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Official Tony Hawks: American Sk8land Friend Finder!


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Looking to show off your Skateboarding skills with SerebiiForum users?

Well then this thread is for you. Here post your 12 digit friend code if you want people to add you and add whoever you want to play with with (I believe you both need to have added eachother to be able to play) aswell as your display name

Then just arrange a time and get skating!


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I was just thinking yesterday there shuold be a thread for this too. I spose I'll do it to if its kay.

073076 298441​
489689 809262​
Insane Pug-
231992 905238​
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Surprise buttsecks!
what tony hawks on ds is brill once i get my usb dongle (tomorow) ill put in my code.

oh yeah and skateborders do play this game because to of my friends do skate and love tony hawk games.


You're all going to own me. *craps self*
Code: 489689809262
Name: smiley


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My brother just got his code. His game, he gets the wi-fi for it. Not me. Fair enough, since I have mkds.