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Official Serebii Forums Newbie Help & FAQ 2016 Edition - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE


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Why can't I see anyone's signatures?
Try checking in Browsing Preferences, which is your Account Section, go down to ' Show people's signatures with their messages' and check it. If it's unchecked, it might be why you aren't able to see signatures.

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Just a quick one - is there a minimum post count restriction for posting images?
Yes, there is a minimum post count before you can post Images or links. I believe it's something like 10 or 20. In many cases, the Subforum may limit all non-staff to post images, regardless of Post count. In those cases, the image will be a link instead. As EX staff, I was present at the debates when Serebii added Link block for lower post counts. (It was more of an Anti-spam bot method, but it helps staff stop new sign ups to post things that shouldn't be on a forum for kids.)


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I have a dumb question: How do I edit my avatar? I read through the first page and I still cannot figure it out.

Edit: Figured it out. Thanks for the quick reply.


Eternal Nub
I have another stupid question: How do I view that date and time and the calendar on the forums?

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Where have all the individual pokemon trading pages gone? Are they still a thing?
There used to be a trading page for every single pokemon so if you wanted to trade specifically for one pokemon you'd go their page rather than just the quick trade thread.