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Official Signature Check Thread

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lyk13; it's fine and for the TC, maybe 44 pixels by width as one image is 166x200 pixels and maximum is 200x200.
I can't increase height to 242 right? :p So that total could be 400x242.

P.S Made a mistake earlier, shouldn't be 326x400, should be 326x200 :p

(Just trying my luck lolz!)


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ok i have been having real problems with mods lately.ABOUT my sig,i am so confused .can anyone tell me if my sig is ok . And can anyone tell me how do i put on my emerald shinies without using the outside pics.Because i have been told you can only have 3 outside pictures.


AVATAR (banner) This is suppose to be
be my profile pic.But
its LUCY'S anime pic.
(outside pic)


PIKE QUEEN LUCY(outside)Hello i am mirage islandn freek....etc.
here it says MY EMERALD SHINIES>>>> (but sadly there is no pics cuz i cant have more than 3 outside pics)
so i want to know how i can get the shinies withouty the outside sites.And wouldnt that leave me with 1 more outside pic to use .Cuz i have the ANIME LUCY AS MY PROFILE and the the one by my SIG.So that means i can still have i more outside pic right?
i know this is a little confusing but please try to help me as much as u can.


Navneet- Your sig is okay. If you want to get sprites without having them count as outside pics go to the sprites section of the SPPf avatar gallery and use the links to the sprite avatars in your sig.



Okay, I decided to change my signature. After watching thhe "Diamond and Pearl: Do your best, Pochama" Episode. the animated GIF are small in both the image size and the content size.

I also included my current Pokemon Pearl Team and I'll include my friend code sometime in the future

animated GIF sizes:
75x145 @ 10.56 KB (10814 bytes)
75x145 @ 10.56 KB (10814 bytes)

my signature has been within 6 lines and might reduce it if necessary.
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true love
Caliongeo; gotta split or resize the banner as it is 48,840 pixels when it should be at or under a maximum of 46,800.


Woopercrack <3
I'm pretty sure mine is small and compact enough. Still may change by adding some stuff... But is it okay for the time being?


Guitar Ninja
I added a new image.....is my siggy ok?


Whew, long no see huh guys? XD Well, I'm back and hopefully my signature will be alright.

Is it okay?


true love
Tsubotsubo; mmhmm, it's alright.
Locke-Kefka; kill a few more pixels or text.
Punk Tenshi; it's alright. (and this is so my easiest way to see sigs. 8D)
Rasengan; of course it's fine.


Guitar Ninja
Okay Eievui, I did what you said and got rid of about 16 words. Would my sig be okay now? Cause if not I could remove an image to make the signature smaller.


true love
Locke-Kefka; I meant height-wise . . . because that's still overstacking. You could try putting some of those text on one line or something, as you are over about four lines of text or so.
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