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Official User Name Change Thread. READ THE LAST POST. Name changes still open.

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Old username: Tasumi Returns
New username: Tasumi


Okay, I've just decided

old name: medea
new name: Medea

*just capitalize the first letter*


Master Coordinator
Old Name: P-Arts
New Name: P/Arts


flower in the sand
Old name: Glacia
New name: Emerald
EDIT: Ok, that name's been taken, so Ruby.
That name's been taken too, give me Haruka-chan.
Thanks in advance
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Super Gamer
Wow, thankyou for taking time out of your busy schedule for doing this Shining Mew. I've never had my name changed.

Old Name: PokémonScott
New Name: MidnightScott

I promise that is my final name. Thanks again!

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you amaze me.
Old: Diamond and Pearl
New: Dome Superstar Tucker

Thanks in advance..

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
My name's too long, I think. I'll get a name change.

Old name: Alto Mare Warrioress
New name: Soul Dragon


Final Flash

I've still got it.
Im tired of my name being spelled wrong.

First choice:EXTREME RAYQUAZA(yes,caps if it can)

If the above fails then: ---~Thunder~---

If the above fails then:Fire pheonix101

if the above fails then:Elite four member Dragonacer(Or dragonacer)

If the above fails then:ugh,Just fix the spelling on Fireserpant,to Fireserpent,and leave a space so it is Fire serpent.

Thanks!And If I can't change it now,Can i change it when I can?

king krab kingler

Can I change mines from ''mantine god'' to ''king krab kingler?
if that fails then kingler elite
if that fails then crabhammer king
if that fails then bubblebeaming kingler

Thanks alot!!
ok i think i'll get a name change ^^
Old Name: Sweet May
New Name: Skitty
thanks SM =)


Well-Known Member
Hey SM, been a while.

Old Name: Shiny Flygon
New Name: Nylf

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
FINALLY!! I've been waiting FOREVER :D

Old Name: ♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥
New Name: Mimori Kiryu

You have no idea how ANNOYING the little hearts can be >_< Thanks in advance, SM. ^_~
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