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Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Finder

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Serebii, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Slick

    Slick Banned

    Does Australia count as far? o_O
  2. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Probably. But I think the connection speed is a bigger factor then the distance.

    I added most of the people who frequent the Brawl thread, but it says all of them are still awaiting registration. I'm guessing that just means I'm never connected at the same time as them, and/or they haven't added me yet?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2008
  3. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    Here is my friend code. 1203-8886-6805 PM me so I know you added me.

    woot21 out dawgs
  4. I'll brawl you. My FC is 4940-5109-0704. 4 stock, no items. (smash ball on low). Okay?
  5. Isaac

    Isaac Dragon Master

    Looking for a brawl. Anyone my fc is in my sig
  6. Anyone want to brawl? My FC is 4940-5109-0704.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  7. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I still haven't gotten to fight anyone for the longest time. Anyone feel like fighting?

    I'll keep checking up on this thread for about half a hour.

    My FC is at the start of the topic.
  8. Rakurai; can I please brawl you tomorrow? I want to see how good you are. I'd do it now, but I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Okay with you?
  9. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I don't have any problems with that. Though I don't have the slightest clue about whether or not I'll be available to do so.
  10. Anyone want to brawl?
  11. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    If anyone would like to Brawl, please PM me. :]

    My friend code is 3136-6234-3810.
  12. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Anyone feel like brawling after 9:00pm Pacific Time tonight? PM me your FC and add mine on (in sig). Just so ya know...I like to use of items (generally pokeballs, smash balls, assist trophies, bumpers, crates, the dragoon, hammers and smart bombs...)
  13. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    Ill fight you later, just no Dragoon. :] So is like slightly under two hours from now a good time for you?
  14. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Sounds good to me!
  15. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    I can't believe that it still hasn't regestered you in my roster. :[
  16. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Strange. It registered you immediately after I entered my friend code.
  17. brelili

    brelili Call me Bri.


    My brother and I play pretty often, but we're not going to be on Friday or Saturday.
  18. I'm about 96% sure that just means they have to add you also. Though them not being on the same time as you also is part of it.

    ...Brawl, please, anyone? My code's on the first page if anyone will Brawl, and I'm almost always ready to Brawl (For future reference).
  19. Isaac

    Isaac Dragon Master

    Ty Kirby for adding me to the big book of Brawl FCs :D
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