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Official Shonen Jump Thread

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Brinstar, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Brinstar

    Brinstar you suffer

    I've noticed that alot of threads about Shonen Jump are scattered here and there, so I've made a nice big one to organize a bit. Discuss the latest Shonen Jump news, issues, and manga here. ^^
  2. Kokukirin

    Kokukirin Guest

    Got some free time here, I guess I will start with a general overview of the mangas on Jump that I read. Since I am reading the translations from latest issue of Jump in Japan, some mangas I comment on may not be on Shonen Jump in North America...

    1. Hunter x Hunter

    The artist of HxH is one of my favorites. I must say he is one of the most talented and creative artists ever. The artwork is relatively simple (compared to CLAMP), but solid and well drawn. After Yu Yu Hakusho and Level E, his godly status remains unchallenged despite his laziness. Anyways, back to HxH. The style of HxH is quite close to late part of YYH. Again, there is no real distinction between good and evil. Characters are well designed and...most of them are weird (not the look). The story links together very well from Hunter exam to Greed Island. However, after GI, the quality seems to go down due to artist's laziness...Most drawings are now rough drafts, and the story isnt as good as before...sigh.

    2. Onepiece

    No depth to speak of. Just simple fights, brainless characters, and lots of humor. But because it is simple, people can enjoy it a lot...Personally I am not a fan of this type of manga, and it is dragging on too long without a sign of ending.

    3. Naruto

    Some people think it copies Hunter x Hunter in some ways, and I do think they are quite similar in terms of story, copying or not. The style though, is closer to Onepiece. Again, the main character has no brain and lots of potential. Like OP, it is dragging on as well. Cmon, every random newbie's fight can last 6 weeks or so, and the fight isn't even important to the story. IMO Overated.

    4. Prince of Tennis

    Lots of pretty boys. No story. No development. Crap artwork. The end of review.

    5. Death Note

    This one is my current favorite. It is drawn by the artist of Hikaru No Go, so you can't really complain about artworks. Story is intense from the beginning, and remains so till now. This manga does not feature actions and flashbacks (coughNarutocoughOnepiececough), but features the brain war between two inhuman geniuses, plus LOTS of conversations. The story is unpredictable, and to be honest, I haven't predicted the following week's story correctly. Highly recommended.

    6. WaqWaq

    This one is new, and this is THE manga that kicked off Shaman King from Jump. I dont think anyone here is familiar with the artist Ryu Fujisaki, the artist of Houshin Engi. (Houshin Engi is classic, so read it now.) I had high expectation of this manga, but there is nothing surprisingly good so far. Just a so-so manga for now.

    7. Bleach

    I only just started reading, not bad so far...Not much to say for now.

  3. BudokaiG

    BudokaiG Guest

    A new Shonen Jump called "Shonen Jump Advanced" will be released, and it will include "Eyeshield 21", "Hunter x Hunter", and "I's". The first issue should ship April, 2005, and will cost about $7.99. The magazine is rated T+...
    About Shonen Jump, then i don't think i like it anymore. The selection of manga is great, but skiping ahead and censoring some manga sucks! Also let's not forget the comercials about buying GNs. Instead of making the magazine, they should just do GNs.
    Dragon Ball Z - 10/10 - My favorite
    Yu-Gi-Oh! - 10/10 - GREAT!!!!! Shares 1st favorite place with Dragon Ball Z.
    One Piece - 10/10 - My 2nd favorite. The art is great, and quite many "laugh-out-loud" moments.
    Naruto - 8/10 - Right now 8/10, but might change to 10/10 in the future...
    Shaman King - 8/10 - Like Naruto, it might get better in the future!
    Hikaru No Go - 6/10 - I just don't like manga about a boardgame.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2005
  4. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I'm subscribed to Shonen Jump. If I don't get it...I miss my manga installment. Here's my rates to each issue:

    Dragonball Z: 9/10
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10/10
    One Piece: 8/10
    Hikaru No Go: 9/10
    Yu Yu Hakusho: 10/10
    Naruto: 8/10

    Is that all of them? I think it is...I'm at school so it's hard for me to remember...
  5. MachopGirl

    MachopGirl <== Wanna Hug Him?

    I've seen the original Japanese Shonen Jump and there are some of the weirdest manga series in there. Thankfully, there isn't any plans to bring them over here anytime soon.

