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Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    Not sure about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon but it is not obtainable in Sun and Moon
  2. Puddlejumper3k

    Puddlejumper3k New Member

    Howdy. I can not seem to find an answer anywhere to this, but does anyone know if you can stack Zoom lens and X-Accuracy? Does one negate the other?
  3. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    You should be able to theoretically. Not sure in what situations it'd be useful though, apart from Zap Cannon, Dynamic Punch, and Inferno I can't think of any moves that'd benefit from the stacking. Remember that OHKO moves like Sheer Cold don't benefit from X Accuracy or Zoom Lens.
  4. MightyMonMan7

    MightyMonMan7 New Member

    Hello and good evening/day to everyone.
    I have a few small requests.
    Mostly someone to trade a few random Pokémon to eveolve and item requests.
    (If this isn't the right thread I apologize)
    Thanks in advance and I will find an SOS shiny at request for who's willing to help. PM me
  5. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

  6. porygonfan

    porygonfan Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to get pokeblock berries from OR/AS to S/M?

    Also trade berries from S/M to S/M US/UM?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Pretty sure the first one is no. The second is yes, just trade them with pokemon.
  8. MightyMonMan7

    MightyMonMan7 New Member

    Having trouble finding people to trade with. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you
  9. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Blizzard Maiden

    You can post requests for trades here.
  10. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    I'm pretty sure that it's also unobtainable in US/UM, so basically it's completely nonexistent in 7th Gen. Guessing that it's because of Poke Pelago having an island that EV trains Pokemon.
  11. porygonfan

    porygonfan Well-Known Member

    I brought a US game at GameStop and it came with every berry, but I cannot trade or transfer Pokémon holding them. I can deposit a Pokémon holding it in GTS but it doesn’t show up so nobody can find it to trade.
  12. porygonfan

    porygonfan Well-Known Member

    I have a new question about S/M US/UM.

    I bought a used game for US and got an apparently hacked game with every kind of pokeball. Some are rare and some impossible to get in US. Balls like cherish, dream, and Safari.
    I want to catch or breed Pokémon in these to give away in wonder trade or GTS but noticed a few cannot be traded. I traded alola rattata in dream ball, and Pichu in Safari ball, but caterpie in Safari ball cannot be traded.

    Is there a list of what Pokémon can go in each ball type?
  13. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Blizzard Maiden

    You can find the legal combinations of Pokémon/Poke Balls here, just select the category for Gen 7.
  14. porygonfan

    porygonfan Well-Known Member

    If Pokémon are transferred to U/S U/M games through pokebank from HG SS, in sport ball will they revert to regular poke balls?
  15. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    The Sport Ball should not be able to revert to an ordinary Poké Ball once it is transferred to a Gen 7 game.
  16. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    You need to transfer the Pokemon to Gen 5 first, but as Mega Altaria said, their Sport Ball remains, they won't revert to regular Poke Ball.
  17. porygonfan

    porygonfan Well-Known Member

    You mean if I play HG/SS I must buy another game to put them to pokebank?

    I had one more question, other than FR/LG where can I catch safari Ball Tangela and venonat to get to US/UM?
  18. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    If you want to transfer Pokémon from HGSS to Gen 7 then you must have a copy of a Gen 5 game (Black, White, Black 2, White 2). You can catch Tangela in a Safari Ball at the Great Marsh at Pastoria City in Platinum and Safari Ball Venonat can only be obtained in FRLG so far.
  19. Ryohei

    Ryohei Shiny Hunter

    can you soft reset the gifted totem sized pokemon for shiny?
  20. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    Pretty sure the Totem pokémon are coded to be not shiny, they're both shiny-locked and ability-locked. You can soft-reset for IVs (always 3 IVs guaranteed at 31) and nature.

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