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Only Mostly Dead
SoulDialga: The text makes it too wide. You’d need to break up some of the longer lines to make it okay.
PikaPal_Lyra: Safe.
Moltanic: Safe.
Fenyxfer: Safe.
Flyingpichu64: Safe.
XatuGamer: Shoot, I suppose a higher up could reverse my decision, but I think it’s fine. It’s not like I’ve ever seen like, Best Buy, censor it or anything.
jb08045: Safe.
Sasaii: Safe, as long as you made the banner.
Chuck$$$: Safe.
TheAceGlaceon: Safe.
pkmnfn: Too wide.
chellochello: Safe.


DW Breeder
Made it less wide, now worried about bottom margin. please check


Is my Sig ok? And can someone remind me how many out side items I can have in my signature?


Only Mostly Dead
Ghost_MissingNo: Too many spoilers. You’re only allowed one spoiler in a sig.
EternalSword7: Safe.
pkmnfn: Safe.
mario_fan: Safe. There’s no so much a number limit as there are stretching limits, pixel limits, and KB limits when everything’s added up. here’s the link to the signature rules.
Dragonicwari: Too wide. You’re gonna need to break the longer lines of your signature into smaller lines.
Draco-123: Safe as long as you made the banner.
Ice Blue Dragon: Safe.


Trader and Battler
check please. credit given for images


Only Mostly Dead
SoulDialga: Safe.
Dragonicwari: Safe.
Flame Mistress: Safe.
Winter02: Safe.
Draco-123: Too wide. Put the text on a line after the banner and it should be fine.
Yad: Too wide.
~Sam~: Safe.