    Here's two of them I know of:

    Tarchan: You've guessed it. This manga is based on our infamous King of the Jungle himself, but the stories are strange and perverted. Why it's not likely to be brought here? It's because of the perverted jokes and I find it hard to believe that the artist even drew the umm... male anatomy... on the animals. Published way back in 1992-1993.

    Bobobo Boobobobo: The story involves a hero with an afro who is out to stop an evil organization that is trying to rid the world of hair. Our hero mastered the technique of hair-fu, which even included attacking enemies with his ummm... elongated nose hairs. (Really!! I kid you not!!) Due to its weird stories and perverted fart jokes, it's not surprising that there's no plan to bring it here. Currently running in Japan.
  6. Brinstar

    Brinstar you suffer

    Bobo is one of the funniest manga I've seen. It will probably hit US at some point as it is somewhat popular, (in both Japan and US)
  7. I live in england we dont get it but i got lots of them
  8. Runé

    Runé Banned

    I subscribe to Shonen Jump and IMO my ratings for the mangas are:

    Shaman King: 10/10 - Its a very good manga.
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: 7/10 - I dont really like that much but it's ok.
    Naruto: 7/10 - I use to read it and now I'm bored of it but it's alright.
    Bleach: 9/10 - One of my favorites.
    Dragon Ball Z: 6/10 - Its an good manga but it's generaly not my type.
    Hikaru No Go: 6/10 - Kind of a weird manga but it's O.K.
    Yu Yu Hakasho: 1/10 - I read it and I just hated it......
    One Piece: 9/10 - One Piece is a pretty good manga IMO.

    If I'm forgeting some, than I've probably never read them before.

    BTW, anyone know a place where I could find Shaman King graphic novels other than viz.com?
  9. Kokukirin

    Kokukirin Guest

    Its really hard to imagine other mangas you ranked getting so higher a score than YYH. If you stopped reading YYH at early stage, you are missing LOTS of stuff. The beginning part of YYH is a bit too ordinary, and the artwork hasnt matured yet. However, at about vol 4, things get a lot more exciting and enjoyable. Personally I think the part where Hiei slashed the guy (forgot his name) in 16 pieces (I think) is the turning point of the story.

    Honestly, the only manga comparable to YYH in the list of manga you rated is Hikaru no go (in terms of popularity) and Dragon Ball (in terms of status in manga world). But IMO YYH are better than both.
  10. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai

    Well seeing as I live in the UK and I am a month behind you all, and considering I'm now at uni so that my brother has to go collect my new issues of SJ from our local comic shop, I'm a tad annoyed. Ok the Manga currently running in Jump in my order of preferance:
    1. Shaman King (what can I say I just love the cast, the story and the art.
    2. Hikaru No Go (I have to say if it weren't for the fact that I'm further into Shaman King due it starting in SJ many months before Hikaru No Go this would probably be my number one. This is possibly the best manga I've ever read and is a welcome break to all the violence)
    3. Naruto (I wasn't a great fan of Naruto from the get go but I just got really into after a few months and now its got to the point where I care about the cast and want to know what happens to them)
    4. One Piece (Its a no brainer. I can sit down and read it for what it is and have no concern about any intelectual side of it. Its the sort of thing i'll read when I'm tired or fed up with work)
    5. YYH (Stories great, Characters great, Art style great, just not taken my intrest as much as the others. I can understand why many rate it but it just hasn't really captivated me like the top 3)
    6. DBZ (The first Manga I ever read was DragonBall so this will always have a special place in my heart which pushers it above...)
    7. Yu-Gi-Oh (Let me be frank about this cover hog. [RANT] I like Yu-gi-oh. I enjoy it. I play the cards and watch the anime when i'm not at Uni but it's over done. I mean it gets more coverage than most other manga. All it does is get publicity whilst better series are ignored. And why you ask. Because Yu-gi-oh gets all the little kids to buy SJ. I mean he wasn't even in issue 25 but he was still on the cover. And also they've skipped Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. I've read everything before those now and unfortunatly I've read everything from the Battle City Finals onwards. <I've also read the first few chapters of Yu-gi-oh R as well> Now we have to buy GNs to see [SPOIL]Bandit Keith shoot himself in the head[/SPOIL][/RANT])
  11. The yu-gi-oh i like was the digital pets 1

    has any read v-jump
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2005
  12. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    Comments on this month's Shounen Jump:

    Preview of some manga I forgot the name of:
    -Football? Bleh.
    -Sadly, it DOES look interesting despite my hatred of football...

