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Official Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess ~Lupo Di Autunno~


    1. We don't need a bunch of "I'd like an [insert name here]" posts if you don't have the games.
    2. Conduct your trades via PM. We don't need a ton of "Want to trade" posts, either.

    Any posts falling into the aforementioned categories will be deleted on sight.

    Fill out this form before trading, please:

    Friend Code:
    Pokemon up for trade:
    Pokemon you'd like:
  2. cecil 090

    cecil 090 chaos of the night

    yay finally!

    Name- cecil
    friend code-4209 8541 9318
    pokemon and items up for trade- anything i have in my sigs, dark stone, light stone,masterball, and awakening stone

    what id like- any of the starter evos, eevees, any elekible pokemon line, the poison toad evo, and that hammerhead dragon final evo.

    so please PM em with any offers.
    (sorry i dont know names to well)
  3. Firemouse

    Firemouse Rainbow Trainer

    Name - Paul
    Friend Code - 5111 8147 9023
    Able to trade- I now have a mating pair of both Gregguru and Murkrow
    Looking for- Any of the Pearl exclusives.

    New Edit as of 10/13:
    Changed my able to trade and looking for/have. (it's still not much)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2006
  4. Akai XIII

    Akai XIII Well-Known Member

    Would someone be kind enough to give me a Hikozaru. I haven't got much to offer as I've just started the game and I've only got four pokemon.

    Thanks :)

    Name: Akai
    Friend Code: 3651 5259 6520
    Pokemon up for trade: Cleffa
    Pokemon you'd like: Hikozaru
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2006
  5. diablocon

    diablocon Final Fantasy Fan

    I need the following Pokemon to complete my Pokedex:

    Politoad (Been offered one)

    If you have any of these, let me know! I'll make it worth your while!

    I'm also looking for these items:

    Light Stone
    Any TM

    If you can get me these, I'll try and get you anything you want!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2006
  6. WiiRevolution1

    WiiRevolution1 Zelda TP Glitcher :D

    FINALLY a trading topic! :)

    Name: WiiRe
    Code: (Its in my sig)
    Pokemon that I am willing to trade: Fearow,Zubat,Machoke,Tentacruel,Marill,Whooper,Quagsire,Unknown.

    In the Shinou Pokedex (I can't remember the darn names!): #14,$25,#32,#82,#86,#89,#127,#142.

    Pokemon that I want: I want Eevee! I also want Mew (Although for the Pokemon I have you probally would'nt trade me a Mew =\)

    And your pokemon HAS TO BE REAL! I do NOT,I repeat do NOT want ant Glitched,clonned,or fake Pokemon!!!

    I will update this soon!
  7. Yuuichi

    Yuuichi Tsukigumi Taichou

    Updated 4/18/07

    Name: Yuu-1
    Friend Code: 0730 9485 0109
    Up for trade: Any Starter from any generation, Rioru, "Haruka's Eevee," Mitsuhoney, Aipom, Fuwante, Mikaruge, Rotomu, Zugaidosu and Tatetopsu
    Wanted: Any previous version Legend, Manaphy, Elekid or Magby with their respective evo items, various 1st-3rd gen pokemon, Ice, Water or Dark type TMs (especially the new 'Shadow' ones) willing to entertain offers in PM

    Desperately wanted: Shiny Eevee
    Offering: Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Torchic, Deoxys, Mew, MewTwo

    explanation: Haruka's Eevee is a basic Eevee on which I used the TMs Shadow Ball and Dig on. I can breed lots of these. As a bonus, Bite will also be included (as I got sick of levelling all my Eevee's to 29 just to get Bite before I evolved them) Their moveset is: Helping Hand/Dig/Shadow Ball/Bite. Dig is especially useful for getting out of most dungeons if you don't have an Escape Rope. I am currently trying to make a Shiny Haruka's Eevee, wish me luck!

    [-EDIT-] Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'll probably update more once the game is released and I have it in English, but still have been having minor connection issues to people who are also behind firewalls, so please keep that in mind when trying to trade with me. I've also temporarily disabled my AIM account since I don't use it much lately anyway. Thanks!

    I can't guarantee gender, but if you're wanting a female, please be willing to wait. If you want an egg, and don't care about gender, please specify that. It is also likely that your pokemon will have Pokerus if you decide you want a specific gender, as I have recently caught the 'disease' in my game. As usual, I am updating this list as I get new pokemon. Thanks all!

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2007
  8. slowking

    slowking -.-

    Friend Code:4553 4597 3238
    Trading: Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Venusaur, Swampert, Feraligatr, Fione
    Want: Agunomu, Manaphy, Ho-oh, Celebi, Mew, Jirachi (Others looked at too), TM53, TM61,TM64, TM60, TM65, TM73, TM75, TM86, TM89

    PM me to trade
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2006
  9. Skyy Himura

    Skyy Himura YAY BALLOON GHOST!

