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Official Sun & Moon Help Thread


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does anyone know where the electric rock is for getting Vikavolt?


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2 questions:

2) Also, does anyone know if Hidden Power changes if a pokemon gets its IVs changed at level 100, or is Hidden Power set from the moment you get the Pokemon. If it is set, does anyone know if a Pokemon's Hidden Power might be passed on from a parent?

Hidden Power is based on IVs still, but Hyper Training doesn't change the IVs, it only mimics having max IVs, so Hidden Power will stay the same. Breeding with them is also a bad idea because of said mimicking.


Language question. If I get US version Sun & Moon game, but play it in Japanese, will I get US event Pokémon, e.g., from Gamestop, or Japanese event Pokémon? What happened in previous ORAS and XY?


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Meaning to use Porygon-Z in my in-game team as its my favourote Pokemon yet I've never had the chance to use it, but I believe its been confirmed to already be in the Alola Dex.

However, I am a little unsure on when Porygon and its evolutions can be accquired. For it to go in my main team, I'd want to be able to use the final evolution at least a little during the story.
Can anyone tell me if both Porygon, the Up-Grade and Dubious Disc can be found before post-game? I really want to have the final form in my team before the credits roll.


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So does anyone know where we can find the hidden power guy/gal, who checks the types? I plan on using ribombee but want to give it hp ground. I might catch a box of them using a synchroniser, and see if i can get a decent hp typing...

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I going asked this. Is the starter pokemon gender is random or could you pick it by is it cute or is it cool when you talk to your mom after you just get it?


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Is it possible t o catch Totem Pokemon?

also, can we have a page on Island Scan when we get to that point?
Not sure if this was answered somewhere but I had a question before I get the games in a couple of hours: when is the earliest you can start trading and can we use the GTS?


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Are there any mini-games in Pokemon Refresh? And if not, how do you earn Poke Beans? How similar is it to Pokemon Amie?


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Anyone know where the mossy rock and ice rock are yet?

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And take two.

Does anyone know yet where is the first location you are able to get clothes? Can you still pay regular money for them or is Trainer Customization entirely festival coin based now?

Edit: Thank you, Clbgolden12 :)
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And take two.

Does anyone know yet where is the first location you are able to get clothes? Can you still pay regular money for them or is Trainer Customization entirely festival coin based now?
I can answer this:

There's a clothing store in Hau'oli City on the first island. I'm (pretty sure) FC are only used for dying clothes.

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1. Will I have to backtrack in order to get enough Zygarde Cores and Cells to form a 10% Zygarde as early in the game as possible?
2. What level will the reassembled Zygarde be given at?


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If I recall, the Mossy Rock is in Lush Forest where Mallow's trial takes place. Thank me watching an LP for answering that.

I had a guess it was there.
How soon can we catch Eevee and what level is it? I am forcing myself not to watch any lps or walkthroughs till I have my games

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I got a question. If you pick moon and play doing the day. Does part of them games be only night time? I watched a let's play video where some play moon and it was night at the start until Professor show the player to catch pokemon and it was afternoon.


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Hidden power tm you get from a girl in the nursery on second island. She also checks and tells you what your pokemons hidden power will be.

The first clothes shop and the salon are available in Hau'oli City, you still use money fc are used in the festival plaza. Theres also another clothes shop on the second island. I'm assuming theres one on each but i'm not sure i'm only on the second island.

GTS is in the festival which you get access to pretty early on.