    -They're FINALLY telling us the JP names for the attacks. Sure, the English versions still suck(see below), but at least the Japanese version is mentioned.
    -Shikamaru's Kage Mane no Jutsu(Shadow Freeze Technique, or something like that) is now...The Art of Me-and-my-Shadow? Wha? And Chouji's Meat Tank is now Human Juggernaut? I guess that's somewhat better than what they could have renamed it....
    -"Billboard brow"? Eh, it sounds stupid enough to be a kid's taunt. I can live with that.

    Hikaru no Go:
    -Sai doesn't know what a computer is. Makes sense, I guess.
    -Go on the web? Meaning Sai can play as much go as he wants? That could be dangerous ;)

    One Piece:
    -Yawn. This arc is kinda boring. Must...wait...for...Arlong Arc...
    -The flashbacks are still awesome, though.

    Shaman King:
    -Ren hates his family. Knew that :p
    -Ren VS Yoh...again!

    Yuyu Hakusho:
    -Yusuke FINALLY woke up!
    -It's not that I don't like some of these. I actually do, but there's less to comment on when you've seen them in the anime before.

    -Ah, so Bakura DOES have an alterior motive for being so friendly to Yami Yugi...
    -o_O Damn, that weirdo who was a human safe weirded me out...
    -I forgot that Anzu was the only one who had seen the slab...thing...before.

    -Yawn. I don't really read this anymore, there's too much fighting.
  13. Solid Kirby

    Solid Kirby Back, I guess.

    Eyeshield 21? Yeah, I was never much for football, either, but I think I might pick up a GN of that. Y'know, It might be an interesting read.
  14. I love Shonen Jump! I have 2 issues, and 2 Shaman King volumes, 3 and 4.
    I guess I'll rate too:
    Shaman King 10/10 MY FAVORITE
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 9/10 runner up for favorite.
    DragonBallZ 9/10 Action filled, cool.
    One Piece 6/10 It's cool, lots of funny things in it.
    Yu Yu Hakusho: 7/10 It's good also.
    Naruto 3/10 Not one I like
    Hikaru No Go: dont read it :p
  15. Ryusuke Hikari

    Ryusuke Hikari Rurouni Kenshin

    I don't read Shonen Jump much because I don't go to stores much but I got this month's issue so here's what I think

    Shaman King-9/10
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Memory World-10/10 (better than the other two sagas)
    Dragon Ball Z-8/10 Great action, but it seems to hide the story.
    One Piece-10/10
    Yu Yu Hakasho-8/10 It can get boring after awhile, but it has a good story.
    Naruto-7/10 Good plot, a dragging story, and several long fights.
    Hikaru No Go-6/10 Now, this is kinda like Yu-Gi-Oh combined with some plot-less manga.
  16. P-fan

    P-fan Storm Trainer

    How is it like Yu-gi-oh, they're playing go, I'm even interested in playing Go, Aim for reader for into boardgames.
  17. Hao Kaiser

    Hao Kaiser Aww... Crap.

    Wow, I just got Aprils issue out of the mail.....anyways, it turns out that there taking DBZ out of SJ after the Cell saga, so this months is the last....I also got a free SK card....Oh, a preview of HunterXHunter is in here as well....
    Eh, Yu-Gi-OH is really just a hyped up manga about a bunch of High-Schoolers playing Cards.....the point is there basicly just normal games, but with fantasy elements thrown in....
  18. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    It Kinda funny seeing Japanese playing football because in Japan, there is no football.
  19. Koneko

    Koneko Neomelodramatic

    my personal prefrence
    1.shaman king (love it just love it)
    2.naruto (ooo ninjas too cool)
    3.hikaru no go (I play go sometimes)
    4.one piece (I like sanji ^-^)
    5.yu yu hakusho (I've seen most ofit in anime form)
    6.yu-gi-oh (they skiped battel city)
    7. DBZ (I don't read it I just don't)
  20. Solid Kirby

    Solid Kirby Back, I guess.

    What's more Ironic is that Baseball's supposed to be America's Sport, But Japan is much more into It. XD
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