    Name: Skyy
    Friend Code: *points at Sig*
    Pokemon up for trade: Minomucchi eggs. Lost of them.
    Pokemon you'd like: Ohhh... Lesse... Scorpi, Masukippa, Tatetopusu, Mitsuhoney (preferably female, but I'd take a male too.), Cherinbo, Naetoru, Gonbe/Munchlax, Parukia, and I also accept random offers depending on what the offer is. ^_^

    I will be available to trade any time after say... 1:30 PM EST. Just PM me any offers, or IM me if applicable.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2006
  10. Androo

    Androo Member

    Name: Smity
    Friend Code: 4596 - 4154 - 3936
    Pokemon for trade: I'm only hald way threw pearl, but I have a female Fire starter I'm breeding so I have plenty of fire starters for trade
    Pokemon I would like: I'm fair game for anything. Male or Female. I'll gladly trade with people to help evolve there pokemon and trade them back. PM me if you want anything specific. Also! Always include your friends code in your PM. Makes things easyer then hunting threw this thread.
  11. Shuckle

    Shuckle Guest

    Ooo! Gaberdine! Finally, a trading thread :D;;

    Name: Matt
    Friend Code: 0473 2426 1174
    Pokemon up for trade: Munchlaxes, Hikozarus, Mime Jrs, Dialga, Glacias, Leafias, the little Diamond-exclusive Dionsaur dude, Shuckles (lol), Missy's evo (though I have Dioamnd, 'twas transferred from Sapphire)
    Pokemon you'd like: Poccama, Naetle, Tatetopsu, and someone who's actually trust worth enough to allow me to trade them my Rhydon while its holding the protector, then trade t back once it's evolved...
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2006
  12. Tolervi

    Tolervi Member

    Name: Dr. Moo
    Friend Code: 0086 6907 5680
    Pokemon up for Trade: A lot. Most of the legendaries, female lucario and starters, Ditto
    Pokemon I'd Like: Gen 1-3 Starters (I will get you most anything for these)
  13. Jega33

    Jega33 #1 charizard fan!

    Friend Code:2878 4215 0057
    Pokemon up for trade: Anything not in dp except for deoxys. and naetle
    Pokemon you'd like: DEOXYS, MANAPHY, DP EVENT POKEMON, and diamond exclusives.

    please pm me if you wanna make a deal.

    Last edited: Oct 17, 2006
  14. Diamond&Pearl=Awesome

    Diamond&Pearl=Awesome Boulder Trainer

    Name Beau
    Friend Code 0301 4486 6694
    Wants Leafia or Glacia under level 20
    Has water and grass 2nd evo starters
  15. Name: Pearl
    Friend Code: Il put it up later
    Pokemon up for trade: Misdreavous and evo, roselia evo, neatoru at level 7
    Pokemon you'd like: The evolved form of minomuuchi/minomuuchi
  16. Skyy Himura

    Skyy Himura YAY BALLOON GHOST!

    Yo, Akayfortyseven, I'm up to trade one of my minomucchi eggs for the Naetoru, but I won't be able to trade until around 1:30 PM EST, which is like two and a half hours from now. Can you wait until then?

    EDIT: Also, I'm currently looking for a Mirakuge if anyone has one they wouldn't mind trading. I will make a list of everything that I have that I'm willing to trade (not including my Minomucchi eggs), and will add that to this post later, because right now, I have class.

    FINAL EDIT: Alright, here's the list of things that I have that I'm willing to trade other than the Minomucchi eggs...

    Gregguru, Riishan, Manene (Mime Jr, already told someone I'd trade it to him for a Fione, so the offer would have to be good...), Clefairy, Chansy, and Azurill.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2006
  17. diablocon

    diablocon Final Fantasy Fan

    Update my list:

    I have:


    I want:

    Manaphy (Trade-back would suffice)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2006
  18. Salagon

    Salagon Well-Known Member

    Name: Shaun
    Friend Code: Unkown atm.
    Pokemon up for trade: An offer instead.
    Pokemon you'd like: Pochama and Naetoru

    Alright so I obviously imported Pearl and I got one of those 5 dollar coupons, and im willing to give the coupon code to anyone that can trade me a pochama and naetoru for free, i just started playing and i want to start off with all the starters. I also need a little help seeing as I dont know how to get my friend code or how to get downstairs seeing as theres some lady blocking my way. Please help me out here, PM or add me to msn if you have it.
  19. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess ~Lupo Di Autunno~

    Okay, let me clarify this for you lot, as you don't get it:

    Fill out the form. Don't post "information in siggy." There are users here who have sigs turned off.
    EDIT. If you have something to add, change, or subtract, edit your first post.
    CONDUCT THE TRADE VIA PM. Do NOT post "Want to trade?" messages here.
  20. Chibi-Anubis

    Chibi-Anubis Member

    Please message me if you have added me!


    Pokemon I want:


    Pokemon I'm offering:

    I dont have much at the momment.. But if anyone is kind enough to get me a ditto I can start breading some of my other pokemon! Thank you! :3
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