain about this ':<

    About Emerald, I think you were supposed to be able to unlock the National 'dex pre-E4 by simply trading a non-Hoenn Pokémon to it, from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. It's been too long since I last went through, but I seem to remember doing this myself.
    I can't restart my game to confirm though, too much I need to do beforehand ;/

    (Semi-pointless sidenote - there's a typo in "Ticket", in the E-Reader/EON Ticket/Mystery Gift help link.. Just thought i'd point that out... x3 *fussy*)
  10. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush Well-Known Member

    About the Emerald trading thing:
    If you are trading with Ruby/Sapphire + Emerald, these are the requirements for getting National Dex Pokemon:
    Ruby/Sapphire -Trade any Pokemon from Colosseum/XD/FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald(After receiving National Dex)

    FireRed/LeafGreen -Once National Dex is obtained, you can trade any Pokemon (001-386)from another FireRed/LeafGreen version. Once the in-game requirements have been met, you can trade with a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version. To get a Hoenn Pokemon after you get the National Dex but before you can trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, trade a Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald to a separate FireRed/LeafGreen version that has met the in-game requirements, then trade it to the original FireRed/LeafGreen version to get one.

    Emerald -Eggs and National Dex Pokemon cannot be traded from any other Gen 3 games until the National Dex has been obtained in Emerald. However, you can trade any Pokemon from any game in the Hoenn dex as soon as you can trade. For instance, you can trade a Tentacool from FireRed/LeafGreen to Emerald because Tentacool is in the Hoenn Dex. Any Pokemon can be traded to Emerald before you get the National Dex as long as the Pokemon you're trading is in the Hoenn dex.

    I have a link cable and access to 2 Gameboys, so if there's anything else about trading, ASK ME!!! Although I don't have the GameCube games or Diamond/Pearl.

    (Also in Ruby/Sapphire, the Pokedex is a nice blue color, but once you get the National Dex by trading it turns into an ugly grey color)
  11. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Thanks guys, I fixed all the stuff wrong. If anything else is wrong, please tell me as soon as possible.
  12. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    I was battling in Battle Factory. Me and my opponent both had Breloom. Two Breloom used Focus Punch. I focused first, but he hit before me. Why??
  13. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    I was battling in Battle Factory. Me and my opponent both had Breloom. Two Breloom used Focus Punch. I focused first, but he hit before me. Why??
  14. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    My guess would be it's the odd priorities of focus punch. The move itself is set to focus first and attack after the opponent attacks. If you were faster you would tighten focus first, and thus set your punch to occur after the opponent finished it's attack. Maybe the game is designed that when that happens the opponent's move will go first no matter what it is because the game can't assign two attacks to occur after each other. Sort of like two Pokemon using roar. The slowest Pokemon will actually get the move off because is only supposed to work after a move with higher priority regardless of speed and both Pokemon use the same move with the same priority so the faster one automatically is forced to get first.

    ...that's just my speculation and I hope you followed it. 0_0
  15. ~*~milotic~*~

    ~*~milotic~*~ Makes me wonder...

    what place do u get kyorge? i know its a cave i think but what cave or place is it called tell me when u find out.
  16. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    ^^Which game are you playing??
  17. Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28

    Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28 Hungry as a Snorlax

    When obtaining the Johto Starters in Emerald do you just have to see all the pokemon in the Hoenn Dex or actually get all their pokedex entries???
  18. MAGAX

    MAGAX Symbol Hunter

    Emerald: Kyogre is found in marine cave after defeating the Elite 4. You will need to ask the weather institute scientist about abnormal rain weather conditions and he will reveal the route. you will go to the route and search for a dive spot(which usually is not there) and dive in for kyogre.
    Ruby: Through trading with sapphire or emerald
    Sapphire: Cave of Origin in Sootopolis after Archie released it from its slumber in a seefloor cavern.

    yep you have to obtain each and every pokemon's entry of the hoenn pokedex to get the johto starters. good luck with feebas, it is the hardest to find of the 200.
  19. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    Does confusion activate Guts or Facade's extra power
  20. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    ^ No.

    Are there any other Hedgehog based pokemon other than Sandslash and Quilava/Cyndaquil (they are both as close as I could think of)?
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