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Official User Name Change Thread. READ THE LAST POST. Name changes still open.

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true love
Old: Eievui.
New: Kyukon. If not, then Ratiasu or Freezer.. but I don't think I found Kyukon used.
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Strawberry Milk
It's about time I changed mine.

Old username:The_Kanchome_Kid
New Name:Kid
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The PikaMew Fanatic

Go go Poké-Rangers!
I'd like to change my name please.

Old: Dragon_dude35d
New: The PikaMew Fanatic

Thank you in advance. ^__^
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intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
errrm well since me and the butters whose girl i was are just good friends now, i REALLY need a new username. i would like to go with intergalactic platypus: an odd choice indeed but its an inside joke between my friend amy and i so
old name: buttersgirl
new name: intergalactic platypus

ViNe WhIp

Johto Champion
Current Name: Naruto Uzumaki
New Name: Solembum

Tip The Waitress

Nooo! I'm too young!
old name: lavabyle
new name: Lavabyle


Current Name:Groudon Phantom
New Name:~*Jirachi~Chan*~
water1 said:
old name:water1
new name: Squirtle

squirtle is already taken =X

Silver Wind

..blissfully unaware
I finally get to change my User Name. =D

Current: Sadistic Weedle
New: Silver Wind



The insanity's already begun, Jess =(

Old Name: The Cheshire Cat
New Name: Insincerus
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