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Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Finder

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brawl any1 pm me


It's a mystery.
Now this sounds very interesting, yet awesome...I'd like my FC to be added to the list! Mine's 3566 3281 8884 (name - tbks) ;] The slight problem is that I don't plan to brawl anyone yet...my Wii's at a spot where the connection easily lags. Technically it'll have to be a few days before I can accept any so some of you will might as well wait :/ Although I'm open to add anyone ^o^ Just PM me if you wanna exchange FCs :]
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Blaziken rules!
My friend code is 4468 2485 3301, PM me, if you want to add me.
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Is on the case!
my friend code is- 2320 8008 2916

please some one add me!!!


Fc in sig

play with items off so that its fair.

Don't mind how many people.


Hey if anyone wants to brawl fc in banner.Post here or send me a pm


Evil Evil Monkey!!!!
Friend Code in signature PM me for Brawl.


It's a mystery.
I'd like to post again just for you guys to ignore my last post :/ First off, I'm officially open to brawl anyone ^^ My FC is in my signature and send me a PM if you wish to exchange FCs or brawl me :]


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My brawl friend code is in my sig pm me if u add it
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Sir Devious

Sir Devious
I'm looking to Brawl someone, just PM me.

Find my friend code on the first page.
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