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Official Signature Check Thread

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lol, i is a geenyus.
Is my sig okay?
Carlos74: The image tags are [img200] not [img2000]. Try it again.
Krug: It's fine.
InfernapeIZCool: I don't agree with the things said in your sig. but it doesn't break any signature rules so it's fine.
Armored Dragon: It's fine.


Is my sig okay?


POKEMASTERNATHAN: Unless you made the banner, it's fine, otherwise, please credit who made that banner.
Is my sig ok now? I've used that [img200] thing, but you cant see my pic very well now. Is there some way to make it small enough and make it be clear at the same time?


Carlos74: I believe it's fine. Also, to answer your question, another way would be to resize it in programs like Photoshop or Paint.

Razor Shiftry

Cynthia = Porn Star
sig check please. and bathe in the awesomeness of my revamped Riley <3 he really is TEH sex

i think it's the right size. my previous picture was resized by the [img200] thingy and this is about same size as my revamp so i hope its the right size


true love
Razor Shiftry: the Riley image is still over 40,000 pixels and cannot be counted in a banner ratio either - I believe the [IMG200] tag only cuts down on one dimension than both, so please resize it or split it into two images. Your signature is also over the maximum height.


Tao is Taokaka!
Not to be a drag, but is the sig fine? Is the Ike picture too big or insulting? (I don't plan on it being insulting, I just wanted to do somthing funny)

Please and thank you. ^_^


I have cancer.
is my banner ok? i thought i would check, as my old one got "killed off".
Not open for further replies.